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WP Meta SEO – A Complete SEO Solution for WordPress Websites

WP Meta SEO Best WordPress SEO Plugin

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SEO matters the most. Whether it’s a blogging site or business or eCommerce or anything rest, for a successful online presence SEO is crucial. The good SEO performance certainly results a better ranking in search engines, better traffic and better conversion. Knowing the significance of SEO, WordPress is already neatly coded with SEO in mind. Yet the best result happens only when the WordPress gets linked with the powerful SEO plugin.

WP Meta SEO - A Complete SEO Solution for WordPress Websites

WP Meta SEO is one of the finest WordPress SEO plugins that comprises all the features and functionalities to improve the SEO performance of your website in the best way possible. It is a complete SEO solution that accesses you full control over your website’s SEO. It is an intuitive and user-friendly WordPress plugin. SEO is board and more technical, but no worry, WP Meta SEO made it so simple and easy. It is a full-time saver plugin that features a bulk editor for all your meta( Posts, pages and all custom post types, a bulk image information, resizing tool, a bulk SEO link editor, advanced redirect, 404 error and site map manager. The plugin serves you with an effective solution for all the aspects of SEO. WP Meta SEO is so designed that it analyse each page of your WordPress website and help you to fix the SO issues. In the very SEO dashboard, it shows the performance of your website SEO and helps you to improve it. It is the most feature-rich WordPress SEO plugin that is compatible with WooCommerce and other 3rd Party plugins.

WP Meta SEO is a free plugin available in WordPress repository. Its free version comprises most of the features yet to enjoy it’s all advanced features and make your WordPress website’s SEO strong enough you have to purchase its add-ons. The combination of the plugin and its add-ons will give you the most powerful and smart SEO manager that you have never used before. Its add-ons are easy-to-use, versatile and worth the cost.

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Let’s have a brief insight into the major features of this outstanding WordPress SEO plugin:

Meta Title, Meta Description and more

Going through piles of pages and posts, identifying problems in meta title/description and solving them is a tiresome and timing consuming task. But you don’t have to face it with WP Meta SEO. The plugin and its add-on help you to find the mistakes on meta quickly and solve them in the mean time. It is the most advanced meta manager for WordPress.

WP Meta SEO Feature - WP Meta Edition

It is the new and exciting approach to edit and check metadata from everywhere, whether from the single page, or bulk editor (all together) or from SEO dashboard (all as a whole). The feature enables you to change/edit the meta titles, meta descriptions, keywords, NoFollow attribute and NoIndex attribute. It introduces the easiest way for the edition.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Content Meta

As you make changes, the progress wheel that will show the score of the edition you have made. On hovering the different factors, the plugin gives the tips and instruction about the factors that will help you to improve your metadata even more.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Follow Nofollow WP content

Get SEO mail reports

WP Meta SEO along with its add-on offers an Email report feature. This feature allows you to send SEO performance email report to you, your marketing team or anyone you select. The report includes website SEO data, Google Analytic data and custom content. This feature keeps you updated with your overall website SEO performance and helps you for more improvement.

WP Meta SEO - Email Report

For getting email report you just have to go through a few easy steps, like define the sender email, subject, email frequency (single, daily, weekly or monthly), receiver email, and message or text to be included in the report.

WP Meta SEO Feature - SEO Email

You can include Google Analytic data in the report. Just you have to set a period (GA data of how much duration you want in the report), pickup views(sessions, bounce rate and other what you want to see) then, everything you set is sent in your mailbox.

WP Meta Feature - Email Report

Besides, you can also send WP Meta SEO data in the report. Means, the SEO improvements through various criteria that the plugin keeps on display on the dashboard, now you can get its report directly through email. You don’t have to log in and visit the dashboard for it.

WP Meat SEO Feature - Meta Email

WordPress SiteMaps with WP Meta SEO

WordPress Sitemaps is yet another exciting feature that you will get to see with WP Meta SEO. If you have a large website or complex page navigation, it is not sure that all the pages will be indexed by search engines. In such case, you have to face some traffic loss. This is where this amazing feature stands out. The feature allows you to generate Sitemaps so that search engines will find the site map, open them up and crawl every link in the sitemap.  This ensures that no post or page goes undiscovered and you don’t have to face any traffic loss.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Sitemap SEO WordPress

With WP Meta SEO add-on, the user can automatically submit generated sitemaps to Google Search Console, so that the new pages are crawled as soon as possible. For this, you just have to go through the search console and authorize your Google account(account to be used with your WP website). In the next field, just place the provided code and authenticate and it’s done.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Sitemap Submission

With this plugin, you are allowed to select the content you want in your Sitemap. This makes your sitemap clean, easy and powerful. Moreover, the plugin features HTML sitemap with the layout.

WP Meta SEO Feature - HTML Sitemap Layout

Google Analytics on WordPress

WP Meta SEO plugin is integrated with Google analytics. This means now you can link your google analytic account with WordPress and analyze your audience’s behaviour rich from the WordPress website.

WP Meta SEO Analytics

Now with this plugin, you can get your Google Analytic report right from your WordPress admin. This Google Analytic report is based on some comprehensive views with the statistics that matters. To let you have the clear and clean report, the plugin comes with advanced feature regarding data and filtering feature, means you can exclude logged in user by user role, anonymize IPs while tracking, and much more. This feature helps you to gain the report of the genuine user behaviour. And as said before, this GA report you can get through the email too.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Advanced Analytics Options

Image SEO Information and HTML Resize

Image Optimization is another crucial factor that affects SEO performance. WP Meta SEO comes with amazing tools like bulk image information editor, a bulk replacer to avoid HTML resizing. Then, what does it do? The plugin with an index where the optimization can be done and the best part is the plugin itself optimizes that without opening the content. It is the most advanced and intuitive SEO plugin you will ever get.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Image Meta Edition

The plugin fixes the image HTML resizing automatically and replace the images in your WordPress content without opening the content. It makes your website more SEO optimized, reduces the loading speed of your content and the next is you don’t have to any handles on an image in the editor.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Image Resize

We usually don’t care about image meta and information when it comes to SEO, but it matters. Images information and meta are important to index you in image search. While there are lots of images, going through each and setting its meta and information is difficult. So, WP Meta SEO introduces image meta and info optimization checks in bulk edition interface.

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404 Errors and URL Redirect Manager

404 Errors always makes a bad impression on users. The presence of broken links in the website not only annoys the visitor but also give them a sense that you are unprofessional and they might stop returning to your website. Your website might comprise lots of internal/external links, and tracking all of them is somehow unpractical yet it is giving bad impact. So what’s the solution? WP Meta SEO and it’s add-on. Yes, the plugin and its add-on comes with advanced feature like automatic broken link checker analysis, custom redirect, redirect rules and Google Search Console integration. It is the Easiest WordPress Redirect Manager.

WP Meta SEO Feature - redirect Link Manager

WP Meta SEO is the smart SEO plugin that index the external links that generate 404 errors on the website, means if your website has old links that exist no more, then the plugin index it and save you from broken traffic.

WP Meta SEO Feature - 404 error external

Automatic 404 errors index with scheduler is what you had probably wished for but didn’t get yet. Yes, with this super plugin you can use the regular expression to redirect several URL with one rule.

Moreover, 404 error page global redirection is another exciting feature of WP Meta SEO add-on. You can redirect all the 404 pages to your homepage or to WP Meta SEO page or your custom page.

WP Meta SEO Feature 404 custom page

Yoast SEO Importer

If you are using Yoast SEO plugin and want to replace it by WP Meta SEO, then when you install this plugin it wil automatically detect Yoast SEO and offer a feature to import it.

WP Meta SEO Feature - Yoast Importer

WP Meta SO Features as compared to Yoast SEO Premium


A full list of WP Meta SEO Free:

  • Meta  Information Manager
  • Image HTML Resizing
  • Image Information Edition
  • Sitemap XML/HTML
  • Sitemap for pages/posts/menus
  • 404 Errors Checker
  • 404 Errors Redirection
  • Google Analytics Tracking
  • Google Analytics Admin Display

Advanced features that you will get with WP Mata SO Add-ons:

  • 404 Errors Autoindex
  • Email Report with WP Meta SEO Data
  • Email Report with Google Analytics Data
  • Sitemap for Custom Post Type
  • Sitemap Automatic Submission to Google
  • Automatic Redirect rules and Custom Redirect
  • Redirect Using the WordPress Link Manager
  • Personal Ticket Support

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WP Meta SEO Add-on Pricing

This outstanding plugin add-on comes under two reasonable price structures to better fits a wide range of users.

WP Meta SEO Best WordPress SEO Plugin

Wrapping Up

WP Meta SEO and its add-ons are the most powerful and feature-rich WordPress SEO plugin. Loaded with amazing features and functionalities, intuitive interface, plenty of configuration options, advanced and smart tools makes it the best WordPress SEO plugin. The plugin is the perfect choice for anyone who owns the business, eCommerce, blogging, or any other website and to whom the better search ranking matters.

If you are already using this plugin or have any query about the plugin, please feel free to share.

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