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WPAll Club offers various promotion and advertising opportunities. Through us, spread the words and make your product/services visible among the wide range of WordPress users. We receive genuine visitors and have a good traffic rate.Therefore, we introduce integrated advertising strategies to increase your business and reach the targeted audience.

Here are the promotion types we offer:

1. Sponsored Competitions

A competition is a great and effective way of spreading words about your products, services, and company. It also helps you build your social media profiles and fan-base because we share your competition through our social media profiles to make it more viral.
Our readers like to take part in competitions and win something valuable! The competition will stay in our archive permanently. So running a competition in WPAll Club is a good way of promotion.
Cost: $175

2. Paid Review

We’ll write a detailed review of your product or service after examining all aspects of it with screenshots and a quick video up to 3 minutes. All the reviews though they’re paid, will be unbiased and fair, and we disclose as paid review to our readers.
The review will be promoted on all our social media channels/accounts including 10K+ Facebook fans, and twitter and Google+ page. The review will be in our archives permanently.


Cost: $200

3. Paid Review + Newsletter

This one is same as the paid review (see above), with an addition of being featured in our weekly newsletter which is sent out on every Sunday to over: 30,000+ subscribers. Our newsletters have great open rate and click-through rates. Newsletter promotion is surely the best way to reach to many WordPress users.

Cost: $275

4. Submit your Theme or Plugin to our Directory

We have a great/detailed themes plugins directory for both free and premium WordPress Themes and plugins.
We add your free/premium theme or plugin in the respective directory which will help you promote your product to our readers. Our directory listing sends good traffic to your website and might help in sales.

Cost: $50

5. Submit your Business (Theme/Plugin Store, Hosting Service,Customization Service, Support Service)

Many people google for WordPress themes store, plugins provider, WP customization service provider and WP maintenance and support provider. If you want to get listed and get higher quality traffic, we list your business with a logo, banner, details, and the quick fact table. People would love to see many aggregated data about your company in one place.

Cost: $75

6. We Recommend Section – Theme/Plugin Promo

We can list your theme or plugin banner under We recommend section in the home page right sidebar.
This section gets a lot of impressions and is very effective for conversion.
Cost: $100/month

7. Banner Ads:

Banner name (size)Est. ImpressionsPrice/Month
Large sidebar (300x250 px) 15,000$100.00
Small sidebar square (150x150 px)15,000$50.0
Home page - articles grid (300*250 px)15,000$50.0
Article Header Leaderboard (728x90)35,000$225.00
Article body (300x250)35,000$225.00
Article Bottom Leaderboard (728x90)35,000$125.00
Newsletter Advert (728x90)5000$100.00

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