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If you have a relatively larger WordPress website, searching a media file / image through hundreds of thousands of media is really difficult  and more importantly, time-consuming task. How easy it would be if we could manage our website’s media folder like that we do on our desktop? Creating media folder categories wise, sorting them type wise, filtering as per the need etc. Is it possible at all in your WordPress website? Yes – of course with an awesome plugin called WP Media Folder! Also, we can call it a complete media manager plugin.

It is a real time saver plugin – managing files and images in proper order with this plugin is so easy and convenient. The best part is, you can use it right from the native WordPress media manager, means the  plugin is well compatible with all other plugins running on your WordPress site. The plugin is neatly coded with less, but validated code, it is lightweight and optimized to work flawlessly on all servers  with high loading speed.

Creating folders, navigating and filtering is just a child play with this plugin, it is as simple as you manage files on your desktops. Besides, you can sort files according to size, weight, uploaded time, type, etc. this feature lets you to exactly what you are searching for. It is an ultimate plugin for those who wants well organized, stunning visuals on their site.

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Let’s have a look what other amazing features WP Media Folder holds:

Manage Media with Folders and Sub-folders

WP Media Folder transforms your native WordPress media library into a  well-organized media classifier. You can directly import categories and manage them with clear taxonomy within few clicks. Easily navigate through your old files and images, and get what you are searching for in just one click. Save time and effort.  It allows you to create unlimited folders and  sub-folders exactly like your computer’s desktop.Install the plugin and forget the messy media manager.

wp-media-folder-feature-create -unlimited--folders-subfolders

It comes with an intuitive interface with drag and drop action.You can select multiple images/files, drag it and drop to the folder/sub folder of your choice. Creating a well-organized media library is now so simple and faster than ever with WP Media Folder.

WP Media Folder feature - Drag and drop the images

Create Galleries from Folders

WP Media Folder plugin comes with a sleek gallery function. It allows you to create and update gallery right from the  folder. If you want your images automatically appear in the gallery, you just have to select simple gallery option and it’s done.

WP Media Folder feature - Create galleries from folder

Gallery View Layouts

You can not only create a gallery but also display it in an elegant way. The plugin offers beautiful gallery view layouts including masonry gallery view, portfolio gallery view, and slider gallery view. You can select any that better fits your requirement.

WP Media Folder feature - Gallery Views

Also, you can enhance the WordPress default gallery by adding lightbox on images or a custom link.

WP Media Folder feature - Default gallery enhancement

Gallery Settings

Full control to set which custom size images will be available to be loaded in the galleries. It also allows to set image ordering like random order, custom order or order by image title/date of upload.

WP Media Folder feature - Gallery settings

Besides, the plugin is integrated with NextGEN gallery plugin, you can simply import it and enjoy.

WP Media Folder feature - Nextgen-gallery-importer

Order and Filter WordPress Media

WordPress media filtering and ordering is yet another awesome feature of the plugin. It enables you to filter your images/files by file type or size, order them by title or date and so on. It helps you to clean your media manager. For more convenience, you can also filter by defining custom image dimension and file weigh in parameter – you will get exactly what you need.

Filtering WordPress Media

Easily filter the media you are searching for. This feature allows the following possibilities to your media manager:

  • Filtering by media type enhancement (image, audio, video, zip and archives, other, unattached)
  • Filtering by media weight with custom weight configuration
  • Filtering by media dimension with custom dimension configuration

WP Media Folder feature - Media Filtering

Ordering WordPress Media

Order your WordPress media as per your need in just one click. The features allow following possibilities to order your media manager:

  • Sorting folders by name/ID
  • Sorting media by date
  • Sorting media by title
  • Sorting media by size
  • Sorting media by file type

WP Media Folder feature - Ordering Media

WordPress Server Folders Import and Sync

In default WordPress media/uploads folder, sending files through FTP is a great problem. But not again, with WP Media Folder. It enables you to import massive amounts of images from a server folder.

Moreover, it imports all media(image, pdf, zip files, etc.), server folder name and server folder structure. You might have thought, how simple your task will be if you can make automatic sync between WordPress media folder and physical server folders.With this super flexible tool, syncing between WP media and server folder it’s just 3 steps away task.

WP Media Folder feature - Import and sync

  •  Select the server folder
  •  Select WP Media folder
  •  Select sync delay and its done.

WP Media Folder feature - Server sync

Isn’t it so simple?

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WP Media Folder Add-on

WP Media Folder wonderful add-on to enhance its functionality to the most. Using this add-on you can connect Dropbox, Google Drive and a PDF embed feature to the plugin.

WP Media Folder Add-on

                              Here is the detailed documentation to run the add-on.                        

Full List of WP Media Folder Features:

    • Faster WordPress Media Manager
    • WordPress Media Order and Filter
    • Import Sync Server Media and Folder
    • WooCommerce and 3Party Compatible
    • Update-Replace-Duplicate Existing Media
    • Add Files with Styles
    • Full Drag and Drop Interface
    • AJAX Navigation Based
    • 4 Beautiful Gallery Layouts
    • Start Quickly
    • Multilingual Ready
    • Custom Folder Cover
    • User Media Access
    • Editor Compatibility
    • Ultra Light
    • Better File Integration
    • SEO Friendly
    • Plugin Updates
    • Media Views
    • Flexible Search engine

WP Media Folder is compatible with:

      • WooCommerce
      • Divi builder
      • Beaver Builder
      • Content Builder
      • Visual Composer
      • All well coded Themes


WP Media Folder is worth the cost. It offers four reasonable price structure to better fit a wide range of users.

pricing - Best WordPress Media Manager Plugin, WP Media Folder

Wrapping Up

WP Media Folder is undoubtedly an amazing plugin with such great features and functionalities. It is the only plugin that every WordPress site user needs to have, especially for eCommerce site owner, photographers, bloggers, online magazines and others who works with lots of media items!

It is simple and easy to use, anybody without coding knowledge, can use it  and organize their media library in a systematic way. The plugin solves your hour consuming task in few seconds. Besides, you can style your images/files in a unique way and make it visually appealing. This sustainable plugin is the right solution for those who are tired with their messy media manager.  It is best optimized for best user experience and usability, you will surely love working with it.

Last but not the least, WP Media Folder is surprisingly awesome – must try it.

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