15 Reasons Why Choose WordPress for Business Websites

WordPress for Business websites
WordPress for Business websites
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There are a number of reasons to choose WordPress for business websites among all of the CMS platforms. Firmly stating that WordPress is the most popular CMS in use today. It is also the fastest growing CMS software which powers 58.6% of the total CMS market share. It is used by thousands of the most popular websites in the world.The WordPress usage statistics shows its amazing performance on the internet.

A number of reputed and established business websites have employed WordPress as their website framework. No matter what, WordPress is a rich community and powerful framework which continues progress. There is a reason why many many web developers prefer WordPress to other CMS out there.  

Among hundreds of WordPress usability grounds, I listed the major 15 reasons to choose WordPress for a business website.

1. It’s open source: use for free


It’s an open source framework that charges you no penny to set up a website or even when your website is making millions of money. Very different from the closed source software, it asks you no license fees to use it. It provides full freedom to the users to use, modify and redistribute the software.

WordPress allows the users modify the software source as per their needs. The users have access to the source without any charges, for FREE. So, there are thousands of users working on the software and the number of users is rapidly increasing every second.

2. It’s the easiest CMS


WordPress is the easiest CMS that I ever found. It doesn’t require technical coding expertise to install and use the software. Even the beginners can work with it by learning it instantly within some minutes.

The task of website development was a complete technical thing before. WordPress has proven the statement wrong. A number of non-web savvy bloggers and different professionals maintain and update their website on their own.

3. Powerful: flexible and customizable


Another very remarkable reason to choose WordPress is its flexibility. Though the framework emerged as a blogging platform, it has evolved to meet the requirements for various kinds of websites. It can be used for multiple purposes like blogging, personal, portfolio, BUSINESS, eCommerce etc., actually any niche you want.

It is probably the most highly customizable framework which needs just a click or some few clicks to make a website look the way you want. There are thousands of WordPress themes and plugins built to fulfill your needs. Just choosing a right theme and plugin simplifies the most part of your website making puzzle.

4. Responsive: mobile friendly


Another important virtue of using WordPress is responsiveness. All the WordPress themes today are responsive that ease your work of making your website more reachable. It is essential for a website to be responsive today as the number of people browsing websites through mobiles, iPhones and tablets is increasing rapidly.

Making your website responsive is collecting more audience, more leads to your business and finally making your online presence strong. You can establish your brand when you have a significant number of daily visitors.

5. SEO friendly


Search Engine Optimization(SEO) is an essential task of building a successful online business today because search engine ranks do matter your overall business. WordPress is a very powerful platform which easily lets you optimize your website for search engine trends.

Most of the service seekers today type certain keywords in the search engines to know about the service providers. Search engine ranks are very vital to make your business grow higher. If you build a website using WordPress, it is more beneficial for your you to collect more audience, more leads, more sales and stand higher.

6. It’s economic: saves your money


WordPress is a very economic platform. You can use the software for free as it is open source. Besides, you will find very professional themes and plugins for free on this platform. These all lessen your website making expenses and save money.WordPress has many ways to save your money. To create a website and update it, you don’t need to hire an expert to whom you have to pay very high. You can simply do it with the help of documentations and tutorials if you are non-web-savvy.

WordPress has many ways to save your money. To create a website and update it, you don’t need to hire an expert to whom you have to pay very high. You can simply do it with the help of documentations and tutorials if you are non-web-savvy. Besides, WordPress.com offers you a completely free plaform for hosting your blogs.

7. A plenty of themes: premium and free


The WordPress platform has a huge store of its themes which can be used for a variety of purposes. Millions of the WordPress lovers and volunteers contribute the community by creating unique themes each day. You can find thousands of awesome free WordPress themes at the official WordPress theme repository. Besides, there are numerous WordPress theme companies across the globe that create awesome themes at a reasonable price.

WordPress themes provide the overall design of a website that they simplify the task and make it even easier. There are numerous themes built for various specific purposes including business, blogging, photography etc which already have many of useful features for your website.

8. It is a community


WordPress has developed a large community worldwide. The community has a lot of space for communicating with anyone related to WordPress. The official WordPress forum and WordCamp events are the most happening ways of communicating in the community.

The community members have an easy access to various kinds of support. Besides, integration with various social networks makes it more socially shareable.The community goes live with the millions of crazy-lovers around the globe

9. Easy functionality extension with plugins


There are a number of free and premium plugins available in the WordPress community which are built for extending the functionality. For business purposes, there are many plugins built specifically. Some of the most popular are WooCommerce, WP eCommerce or Shopp.

The plugins are the complete eCommerce solutions that make you able to make money online. You can make thousands of sales from your online store. Besides, plugins are aimed at making your websites more SEO friendly, social network friendly etc. Many of the free plugins are equally useful as the premium ones.

10. Super support


It’s awesome to be supported by the experts to troubleshoot your problems instantly for free of cost. WordPress is such an extensive community that it has unlimited resource persons who are continuously active WordPress projects.

You can easily assess your problems, queries in the online WordPress forums. The community has the trend of helping and taking the entire community to the upper level. Besides, there are many WordPress support comapnies who provide dedicated support for WordPress.

11. Continuous growth and regular updates


It is an ever evolving platform which continues to grow till today and forever. Being open source, it heartily welcomes experts and beginners to bring some new stuff on the software. There are been regular updates in the software from its origin that make it more usable and beneficial for the users.

The same process of ever evolving nature has made it a multipurpose and most popular framework today. Firstly developed as a blogging platform, it’s ONE for all today.

12. A secure platform


It is most popular platform and most trusted one too. It has a high concern over the security matters and regularly updates the software to prevent any kind of attacks. It has automatic update feature since it released its 3.7 version.

In addition to that, there are many plugins available for making your website security strong. You can simply find them on the internet at a reasonable price and some plugins are also available for free. Since WordPress is much-talked platform today, you can easily find out a lot of resources on the web how to protect WordPress security.

13. Hosting freedom


WordPress.com is itself an awesome host which lets you host hundreds of websites free. The WordPress hosted websites do have ‘wordpress.com’ at the domain name, which can be removed and personalized by buying a domain name. WordPress.com is indeed for commercial purpose which offers all the basic services free and charges for the advanced tasks.

If you are using WordPress software (custom theme from WordPress.org or any theme company), there is complete hosting freedom. There are no limitations for the hosting selection and changing process with WordPress because it works really well with most of the servers.

Hosting freedom has advantages to the users, however, there are some matters to be concerned about before selecting any one. You can simply google and learn about the hosting company before you sign up with that. Your business is valuable!

You can host your WordPress website either in the WordPress.com or the other hostings.

Take a look at the best WordPress hosting providers.

14. Multi-user platform


It is a platform for the multiple users and together they can make a good business. It supports a separate space for the administrator, author, subscriber, contributor, blogger etc. They all have their own specific task to carry on which as a whole make a perfect platform.

With a business website built on WordPress, you can really take your business to the next level. You can give a right space to your business partners with this. You can allow subscribers many of your services, contributors to promote your website, bloggers write. And together, you build a good business.

15. It is popular

It is a very simple reasoning but equally powerful. WordPress is popular, used by everyone because it has something that best meets the user requirements. Most of the people chose it, so there is more business. If everyone else is there, it’s your time to make your space.

Wrapping up

With all that in mind, it’s very convincing to state that WordPress is the best platform for a business website. This platform will obviously take your business to the next level. Then, why wait? It’s the high time to switch!

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