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15 Best Content Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress

Best Content Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress

Are you in search of some best content marketing tools and plugins? Then, yes you have come to the right place.

Those days are gone when people used to promote their products or services through traditional marketing tools. Nowadays, they use advanced marketing techniques for promoting their brand. Content marketing is one of the promotional techniques that is used by almost all types of businesses.

Talking about content marketing only writing quality posts is not enough. You also need to make sure that your post rank higher in Google, getting social shares that will help you to get subscribers, leads, and sales from your content directly. But it’s not easy to get all these things done. For that, you need to use the right set of content marketing tools and plugins. The main goal of content marketing is to create relevant, informative, and engaging content that will drive a web audience. Also, it will help to generate quality leads for your content.

WordPress powers millions of websites. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform that offers plenty of useful and powerful content marketing tools and plugins. These tools are great to help you promote your content on different web platforms.

So, here we have made a list of some of the best content marketing WordPress tools and plugins that will improve the visibility and readability of your site on different search engines. Let’s have a look:.

1. Ultimate Blocks

Ultimate Blocks - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

Ultimate Blocks is a Gutenberg blocks plugin that is perfect for bloggers and marketers. This plugin is easy to use which will help you to create better and engaging content with Gutenberg editor. It comes with awesome 18 Gutenberg blocks for content marketers like Table of Contents, Call To Action, Tabbed Content, Content Toggle (Accordion), Content Filter, Review Box (Schema-Enabled), Click To Tweet, Button (Improved), Social Sharing, Image Slider, and more blocks are in the making.

If you are using Gutenberg editor then this plugin is best for you that will help to make your content great.

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2. OptinMonster

OptinMonster - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

OptinMonster is the best plugin for those who are fed with the high bounce rate of the website. This is a WordPress popup plugin that will help you to get the site visitors for longer, buy something, or at least sign up for your email list. This will help to market to them later. It will catch the users right before they click out of your website by showing them a message which is perfect to convert them into customers, subscribers, or followers. Also, it allows you to create optin forms for connecting with your email marketing service or CRM software. This will boost your sales faster and better than you have not thought of.

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3. Social Snap

Social Snap - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

Social Snap is a WordPress social sharing plugin that is best to drive more traffic and increase the engagement rate. This plugin is perfect to show stunning social buttons with sharing counts.

It lets you control how visitors share and view your content. It works seamlessly without slowing down your website. When you publish the new posts, it will automatically help you in posting on different social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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4. WP Smushit

WP Smushit - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

WP Smushit is a feature-rich WordPress Image Compression Plugin that lets you optimize your images without losing their quality. This plugin is easy to use which will help you in optimizing the images effortlessly. This plugin is well tested which is known for its good speed and quality. This plugin comes with the features like Bulk Smush that will allow you to optimize up to 50 images with just one click. Also, it includes a feature that will detect the incorrect size image actually slowing down your website.

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5. All in One SEO Pack

All in One SEO Pack - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

All in One SEO Pack is an SEO WordPress plugin so optimize your site for SEO such as Google, Bing, etc. This plugin is one of the most downloaded plugins i.e around 30 million downloads.

It generates the automatic processes which will improve the performance of your website. It comes with lots of advanced features which will help you to promote the content of your site across the web. Also, it includes XML Sitemap support which will help you to submit your sitemap to Google and improve your SEO indexing speed.

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6. Broken Link Checker

Broken Link Checker - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

The broken links can really affect the SEO ranking of your site. To help you out with the broken links Broken Link Checker is the best solution. This plugin will monitor your blog by looking for broken links. It simply scans all your posts, pages, comments, and other content in search of broken links.

After that, you will get a notification immediately when any broken links are found. Then, you can fix it and boost the ranking of your site on different search engines. Also, the links can be edited without manually updating each post directly from the plugin’s page.

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7. Pretty Link

Pretty Link - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

Pretty Link is the best content marketing plugin that will help you to track clicks from emails and mask your affiliate links to improve the reach of your site. This plugin allows you to share these links through forums, comments on other blogs, or Twitter in order to maximize your site’s visibility. It gives you the ability to create simple and clean URLs on your website which will redirect to any other URL.

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8. WP Last Modified Info

WP Last Modified Info - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

WP Last Modified Info is a flexible and easy-to-use WordPress plugin that shows the last modified info. Generally, it inserts the last modified and updated info on your WordPress posts which includes custom post pages and types.

Also, this plugin will add the ‘date modified; schema markup in WordPress posts automatically. It lets you display the last updated date above or below your post or pages as you wish. When anyone makes changes right to any post on your website, you can send the email notifications.

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9. Ahrefs

Ahrefs - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

Ahrefs is one of the best content marketing tools that are perfect to research your competitors, grow your search traffic, and monitor your niche. This tool is so much helpful to learn why your competitors rank so high and what steps can be taken to outrank them. You can easily track your backlinks and your competitor’s backlink. Also, figure out the best-paid advertising keywords.

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10. Asana

Asana - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

If you have to manage the entire team then Asana is the best content marketing tool for you all. This tool helps you to organize all the tasks and conversations without wasting any time with multiple emails.

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11. Grammarly

Grammarly - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

Grammarly is an online grammar checker tool that is perfect for content writers. It helps you to correct the spelling and grammar mistakes,  incorrect word usage, missing words, and overused words of your content. Whether you are writing on your Twitter, LinkedIn, Gmail, or WordPress Editor you will get corrections after you have added Grammarly. It has add-ons for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge. Also, it will improve your writing by suggesting a better word for your content.

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12. SEMRushSEMRush - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

SEMRush is a content marketing tool that is perfect for those who want an in-depth peek into your competitor’s advertising strategies, backlink techniques, top organic keywords, and other things as well. By knowing all these things about your competitors, you can improve your own content marketing. Also, this tool shares keywords where you can easily keep track of your backlinks, rank in the search engines, and provides other useful reports and data.

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13. Canva

Canva - Best Content Marketing Tool and Plugin

Canva is a free graphic designing tool that lets you create stunning designs though you don’t have any designing skills. This tool is best suited for all kinds of content marketing imagery like blog cover photos, Twitter cover photos, social media images, etc. It is an especially great tool for bloggers and content marketers for creating eye-catching visuals and design.

This tool comes with thousands of free pre-designed templates that are fully customizable which is the best thing about this tool. It also offers an array of features along with drag and drops design creations, layouts, illustrations, and fonts as well.

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Wrapping Up

Content Marketing is the popular way to promote your products and services. And if it is done properly, you can increase brand awareness and profit of your product. All the above listed are the best content marketing tools and plugins for WordPress that are perfect to help you nail your content marketing strategy.

If you have any queries or suggestions then feel free to comment us below.

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