Yoast SEO – For Creating An SEO Friendly Blog Post

Yoast SEO – For Creating An SEO Friendly Blog Post
Yoast SEO – For Creating An SEO Friendly Blog Post

To be a successful blogger or to make your blogs outstanding and loved by all, quality content and SEO is the key. Quality content includes clean, informative and easily readable content that is arranged in an appealing way. Creating a quality rich SEO blog post is not an easy task.

First, you need to be clear about the topic you are writing or the idea you’re going to share. Then you need to prepare a structure of your blog post, how you’re going to start, what will be your main body part and how you’re going to conclude it. Be sure, your content must be 100% original because original content is the foremost consideration for quality and SEO friendly content.

Next is your contents’ readability. Unless your content is easily readable/understandable, the information or ideas you deliver through it won’t matter. Both the search engines and audiences scan the text structure. So, to make your content readable use simple text structure, don’t write very long and confusing sentences, this distracts your readers. On seeing the overview of your blog post, the audiences decide whether to read the whole post or not and same like audience search engines like Google scan your text structure or overview to define the rank of your post. Therefore, to please your search engines and audiences, using clear paragraphs, heading, sub headings could help.

The main reason for writing a blog post is making it reachable to a wide range of audience. So you should write your blog post in such a way that it would be loved by search engines and give you the better ranking. And the first strategy for it is keyword focused content.

Before getting started with content writing you should know your targeted audience, do some keyword research and use those keywords in your writing. Search Engine loves original, readable and keyword focused content. But, remember keyword focused means not keyword stuffed.

Yoast SEO – An Ultimate SEO Plugin

Yoast SEO is a tool that can guide you for creating an SEO friendly blog post. It is a complete content analysis plugin that not only helps you to improve both the SEO performance and readability of your content. It checks whether the focus keyword you used is appropriate or not, the density of the keyword, readability, and all other aspects. It is built focusing all the necessities of the SEO.

So let’s explore how Yoast SEO plugin helps you to write a quality rich and SEO friendly blog post.

Yoast SEO Feature - Readability Analysis

Flesch Reading Ease

Yoast  SEO analyzes your content and tests the Flesch reading ease score. Flesch reading ease is the readability test that checks how difficult a passage in English is to understand. This test measures word length and sentence length. So if you have written very log word and sentences many times, it is not good in both SEO and readability perspective, therefore, Yoast SEO indicates Flesch reading ease score. Then, you can change the length and difficult sentences in simpler one and improve readability.

Right Meta Description

Yoast SEO Feature - Meta Analysis

Yoast SEO suggests for the right Meta description, Meta description is responsible for improving click Through Rate (CTR) from Search Engines Result Pages (SERPs). It is the part, from where your readers would get an idea about your core content and decides whether to read your post or not. Since an optimized meta description is a very important factor of SEO, Yoast SEO helps in optimizing meta description. It defines the appropriate length of meta description (~160) and shows it through color indication, means if your meta description exceeds or lowers than the appropriate length it shows red indication if your meta description is average and needs more improvement it shows orange color. And if the meta description you used is fine its show green color indication.

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Keyword in Important Location

To be ranked well in search engines and easily reachable by your targeted audience, you must have crafted your keywords strategy very well. Only the right keyword in right place gives the right results. As I have already mentioned above, using keywords in various part of the article is crucial, but it doesn’t mean you can stuff keywords everywhere just to increase your keyword density.  In few parts of your post, you must use keywords in order to get indexed in good rank search engine. For the new bloggers, it might be difficult to differentiate the location where the use of a keyword is a must. In this case, Yoast SEO is the optimal solution. For the sound SEO, you should use keywords in the article intro/heading section (in the first 100 words of your post), the title of the post, the URL of the post, the content of the post and the meta description. Yoast SEO checks whether you have used keywords in these five important parts or not, if you haven’t used there, it will index that in the improvements suggestion box. Then, you can analyze your content again, make changes as per suggestion and make your content fully SEO friendly.

Focus Keyword

Focus Keyword is the keyword through which your audience finds you. For the blog post, we generally use long tail keywords (with multiple words) and they are more specific. Yoast SEO plugin has a separate field to integrate focus keyword. Once you set your focus keyword, the plugin analyzes your page/post content and give suggestion to improve the content for that keyword. Normally, Yoast SEO suggests to remove stop words (if used in focused keyword) and checks the keyword density in the content, if it is marked low, you can edit your content, increase keyword density wherever possible and improve SEO performance.

Presence of Internal and External Link

Internal links in your content are yet another important factor for better SEO performance. Internal linking helps to establish site architecture and spread juice link.  External and internal linking is not only important for better SEO, internal link integration in your article provides more resource to your readers so that they trust you and the words. The presence of the internal link and external supporting links shows your contents are research based. Yoast SEO evaluates whether your content contains internal and external links or not. If not, it will suggest adding. This way, it helps to make your blog post SEO friendly.

Presence of Images

Only the post full of text is dull. Using images and other media in the post makes it clear, attractive and informative. It enhances readability and important in term of SEO as well. Yoast SEO checks whether the post contains images or not. And suggest using images in analysis box. Also, the plugin suggests to use the focus keyword of your post as an ALT attribute of the image used. It helps your images to be indexed by Google under the certain keyword.

Besides, these Yoast SEO evaluates your text structure, the length of your content, the strength of your post/page title, usage of transition words, the length of content under each heading etc. and give feedbacks on each point.

Yoast SEO has both the free and premium version. If you need advanced SEO features, then you can switch to premium version yet free version comprises all the essential features required for creating a high quality and SEO friendly blog post. Here is the comparison table of both versions of the plugin:

Yoast SEO: Free and Premium Version Comparison

FeaturesPremium VersionFree Version
Keyword OptimizationYes
(Upto 5 Keywords)
(Only 1 Keyword)
Preview of your pageYes
(Google, Facebook and Twitter Previews)
(Only Google Preview)
Readability checkYesYes
Full control over your breadcrumbsYesYes
No duplicate contentYesYes
Technical stuff in the backgroundYesYes
Internal linking suggestionsYesNo
Content insightsYesNo
Redirect managerYesNo
24/7 supportYesNo

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Wrapping Up

No doubt, Yoast SEO is an ultimate SEO solution perfect for both the beginners and experts. The way Yoast SEO evaluates your SEO performance and suggests improvements, rarely other SEO plugin has these features.The plugin not only helps to attract more visitors to your site also increase your reader’s engagement. It helps you to best optimize your SEO performance, readability and better ranked in search engines.

If you are looking for high traffic to your site, then Yoast SEO can help. It is very simple and intuitive plugin. To go with it, you don’t need to be an SEO expert or need to hire the one. Anyone can use it with ease.  This plugin is all what you need to maximize your SEO friendliness.

If you have any query related to this post or about Yoast SEO, please do comment below. Also, if you are already using this plugin and want to share your experience feel free.

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