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WP Speed of Light – Best Plugin to Speed Up your WordPress Site

WP Speed of Light - Best Plugn to Speed up your WordPress Website

Fast loading page speed is crucial as it is the main factor that contributes in the page abandonment. Slow loading speed gives bad user experience and it results, decrease in conversion. Since there is a huge online competition these days, for a strong online presence, web speed should be given the first priority. According to a Kissmetrics blog, 1-second delay in page response can result in a 7% reduction in conversions. For our website, we spend lots of time for having pixel perfect design, integrating modern features and functionalities, loading it with quality contents, but the visitors tend to care about the speed at first.

If you go through the web in search of ways to optimize the speed of your website, you will get hundreds of results. Cache and Gzip compression, media compression, database cleanup, htaccess optimization, cache cleaner, CDN integration, etc. are the most suggested ways to optimize your web speed. Implementing all these ways manually is a time consuming and hectic tasks for the non-technical geeks and beginners. So to make it easy, here we are going to review a WordPress plugin that does everything for you.

WP Speed of Light – A Powerful WordPress Plugin for Speed Optimization

WP Speed of Light - Plugin to Speed Up your WordPress Website

Plugin DetailsPlugin Demo Documentation Support

WP Speed of Light comes with technical and advanced features that is accessible to everyone. The best about this theme is it comes with a speed loading test and comparison tool that identify which plugin, theme or page requires more attention and suggest the improvements accordingly.

The plugin includes Cache and Gzip compression system, a resource minification tool, a database cleanup system, an htaccess optimization tool and an automatic cache cleaner. WP Speed of Light is an all in one WordPress speed optimization tool.

Because of its great functionality and ease to use, it has already been the choice of thousands of WordPress users. Its free version has 10K+ active installs, just in the few months of its release.

Download WP Speed of Light Free

WP Speed of Lite, it is composed of a free version of a plugin and pro add-on. The Pro Addon of the plugin lets you go one step beyond with your WordPress speed. Its pro add-on includes cache preloading font optimization, DNS prefetching, database automatic cleanup, top-notch support, image compression and more. Such advanced features are rarely available in any other WordPress plugins so let it go.

Buy The Pro Add-on of WP Speed of Light

WP Speed of Light – Global WordPress Optimization

WP Speed of Light Feature - Global Optimization

With WP Speed of light, you will get the global WordPress optimization in a single membership. Global optimization includes WordPress optimization, image compression, CDN integration, speed testing and more. The most astonishing part is once you get the membership, you can run the same highly advanced optimization on all your websites. Means the memberships are not limited by the domain, you get access to unlimited domains. What else you need?

Global WordPress Optimization includes the major four steps. Let’s have a look at a brief:

1. WordPress Full Optimization

The first step is optimization of WordPress. The full WordPress optimization features include:

  • Static file Cache System
  • Gzip Data Compression
  • Browser Caching
  • Files group: CSS, JS, Local fonts, Google Fonts
  • Resources minification: HTML, CSS, JS
  • Specific mobile cache per device
  • Remove query string
  • Automatic cache clean: by interval, on save, by user group
  • Database Cleanup
  • Cache Preloading and DNS Prefetching

WP Speed of Light Feature - Full WordPress Optimization2. Activate Image Compression

It is obvious that the image filesize affects the loading speed of your website. We want to use the high-quality images which means more disk space and results higher loading time. Thereby the second step of Global WordPress optimization is image compression. For this, the plugin is integrated with ImageRecycle service that is capable of reducing the file size up to 85%. It only compresses the file size of the images whereas the quality remains the same. The image compression quota will be according to your membership. If you are using the free version of the plugin you will 20% off coupon on purchasing the service and if you are a pro add-on user then you will get 1 GB and 3GB quota with WP Speed of Light 6 month support and 1-year support respectively.

3. Use a CDN

CDN delivers the static files to the users nearby so that it greatly reduces loading time, thereby ensuring you happy users. With this plugin, CDN integration is available with all the major CDN on the market like Cloudflare, Amazon Cloudfront, MaxCDn and others.

WP Speed of Light Feature - Use CDN4. Speed Test and Compare

Speed test and comparison is yet another factor that helps to improvise your web speed even more. WP Speed of Light plugin is integrated with WebPage Test API which allows you to run several tests on the same page and open a comparison table. From this, you can determine which elements can be better optimized for better performance. The plugin run the detailed speed test on following elements:

  • First loading time
  • Second loading time
  • First-byte time
  • Time to start rendering
  • Element served from cache in %
  • Elements compressed with Gzip in %
  • Percent on compressed images

WP Speed of Light Feature - Speed Test and Compare

For the speed test and compare, Go to WP Speed Of Light > Speed Analysis

Enter the URL of the page/post you want to analyze the speed of.

Then you can view the result below with comparisons.

From here you can determine where you need to pay more attention.

Here is the WP Speed of Light – Global WordPress Optimization Details

WP Speed of Light – Major Features

This powerful WordPress speed up plugin is loaded with tons of advanced features and functionalities. Above in Global WordPress Optimization we discussion the algorithm that WP Speed of Light works on. Thereby, here is the list of major features that the plugin comprises:

  • Powerful WordPress and Browser Caching
  • Check Speed and  Compare
  • Database Speed Test and Cleanup
  • WordPress CDN Integration
  • Cache Preloading and DNS Prefetching
  • A Detailed Dashboard to Rule All The Performance
  • Selective Cache for Mobile Device
  • Visual File Exclusion from Group and Minification

WP Speed of Light – Comparison Between Free Plugin and Free Plugin +Pro Addon

Here is the feature comparison of WP Speed of Light free version and a free version with pro addon:

WP Speed of Light - Feature Comparision

WP Speed of Light – Installation

It is an easy-to-use WordPress plugin with an intuitive interface. Anybody can easily install, set-up and configure the plugin in no time. You need no coding skill to use this plugin.

 You can install the plugin automatically through WordPress admin or manually by downloading the zip file, unzipping it and uploading it.

WP Speed of Light - Installation

If you are a newbie with no idea, no need to worry. The plugin is provided with detailed documentation, video tutorials that will guide you through every step.  Also, if you have any problem, the plugin author will provide online support via chat, forum or emails.

WP Speed of Light – Documentation, Tutorial, and YouTube Videos

The plugin is provided with extensive, detailed documentation that includes step-by-step installation procedure, introduction to plugin dashboard, speed analysis, speed optimization, database cleanup, CDN Integration, and settings. It comprises the configuration process of each element explained in simple and understanding language. Here is the documentation of WP Speed of Light.

Along with this, here is also a YouTube on how to increase WordPress page loading speed using WP Speed of Light:

WP Speed of Light  – Pricing Plan

WP Speed of light Pro Add-on comes with very reasonable price structure. Here is the pricing plan of the plugin.

WP Speed Of Light Pricing Plan

Buy The Pro Add-on of WP Speed of Light

WP Speed of Light – Deals, and Discounts

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Wrapping Up

WP Speed of Light is an ultimate WordPress speed optimization plugin that you will ever need. It is a handy plugin that speed up your WordPress website without any hassle. The backend interface is user friendly, you can easily point out what the each element works for. All these powerful and advanced feature within a plugin is really rare.

So, if you want to speed up your WordPress website, give a try to the WP Speed of Light. Its pro addons are worth the cost. If you have any questions and queries related to the plugin, feel free to ask. Also, if you have already used the plugin don’t forget to share your experience in the comment below.

Get WP Speed of Light

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