WP Media Manager Lite

    Best WordPress Media Manager Plugin: WP Media Manager Lite

    WP Media Manager Lite – Free WordPress Media Manager Plugin

    WP Media Manager Lite is a free WordPress media manager plugin for managing your WordPress media. It is easy to use and will let you organize thousands of media files in the folder structure. Also, in each of the folders, you can create subfolders to make the media searching easier than ever. Besides, you can also sort them in different variation like category wise, type wise or filter wise.

    Some of the Major Features of WP Media Manager Lite

    • Drag and Drop Media Files and Folders
    • Multiple Folders/Sub-Folders Creation
    • Media Files Ordering & Filtering Options
    • Media Gallery Shortcode Extension
    • One Inbuilt Responsive Gallery Beautiful Themes
    • Single File Design Customization Options (PDF Design)
    • PDF File Display Type
    • Custom Image Link with Target for Media Image

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