Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold

    Prevent Direct Access Gold - WordPress File Protection Plugin

    Prevent Direct Access (PDA) Gold – Protect WordPress File Downloads Plugin

    Prevent Direct Access – PDA Gold is recognized as the #1 plugin to secure unlimited WordPress file downloads and all file types, from images, PDF documents to videos, audios, and much more. It proves useful for marketing, corporate, and ecommerce sites providing video courses, photography portfolios, e-books, and private products.

    Secure WordPress media files against direct access

    • Protected files cannot be accessed directly via their original links
    • Unauthorized users will be redirected to a 404 or custom No-Access page when attempting to access and download private files 
    • Protect multiple file uploads at the same time or on the fly
    • Stop Image and file hotlinking from other websites 

    Stop Google indexing and unauthorized file downloads

    • Protected files and their original URLs will not be indexed by Google and other search engines. As a result, these files won’t appear on the search results page.
    • Stop unwanted users from downloading protected files without permission 

    Restrict protected file access to logged-in or certain users

    • Prevent the public from direct access to WordPress media library files
    • Allow specific roles such as logged-in users or paid-members to access WordPress protected files

    Create & expire custom download links automatically

    • Generate unlimited private download links to share with different groups of users
    • Expire download links after a number of days or clicks
    • Block link access by IP address

    Integrate with WooCommerce, top Membership, and LMS  WordPress plugins

    • Create and protect WooCommerce private products effortlessly. Stop customers from sharing order pages or product files with others using IP restrictions.
    • Well integrated with Amazon S3 – Cloudfront CDN, Learndash LMS, Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Contact Forms
    • Allow users to view but protect videos from downloading on WordPress
    • Watermark WordPress file uploads
    • Export WordPress pages, posts, and its content to PDF files

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