Password Protect WordPress Pro

    Password Protect WordPress Pro - Content Password Protection Plugin

    PPWP Pro – Password Protect WordPress Page & Site

    Password Protect WordPress – PPWP Pro helps secure WordPress private page easily with one or multiple passwords. PPWP plugin also prevents password sharing by expiring passwords automatically after a certain time or number of uses. PPWP Pro is well compatible with most popular WordPress plugins and themes.

    Secure unlimited WordPress private pages & posts with passwords

    • Protect WordPress pages, posts, custom post types & custom page templates including WooCommerce products
    • Set unlimited passwords per content. Auto expire passwords by setting usage limits and password expiration time.
    • Discourage Google and other search engines from indexing protected page or site content
    • Whitelist certain user roles to bypass password protection automatically without having to enter passwords

    Lock content sections with multiple passwords

    • Protect partial WordPress content while showing a teaser to premium content. Ideal for membership or private sites.
    • Compatible with popular page builders, such as Elementor, Beaver Builders, and Divi

    Password protect the entire WordPress site

    • Make the entire WordPress site private against unauthorized users
    • Exclude certain pages or posts from sitewide protection. Display a landing or coming soon page instead of the password login form.
    • Redirect users to a specific URL according to the sitewide password entered

    Hide WordPress categories & customize password form 

    • Share the same password across categories, pages and posts
    • Basic password tracking via password management popup window
    • Customize password forms with ease via WordPress Customizer

    Bypass password protection via quick access links

    • Unlock protected content directly by clicking on a quick access link. No passwords required.
    • Expire quick access links automatically after a number of days or clicks
    • No need to remember and enter passwords
    • Prevent password leaks

    Password protect WooCommerce shop and products 

    • Password protect WooCommerce shop, categories, and products.
    • Sell password protected content via WooCommerce or Gravity Forms
    • Password protect WordPress files and downloads
    • Restrict protected content access by IP address 

    Require additional fields when locking password protected page

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