JetPopup – Popup Addon for Elementor WordPress Plugin

    Advertisers often use various small web windows to get users attention. Some of them are very useful for marketing and business promotion since they give basic info about the product or service. JetPopup plugin was designed particularly for this reason. It gives a website owner or advertiser a great opportunity to make his business noticeable and recognizable. It won’t take effort to use this addon as it’s based on the drag-n-drop functionality. With its possibilities, anyone can customize web windows design and modify trigger events which help to avoid annoying and dull popups. For example, with a page progress scrolling, a website visitor will be able to observe a small window while scrolling the page. With the ability to attach popups windows to various Elementor widgets, it’s possible to make them appear whenever you need – while clicking or scrolling or hovering.

    Main features:

    • 100% compatibility with Elementor page builder
    • A plethora of stylish, sleek looking templates
    • The ability to place popups anywhere on the web page
    • Multiple trigger events
    • Huge functionality
    • Multiple popup styles
    • Effective full-time support
    • Compatible with various widgets
    • Animation effects

    With JetPopup functionality, to market your business will be easier and more effective. Using its rich functionality and variety of styles, you can easily attract more clients to your brand within a second.

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