JetGuten – Blocks Set Addon for Gutenberg Editor WordPress Plugin

    With the introduction of innovative Gutenberg editor, there emerged a necessity of new add-ons allowing webmasters to make work with the editor more effortless. JetGuten is intended to simplify this process to the full. Thanks to its easy-to-use functionality, anyone can cope with this asset. This addon perfectly suits for creating any type of content using additional blocks. For example, for making your presentation or products more visually appealing you can use an image comparison block. To grab your website visitors’ attention to your e-commerce business, try pricing table or countdown timer block. The rich variety of helpful blocks allows a website owner to power up his usual content and makes it more attractive.

    Main features:

    • Gutenberg-compatible addon
    • Multiple content blocks incorporated
    • Perfect for creating multiple content variants
    • Extended functionality to incorporate with ease
    • Regular updates of the content block assortment
    • Friendly competent support
    • Affordability
    • Well-structured documentation included

    JetGuten is able to inspire and nurture your creativity while implementing content to the Gutenberg-compatible website. Feel free to modify content blocks without effort.

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