8Degree Easy Tags Pro

    8Degree Easy Tags Pro - WordPress Tagging Plugin
    Download 8Degree Easy Tags Pro - Premium Tagging WordPress Plugin

    8Degree Easy Tags Pro – WordPress Tagging Plugin

    8Degree Easy Tag Pro is a best WordPress tagging plugin for generating and managing tag clouds. It is a responsive and user-friendly plugin that enables you to showcase you tag in the most attractive ways. The plugin offers a lot of multiple options and beautiful layouts; you can manage the tag clouds as per your requirement. It gives you full control to select the text size, tag number, layout, taxonomy, enable-disable count and much more.

    Major Features of 8Degree Easy Tag Pro

    • 36 Beautifully Designed Templates
    • Full Control Over Typography Options
    • Beautiful Layouts With Multiple Options
    • Multiple Tag Clouds<
    • Display Image as Tag Cloud
    • Supports Both Builtin
    • Custom Registered Taxonomy
    • Shortcodes Used for Posts

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