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WP Live – An Ultimate WordPress Premium Support by Mojo Marketplace

WP Live – WordPress Premium Support by Mojo Marketplace

All in one WordPress Service you’ll ever need!

For the newbie and non-tech users, building a website is a troublesome task. And it’s more challenging when you have the limited budget, zero experience, and time limitation. Hiring a web designer could be an expensive option and you don’t have enough time to learn, practice and implement. In this case, all you can wish for is a Genie, who can grant your every wish. But sorry Genie exists only in Mythology and stories.

What if there is someone who can help you with all the web needs? A real-life Genie? And yes, it exists.

MOJO Marketplace’s WP Live service is an ultimate solution to all your web needs. The service gives you access to WordPress and website experts who will help you in every step of building a website and growing your business.

Introduction to WP Live WordPress Support

WP Live is premium WordPress support that connects you with the real WordPress experts. They provide premium support on demand. Whatever your demand or query, they have a set of experts for everything. Whether you want to have a blogging site, or business site or e-commerce or any other – they have plans for all kind of WordPress users. They give WordPress assistance on how to build, grow and maintain your website. You will have real conversations with real people. There is no limit on how many questions you can ask and how many times. From selecting the right tools to building your branding and maintaining your website long term – WP Live helps in all.
A team of experts is always by your side – backing your project 100% of the way.

Why should you go with WP Live?

Building a complete and perfect website has never been easy, and its even more difficult when you are a non-tech savvy person. Having a team of experts with brilliant minds on whatever your website need, is the best thing you could ever have. The team not only can solve your every minor and major issue but can also teach you to solve them in the simplest way possible on your own. WP Live is a secret weapon, and there is no doubt on it.

When you start building a website, you build it for a purpose and have expectations linked to it. When you get started with WP Live, you don’t have to spend your valuable time on long research and testing. The brains behind WP Live has already exercised and achieved the excellence on all those things. So, with them, you will skip the research and save time. Starting from a basic counseling on which WordPress themes and plugins are best for your project to a complete plan to establish a successful online presence – they provide you with valuable information. They tailor your website to the way you want it with a professional touch. Many clients have been very satisfied after choosing WP Live. Maybe the next one is you!

Their target is to make you bigger and better, and they are highly dedicated to it. Just all you need to do is lean on their expertise and keep getting better on each step.

WP Live Journey – They want you to succeed.

As I have already mentioned above, WP Live offers you a complete roadmap for building a perfect website. The process they walk you through, they call it the WP Live Journey. WP Live Journey is clustered into four-phases. Those well-structured four phases are: Build, Launch, Grow and Maintain. Let’s go through the contents of each phase in brief:

WP Live - An Ultimate WordPress Premium Support by Mojo Marketplace


Every phase of WP Live Journey is designed with the long-term vision of your website. Before getting started they try to understand the purpose of your site, then help you choose the right theme, plugins and other tools for the building that specific site. After this, they go with set-up, configuration, and optimization of the site. They introduce you to all the functionality of your website. WP Live agents guide you through everything that is needed to meet the goals of your website.


After you are done with building the site, the next phase is Launch. In this phase, everything that you set up before is tested manually. The WP Live team will assist you to check all site features, links, social icons, forms, loading time, etc. Also, they help you to optimize the website if something is not working as it should be. In the meantime, they keep your website safe and secure integrating security and backup measures. They guide you through the complete check-up process to ensure every small thing is fully functioning. Now your site is ready to go live and the world can access it.


Once your site is launched, WP Live’s job has not ended. They will be with you for more. They assist and teach you to take your site to its peak. Website optimization for better ranking, better lead generation, and the higher success rate is the approach in the Growth phase of the WP Live Journey. They’ll teach you to optimize your website for Search Engines so that you appear at the top of the keyword relevant to your goal or business. Moreover, you’ll learn to set-up analytics and track your overall web performance and keep on improvising in real time.


It is always important to keep your site well maintained, and again WP Live agent will be there with you. They will assist you to keep your site up and running and updated. When you face, any issues updating your website with latest versions, there will be WP Live Agents there to help. They will be right on your side for continual checkups, analysis, and improvements to your site and it will always remain up-to-date, secure, flawless and bug-free.

Isn’t WP Live an amazing WordPress support Team? I find it super helpful!

No matter the type of website you own/want, WP Live has a full-fledged plan for all. More than getting things done for you, it guides and teaches you, the best part is you will learn to do it on our own. Thereby, choosing WP Live has a double benefit for you.

Get started with WP Live

WP Live Pricing Plan

WP Live Support comes with a reasonable pricing plan. It has different pricing structures designed for a different range of users and their requirements. The service they provide is worth the cost.

Cost for Monthly Subscription

WP Live Support - Monthly Subscription

Cost for 6-Month Subscription

WP Live Support - 6 Month Subscription

Cost for Yearly Subscription

WP Live Support - Yearly Subscription

P.S. You will save 10% with a 6-month contract, and 20% with a 12-month contract. The longer you subscribe for, the more you save.

Subscribe to WP Live

Wrapping Up

WP Live Support Service by MOJO Marketplace is incredibly helpful and reliable premium support available on the market. Though going with WP Live is not the requirement of your website, but it is something that never lets your website and dream go down.

You build a website for a reason, and WP Live helps to make everything best out of it. Many renowned businesses around the world has recommended WP Live and many customers are happy they chose it. So, it’s your turn now.
End your hassle of building a website. Start, learn, build, grow and reach to the peak with WP Live.

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