WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

WP File Download - Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

WP File Download is the easiest and quickest means to manage your files systematically in WordPress. It is the most powerful WordPress file manager with outstanding functionalities.

Managing all files and presenting them in an organized manner could be a troublesome task. But now, no more. With WP File Download, you can effortlessly manage files with a few clicks: import them, organize them, present them. Working with this tool is as simple as managing files on your computer or your desktop. You can arrange files in categories—any number of categories and even sub-categories.

And WP File Download comes with an intuitive drag and drop interface to help you organize files. Moreover, with WP File Download, you can insert a whole file category or a single file directly into your content. In turn, your WordPress blog’s users and visitors can directly download the files from any page or post.

Simply put, WP File Download is a feature-rich WordPress plugin best optimized for managing files in the easiest and effective way possible. It is a must-have tool for web designers, bloggers, and other content creators. The plugin features one-click file ordering, four responsive themes, AJAX navigation for the public, SEO file URLs, remote download, and many more exciting functionalities.

WP File Download is an indispensable, time-saving plugin that solves all-consuming tasks within minutes.  With its application of AJAX, and the ordering and auto-saving features, all the files and category of files can be managed right from your editor. It enables you to organize your files in your way in the front-end, allowing users to preview and download files with just one click.

But the plugin has many more unique features. So, let explore them briefly:

Main features of WP File Download

File Manager Themes: 4 Themes Included

WP File Download comes with 4 reliable themes. Each theme includes its own configuration options and possibilities. And the themes themselves come with high flexibility, enabling you to choose a theme per category and override each parameter in the category. In other words, you can choose individual themes and parameters for each category.  Besides, you can select the download button color and other display parameters to satisfy your needs or wishes.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Here are the themes available, with demos available here:

  • Default Theme
  • Google Drive-like Theme
  • Table Theme
  • Folder Tree, or Accordion Theme

Custom Theme

With the awesome WP File Download, you can create your own theme for WordPress too. Creating themes for categories is always one click away from the plugin’s configuration Simply choose a theme name, clone it from any existing theme, and edit.  Your newly-created theme will remain in place even if you update the plugin. And if you disable the new theme, your file category will automatically revert to the default theme.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Advanced File Access Management

One mantra drives WP File Download: Manage your files in the most comfortable way. WP File Download includes advanced file access management options. It is designed to be accessible to everyone and everywhere. No matter whether you are in a post or page, whether you are in the plugin’s administration or configuration, or whether you are on a desktop or on mobile, WP File Download makes it as easy as possible to manage files.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

One other important feature in the plugin files access limitation. You can set different access limitation levels for each file category in WordPress. In other words, you have full control to allow or refuse particular groups to view, access, and download specific categories or files with a single click. Besides, you can also limit actions on files according to WordPress user roles. You can create a user role or edit an existing one, and then establish permissions to edit and use files, inversely protecting your confidential files.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Drag’n Drop Interface

The plugin is fully based on a drag and drop interface. Do you want to add new files? Drag’n drop. Do you want to move or duplicate a file? Drag’n drop, again. The interface. It allows you to change the order and level of file category or subcategory, just by dragging and dropping. It feels like child’s play to manage files with this plugin, hiding the complexity of your actions while managing files.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Full Text and Filtered Search Engine

Do you have a huge number of file categories and subcategories? Do you have a problem locating the exact file you are looking for? Try the WP File Download search engine. Type in the search bar and instantly get what you are looking for. Or if you want the file lists according to the category, creation date, or update date, you can also filter accordingly. Moreover, you can filter files by tags, whether you are looking for PDF files or other documents or media, like images or videos. Your files always lie one search away.

In fact, WP File Download gives you even more control over searching. WP File Download lets you create your own custom search engines. You can enable or disable full-text search, select where users may search or which filtering options they have available, and even set up pagination.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

File Importer

This plugin comes with an inbuilt file importer. If you store files on your server or want to send files to your WordPress website through FTP, you will love this feature. Just you have to activate the feature, select a file located on your server, select a file category to import into, and then click the import button. It’s done.

Isn’t it simple?

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Download Statistics

WP File Download also allows you to view download statistics from the admin backend. WP File Download-adds an advanced dashboard to your WordPress backend. With this full-fledged plugin, you can create graphs with statistics, filter the details of file category, and select single files by date range.

Elementor, DIVI, Gutenberg and all page builders integration

WP File Download has evolved over the years. Today, the plugin is completely integrated with WordPress’ Gutenberg editor. In fact, the plugin includes two blocks, allowing you to insert files or entire file categories into WordPress posts or pages. Simply insert the block and then choose a file or category to place among your content.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Email notifications

Most importantly, perhaps, is the fact that WP File Download never pushes you to relinquish control over your files. On the contrary, WP File Download lets you set up email notifications for whenever someone adds, edits, deletes, or downloads a file. Incredibly, you can even customize the email you would receive and who would receive the email.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Full Feature List of WP File Download

  • File manager theme and design
  • Easy-to-use admin interface
  • Easy front-facing navigation
  • File access limitations
  • Advanced custom search engine
  • One-click update and file versioning
  • Import existing files into a category
  • Page builder compatibility
  • Download statistics
  • Remote downloads
  • WordPress menus to display files
  • Advanced file parameters
  • Full drag’n drop interface
  • AJAX navigation
  • Multilingual-ready
  • Integrates with the WordPress framework
  • Addon features
  • File preview
  • SEO=friendly
  • Easy file uploads

WP File Download Add-on

For more functionalities, check out the its add-ons.

Google Drive Integration

The plugin’s add-on includes full integration with Google Drive, which includes two-way sync. WP File Download’s Google Drive integration is a reliable feature that appears in a few other file managers. This special feature lets your users manage files from Google Drive or from WordPress and synchronize them with Google Drive.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Social Locker

WP Download File’s Social Locker add-on is a tool that promotes your social media performance. The add-on will lock your file download behind a set of social buttons. The file will be unlocked only if the visitor likes, shares, or tweets the content on their profile, for example. Along with this locking feature, the Social Locker add-on includes a synchronization feature between the WordPress file manager, and Google Drive and Dropbox.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin


This wonderful plugin comes under four different reasonable price structures to better suit a wide range of users.

WP File Download – Best Responsive WordPress File Manager Plugin

Wrapping Up

WP File Download is the most flexible WordPress file manager. The abundance of such features and functionalities, the intuitive interface, and the tons of options and customization possibilities make a simple tool an awesome one. The plugin is sure to satisfy all types of users, from professionals to freshers: It is a must-have tool for large WP website owners, news magazines, journalists, bloggers, and all others who have a role to play with a large number of files all day.

The plugin is designed to optimize user experience and usability. Even non-technical users can easily apply the plugin to suit their needs. Working with WP File Download, you never even have to see a line of code. It is a sleek and sustainable plugin without a match at its pricing plan. It is more than worth the cost.

Undoubtedly, WP File Download is the Best WordPress File Manager Plugin – must try it!

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