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Events such as seminars, conferences, formal parties, festive parties, concerts, conventions, and ceremonies are no new. Continually, many business/organization/corporate keep on hosting/organizing events. Do you know, showcasing such events on our business website can be very impactful and impressive?

The event itself is a strong marketing tool and displaying them on the website gives it more exposure.

Here today I am going to let you know about an amazing tool that is comprehensively built for event management. Using this tool you can introduce an effective event listing on your WordPress website on just the matter of few minutes. And the name of this tool is WP Event Manager.

So let’s explore in-detail about WP Event Manager, how it works and possibilities with it.

Introduction to WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager is a free event management plugin for WordPress. It is an ultimate WP solution for creating, displaying and managing event listings. It has got the easiest and best ways to manage your events and showcase them beautifully on your website.

The plugin allows your visitors to view the event details and register for it right from the front-end. It is a highly flexible plugin that allows both the administrator and visitors to create and manage the events – everything is under your control.

It is a lightweight, open-source event management plugin loaded with tons of powerful features and functionalities. WP Event Manager is optimized to be intuitive and user-friendly so that anyone with no technical skill also can easily work with it.

This incredible event manager has got everything that you will ever need for your event listing WordPress websites.

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Key Features of WP Event Manager:

Now, let’s have a look at the major highlights of WP Event Manager that makes it the coolest plugin in the market.

  • The plugin is compatible with all the screen sizes ranging from desktop to mobile devices.
  • It is well tested on all the primary browsers – it works flawlessly across all major browsers.
  • You can create your event listing website in the language that you like.
  • The plugin is completely ajaxified for the super smooth browsing.
  • With the help of WordPress UI, you can easily add, manage and categorize the event listing.
  • The event listing is added to your pages via shortcodes that are powered by searchable and filterable ajax.
  • The plugin comes with a backend and frontend submission form to submit and manage event listings for guest and registered users.
  • The event listers can easily preview their listing before making it live where the preview matches the appearance of the live event listing.
  • Each of the listings can be tied to the website address and email which helps attendees to register for the events.
  • This plugin generates RSS feed and displays RSS link that alters the attendees to new events for matching their search.
  • The plugin allows the logged in organizers to view, edit, mark, canceled or delete the active event listings.
  • It is well-optimized plugin that helps to rank your website top in the search engine.
  • The plugin helps to organize your events under ideal categories and sub-categories to organize schedules under the relevant sections.
  • You can easily create any custom event field.
  • Your visitors will easily find the relevant event listings with the help of Ajax filter and search.
  • You can assign the event location and view the events by location perfectly.
  • This plugin provides a default widgets for recent, upcoming, featured events.
  • There are plenty templates tags and shortcodes for using in your pages and posts.
  • This plugin supports the transitions and caching which is the fastest way to improve the performance.
  • This plugin is coded with the best practices where you can only find custom post types, well organized, annotated code, endpoints, and template files.
  • The Singleton Javascript and Ajax help to save the memory at the client side.
  • The developer can enable the debug mode during the development of the site that helps to increase the speed and make them error free.
  • The plugin is fully supportive if you have any problems such as virus, corruption, and bugs of the file by trying to maintain it properly.
  • The users of this plugin will get the full access to the documentation, tutorials and support system.

Download WP Event Manager

How to get started with WP Event Manager? A journey of the outstanding event listing.

WP Event Manager is compatible with all the WordPress theme available. So you can use it with any WP theme you want or your existing WordPress theme.

WP Event Manager Installation and Setup

Installation of WP Event Manager is no new than any other plugin installation process. You can find the plugin in official WordPress repository. You can install the plugin by manually upload process or add it directly by browsing from the backend.

WP Event Manager - The Ultimate WordPress Event Management Plugin

Just log in to your WP Admin Dashboard, go to Plugins>Add plugins and at the corner’s search bar you can search for WP Event Manager.  Install the plugin and click activate button.

Setting WP Event Manager

As I already mentioned before, the plugin has got intuitive interface – it is super easy to use. Once your plugin is activated, to make work you need to go through few simple setup processes.

Go to WP Event Manager Setting. There you will see four tabs.

General Setting

In a general setting, you have the option to enable bootstrap for the frontend and backend. If you enable them bootstrap frameworks style will apply for the frontend and backend of your site.  Also, in this, you can embed the Google Maps API key to show location details for event listings.

WP Event Manager - The Ultimate WordPress Event Management Plugin

Event Listings

In this section, you can define the number of listings per page. You can also hide or show the canceled events, expired listings, expired listing content. This feature will help you to stay more accurate and clean. You can also permit to choose the categories, event types, ticket prices, multiple category selection, multiple event type selection.

WP Event Manager - The Ultimate WordPress Event Management Plugin

P.s. Categories, event types and ticket prices must be set by the admins before allowing this option to users.

You can define category and event type filter feature plus set the date format of your choice.

Event Submission

Here you can instruct whether a user account is required for submission or not (if you disable this feature any non logged in users can submit their events to the list). If the user wants to submit the event but has no account you can also display create account option on the page. You can allow users manually set the username for their account else you have the option to set username automatically from email address. For making user account password secure you can enable default WordPress behavior for setting the password. You have the fullest control to define the user role.

WP Event Manager - The Ultimate WordPress Event Management Plugin

The plugin offers an option to moderate new listings. Also, the admin can allow the users to edit their submission if it is waiting for approval. You can permit users to submit single or multiple banners.

In this section, you can set the expire duration and command to delete the expired listings. Besides, you can choose the preferred registration method for listings.


WP Event Manager - The Ultimate WordPress Event Management Plugin

In this tab, you have to select the page where you want to display your Event Submission form, Event Dashboard and Event Listings. Before choosing the page – make sure the pages contain the shortcodes to display respective items.

WP Event Manager – Field Editor

The plugin comes with a field editor from where you can create, manage and edit all the form fields that you want to display in frontend and backend.  The default form field is fully editable – you can configure it as per the need of your website. For frontend form fields, you can edit both the event fields and organizer fields whereas for backend you can edit event field only.

WP Event Manager - The Ultimate WordPress Event Management Plugin

From Field editor, you can edit field label, type, description, placeholder/options, priority, and validation. You can create or delete the form field as per your need. This editor saves your lot of time and makes this field editing super easy.

Major Highlights of WP Event Manager

Easy Event Submission From Frontend

Frontend submission feature is something that you will only get in premium version but here with WP Event Manager, grab it free. The plugin allows frontend submission. With a well-designed event submission form on your frontend, you can easily collect the required information of your users. Also, the organizers can list their event on your website from the frontend. They can include the info of events, location and other details in real time. Thereby, WP Event Manager offers you the easiest way to post an event.

Event Submission Preview

As the user/organizer is all set to post the event, it is always necessary to ensure everything is correct. The plugin allows the organizer to preview the event listing before going live. The preview will be the exact copy of what it is going to look after the submission. If there are any typos the organizer can edit, else submit it.

Event Listing Box or Line Layout

The plugin offers multiple events listing layouts. The users can either view the event listing in box layout or inline layout. They can sort the listing as per their convenience and preference.

Event Search Filters

Event Search Filters is yet another exciting feature of WP Event Manager.

Once the events are listed on your website, the visitors will see different search filters. They can sort the events based on keywords, location, date, category, event type or ticket price. This feature is a real time saver if your site is loaded with hundreds of events. With event search filter feature the visitor can get the right result that he/she was looking for.

Event Dashboard

An easy to manage event dashboard where you can view all the event available on our website with the summary. Right from a page, you will see all the details of each post and you can also edit, cancel or delete the event as per your wish.

Easily Add Event, Event Type, and Event Category from Backend

On activating the plugin you will easily get ‘Add Event’ option in admin panel. From there you can easily add the event details and live it. Also for the different types of events such as conference, workshop, meetup etc you can add the event type. Event type and event category are two different things. Event category deals with what the event is about. It can be technology, education, health, literature and many more.Thereby you can add the event category from the backend.

Download WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager – Support and Documentation

WP Event Manager is best optimized to be simple and user-friendly aiming best usability and user experience. Though it’s easy to work with, if you struck with any kind of problem/issue – the plugin is provided with detailed and extensive documentation. Here you can view WP Event Manager Documentation.

If you are not done with documentation too – don’t worry, the plugin author has got an awesome expert support team. The support team will always be by your side to answer you all the query and get your problem solved in the easiest way.

Here you can contact for WP Event Manager Support.

WP Event Manager – Add-ons

Want to make WP Event Manager almighty? You can – there are many add-ons available and many on the way that can enhance the functionality of the plugin to the peak. Below you can view some popular add-ons available with their price and usage:

  • Calendar ($39) – For displaying an event calendar that shows your upcoming events
  • Google Maps ($39) – For sorting the events by location
  • Registration ($39) – For allowing visitors to register for an event
  • Sell Tickets ($39) – For selling event tickets right from the website
  • Attendee Information ($39) – For collecting the info about the attendee
  • WooCommerce paid Listings ($39) – For creating the event packages that can be purchased or redeemed

You can view all the add-ons available here.

WP Event Manager – Video Summary

Here you can view a video summary of the plugin:


Wrapping Up

WP Event Manager is simple, lightweight, scalable and open source WordPress event management plugin. It is the most feature-rich event manager plugin that you will ever get free of cost. And must say, it premium add-ons are also worth the cost.

This plugin works flawlessly across all the browsers, devices, and WordPress themes. Hundreds of users are happily using it for their business purpose and many rated it with 5 stars. So wait for? Download the plugin now and give a try.

If you have any question/queries regarding this plugin – feel free to write in the comment box below. Plus, if you are already using it, you can share your experience. I would appreciate hearing from you.

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