13 Best WP eCommerce Web Design Trends to watch out in 2022

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Do you want to know about WP eCommerce web design trends to accomplish your eCommerce site design in 2022?

Advent of e-commerce websites has given a whole new arena for the new age shoppers to get their shopping accomplished easily through e-commerce websites. A lot of efforts are put while designing and developing these sites. It includes a lot of technical assistance to develop these websites. As going online has become the most significant way of doing almost every bit of shopping today, the developers need to give attention to a number of details to make this experience just awesome for the shoppers.

It is quite difficult to predict which exact trend will draw the attention of the users. Yet recent trends have been doing it all well to fetch a lot of clients over different websites. It is true that these web designs keep on changing year after year and thus, depending upon the trends in fashion, web developers need to follow the trends while designing the websites. Amidst all this, effective web design trends carry a lot of importance. In this write-up, we are going to talk about some of these trends that will remain significant in 2016.

What Importance does WP eCommerce Web Design Trends hold?

It is all in the design that holds clients’ attention for longer. Almost all the websites carry the same layout and design and thus, the key lies in providing something different to the users. There are a plethora of websites over the internet providing you information on every possible thing available today.

WP eCommerce Web Design Trends to watch out in 2022

A number of these websites have the same layout and information as well and thus, there is no guarantee for a particular website to outperform the others. However, websites designed by keeping the current web design trends in the mind can hold the clients for longer. Sometimes, this might be a real challenge to do, so it’s always a good idea to find a good custom web development company and let them do the heavy lifting. To let your users get dazzled with your website’s layout try using below-mentioned web design trends as these will remain prominent throughout the year.

1. Responsive Front-end Frameworks

responsive design

Front-end frameworks like Bootstrap make it easy to include this particular element. Being responsive opens up the doors for featuring your websites over smartphones also. It thus provides an extended opportunity to get more and more visitors and add on to the entire conversion. As responsiveness makes your website adaptable for a host of devices also, it is always an investment to consider the designing. After including the design, never forget to test the same on responsive design testing tool.

 2. Long Scrolling – eCommerce Web Design Trends

Sites having long scrolling are getting popular these days not only as a web design trend but also for mobile devices. It also provides enough space for storytelling and engaging users for long hours over the websites. In addition to this, simple navigation is an additional benefit of using long scrolling. The best part of long infinite scrolling is that it acts as a surprise element for the audiences to add more to their site browsing experience.

3. Use of Hero Images

A striking image is sure to capture the attention of the users and hero images can serve this purpose very well. Featuring an HD image with an attractive call to action is an exceptional idea to increase your conversion. Since images have a greater impact on humans, hero images can be the required ingredient to grab users in the fastest way. Moreover, keep in mind to use compressed images so that they can easily load.

4. The Use of Hamburger

hamburger menu

The debated hamburger menu has now become an essential part of web design trends for exceptionally well-designed websites. The hamburger button helps designers hide a number of elements under a single menu that users would like to explore when they visit the website. This ensures a longer stay of the users over the website, which is definitely going to add more to the current conversion rates. Hence, the use of a hamburger menu can help in achieving the most important requirement of website development much easier.

5. Card-style Interface

There is an ongoing increase in the card design interface. This design interface has now been accepted by apps and websites as well. Cards are just perfect when it comes to putting the information in an organized way for a user-friendly interface. Card-style interfaces have been proved to be engaging for the users. One of the best things about these designs is that they work perfectly well across varied devices.

 6. Background Videos and Animation

Using background images and animation adds engaging dimensions to a web page. Exceptional uses help in enhancing the layout as well as pages’ content. Even a simple animation has the power to add visibility to the website and make users’ experience an outstanding one. One thing that must be kept in the mind is to use the animation in moderate so that users do not get distracted from the same. The key here lies in working on an individual section and create gently moving images. Hence, background videos and animation will make your WP eCommerce web design trends even more better.

 7. Brighter Colors for Perfect Color Scheme

use bright colors

It is always a delighting experience for the visitors to encounter soothing colour combination on websites. Putting a few colours in such a way to add to the entire user experience will provide an additional benefit of the same. Thus, focusing on the perfect colour combination is a consideration to look after by the designers as well as developers only. Soothing colours do play their part in adding conversions to any website.

8. Hover Animation for an awesome rCommerce Web design trends

Hover image is liked by a number of users as it provides them with enough information while the mouse hovers over the element. In case, users are not clear about an element’s function, hovering the cursor over the same will help them get familiarity with the design. Hover images then provide instant feedback for the users’ query by either providing the function or a note about the element. This adds to the entire browsing experience of the users.

9. Big and Bold Typography

use bold typography

Interfaces are getting streamlined paving a perfect way for beautiful typography to evolve gracefully. Big and bold typefaces are currently in trend as they look trendy and have got the potential to attract the clients on the basis of visuals only. Bold typography gives enough room to the users’ eyes and helps developers set a highly readable display. The must-try trick is the combination of the perfect colour scheme with bold and beautiful typography.

10. Rich Animation for eCommerce Web Design Trends

Animations are used in different styles, forms, and practice over the websites depending upon their purpose of use. Animations create a lively browsing experience for the site visitors that further ensures an engaging experience to them. Smother details in the form of animations help in aligning the information in a more intuitive manner. Using animations is thus much more effective than making use of static images. It not only engages the users but also attracts their attention to specific details.

11. Minimalist Design

Minimalist design paves the path for content to be displayed perfectly well over the website. Keeping designing distractions away from the content will ensure a readable experience to the users. The best thing about readers with minimalist design is that it creates an exceptionally well UI of elements, emphasis on content is the next exceptional benefit that users get. Fewer images and designs over any website also ensure that the website will load easily, which again adds to the overall user experience. As we discussed earlier minimalist design gives way to the content it also adds to the progressive content density. An awesome minimalist design will make your WP eCommerce web design trends even more appealling.

12. HD Visuals

HD visuals

The current year can be said the perfect year for high-resolution images, enthralling videos, engaging photography, and rich graphics. HD visuals are again a concern for providing an exceptionally well user experience with a perfect combination of stock and custom photography. The combination of both of these elements will help you come out with a custom image that could be used over the image. More to this, find photographs that match the theme of your website. It will help you to WP eCommerce web design trends.

13. Illustrations and Sketches

Illustrations and sketches bring a fun element to the website design. The design is exceptionally well to be included in any kind of website. Icons and other such user interfaces elements can be designed outstandingly well by including illustrations and sketches as designing elements. The good thing about these designs is that they offer a personal look to the website and engage the users over the websites. These elements thus create an instant connection with the users.

Wrapping Up

In closing, it is worth to mention that always consider the designs that suit the context of the websites. Don’t ever practice something just because it looks great. Additionally, the trends that have been mentioned here are the latest ones that will help in the accomplishment of user-centric web designing trends. While choosing any of these designing elements, one thing that you should keep in the mind is to choose a design that establishes a connection with the presented layout. Try to use more and more engaging elements in order to hold the users for longer. Remember, there are a number of such websites representing the same layout and design and therefore, to lead among the all, you need to show something innovative.

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