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    CxWeb Experts is an award-winning web development Company that offers the best WordPress customization service. Since 2014, they’ve already delivered 7500+ projects and answered 6500+ helpdesk tickets. Moreover, the general features of CxWeb Experts are WordPress theme customization, WordPress theme speed-up, security, managed WordPress hostings and much more.

    The customization customizes your theme the right way with the level of expertise and configures your fonts subject to your theme’s framework and font options settings. It consists of many other exciting and appealing features. How cool it would be to have real WordPress themes and plugins developers to perform your website jobs and tasks.

    CxWeb Experts are the WordPress no 1 WordPress theme delivery & most recommended company on Themeforest Envato Studio. It has 9000+ projects delivered with 3500+ WordPress theme installations, 1200+ testimonials and 28656+ Helped tickets answered. If you are looking for an expert to handle your WordPress jobs – then CxWeb Expert is one of the best options to go with.


    Services: WordPress customization and maintenance services by CxWeb Experts.

    • 100% Customization Service
    • 5-star Support
    • 30 Day Money-Back Guarantee
    • Simple and Affordable Supports
    • Monthly Maintenance
    • Hacker security
    • Uptime report
    • Daily and Weekly backup
    • Theme Customization and Theme Update
    • Custom Changes to include Logo upload

    Prices / Rates: WP customization and maintenance service price by CxWeb Experts

    CxWeb Experts seems very reasonable and affordable for the prices they offer. Their customization price starts at $1995 pro WordPress Theme Support (12 months). For further more details – go here.     

    Time zone: WordPress customization and custom development by CxWeb Experts

    CxWeb Experts is located in the US and the UK – so their time zone is Eastern Day Light(EDT) and GMT+1. For further more details – contact here!

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    Currently, there are no active coupons or offers by CxWeb Experts. Find out more exciting WordPress coupons, deals and offers here!

    Contact CxWeb Experts for any WordPress Customizations and Maintenance Services!

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