#1 Best Plugin to Manage/Design WordPress Blog – WP Blog Manager [Review]

WP Blog Manager - WordPress Plugin Review
If you are thinking to design an outstanding WordPress blog page but have a limited budget to hire a designer, WP Blog Manager WordPress Plugin is all you need.
WP Blog Manager is a premium WordPress plugin that comes with 100+ stunning pre designed templates for your archive and blog detail page. This plugin will fully change the look of your blog page. It is an intuitive plugin, anyone can use it with no coding skill. You can create categories/posts, choose your favorite layout and your blog page is ready to go! You can sort the post from all possible WP queries condition and all possible WordPress taxonomies or categories queries. Besides, you can also showcase the posts based on certain custom fields, it can be single as well as multiple custom fields. Additionally, the filtering post by searched keyword, popular post from view or comments, order by order parameter and on the basis of certain status is also possible.
WP Blog Manager - WordPress Plugin Review
This plugin fully supports various media type. So, no matter which layout’s template you choose, you can add image, video (YouTube, Vimeo, HTML Video), Soundcloud audio and slider media types for each blog post. If you like to display blog post published date, you get 14 different date format – you can select and go with whichever you like.
The plugin has got 7 different layout types to display your blogs in a unique and creative way. However, each layout type has multiple pre designed templates with loads of customization features.
Here is the list the different layout types:
  1. Grid Layout (30 pre-designed templates available)
  2. List Layout (19 pre-designed templates available)
  3. Masonry Layout (7 pre-designed templates available)
  4. Timeline Layout (11 pre-designed templates available)
  5. Magazine Layout (10 pre-designed templates available)
  6. Slider Layout (10 pre-designed templates available)
  7. Carousel Layout (15 pre-designed templates available)
WP Blog Manager is compatible with popular WordPress eCommerce plugins: WooCommerce and Easy Digital Downloads. You can display your products in any of the layout types available. Integrating WP Blog Manager with WooCommerce/Easy Digital Downloads, you can easily manage your eCommerce site with powerful feature and elegant design. Furthermore, the plugin is now compatible with best ever WordPress page builder – Visual Composer and FontAwesome 4 and 5. It has got social share  buttons including vk, Tumblr, WhatsApp and so on to let you reach out to larger audience quickly and easily.
WP Blog Manager - WordPress Plugin Review

Full feature list of WP Blog Manager:

  • Firstly, it has 100 pre designed beautiful templates ready to use.
  • Lots of configuration option to filter post from all possible wp queries condition.
  • Show post from all possible taxonomies or categories queries of wp.
  • Similarly, it shows posts associated with a certain custom fields which can be either single or multiple custom fields.
  • Posts are shown based on a search keyword.
  • Show popular post from view or comments.
  • Sort retrieved posts from order and order by parameters.
  • Show posts associated with certain status.
  • Likewise, it provides various media type support. Implement Image,Video(Youtube,Vimeo,HTML Video),Soundcloud audio and slider media types on any layout’s templates for each blog post.
  • 7 different layout types to show the blogs in different styles.
  • 30 pre designed beautiful,responsive grid templates ready to use. Full controls of columns in desktop,mobile or tablet.
  • 19 pre designed list templates. Manage right or left image position.
  • Seven pre designed ready to use Masonry template.
  • Eight pre designed Horizontal Timeline templates
  • Three vertical pre designed Timeline templates.
  • 10 pre designed Magazine template.Slider configuration on the sidebar images.Full control on number of vertical slides,control,auto and speed.
  • 15 pre designed carousel template. Full control on number of slides to show, the transition speed, pager,autoplay,controls and many other settings.
  • 10 pre designed slider template. Full control on transition speed, pager, autoplay,controls and many other settings.
  • Moreovere, it has 5 stunning image filters templates to introduce your blog posts in a unique way.
  • Also, order your blog’s posts with easy pagination options.Standard,load more and infinite scroll pagination.5 each templates for standard and load more pagination.
  • 16 available loader images to show load more and infinite scroll pagination.
  • Feature to preview in backend – test with ease before going live.
  • Enable or disable the share link of post in different social media.
  • Similarly, Enable/Disable the meta data of posts i.e categories,tags,author, comment count and date.
  • In fact, it has 14 different date format to choose from.
  • Show the post detail page from post link or custom link.
  • Show full length or excerpt length of post content.
  • Automatically generated shortcode which can be added to any post,page or templates.
  • Laslty, it supports various mobile devices so it will be no issue to view in any desktop and mobile devices

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WP Blog Manager – Users Review

This plugin has got wonderful reviews and 5 stars ratings. So far, most of the users are satisfied with the plugin.

WP Blog Manager - Users Review

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WP Blog Manager – Pricing

The original cost of the plugin is $19.

However, in this global pandemic (COVID-19), to support the small business they are offering 25% discount. Means, you can purchase it now only at $14.

Also, its free version is also available at WordPress repository.
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 Support By WP Blog Manager

The plugin comes with extensive detailed documentation and video tutorials. Besides, they provide quick and reliable support via online chat, support forum and email.

In a nutshell, WP Blog Manager offers lots of powerful features and customization options which is all enough to create a stunning blog page.
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