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WordPress VS Blogger. Which is the best blogging platform?

WordPress VS Blogger

Blogging is a great way to share your ideas, information and communicate with the world. Blogging can be done for various purposes whether it is to express your passion or is to communicate on the personal level or to promote your business. Purpose to blog and way to blog matters at the same time choosing the right blogging platform is crucial.

When it comes to a blogging platform, mostly WordPress and Blogger a.k.a BlogSpot gets more highlights. Both the platforms are being used by millions of people around the globe, where the newbie still have confusion which is the best blogging platform and why?

Well, they both have the own specialty for no doubt. So, in this article, I have featured the two most popular blogging platforms and reviewed their features.


WordPress - Best Blogging Platform

Looking back, WordPress was merely a blogging platform when it was first released in 2003. Being the most flexible and user-friendly interface, it took no time to be the king of CMS (Content Management System) world. Moreover, it is still the best blogging framework available to start a personal or professional blog.

Let’s check out the reasons why WordPress is the best blogging platform:

Easy to Use

WordPress is the perfect start for beginners and non-tech savvy. It is all famous for its simplicity and flexibility. It is a well-managed platform with the user-friendly interface. This beginner friendly platform is available in two forms: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Simply, WordPress.com is a fully hosted version while WordPress.org is a self-hosted version, means for this, you need to have your own hosting and other setups. Getting your blog started with WordPress.com might be the simplest and inexpensive options, but more designing options and feature enhancement comes with WordPress.org. So if you are a professional/business blogger its better to go with WordPress.org and for persona/travel bloggers or those who want to share their stories/ideas, WordPress.com is perfect.

In detail about WordPress.com VS WordPress.org.

Elegance and Responsive

WordPress exceeds leaps and bounds in terms of elegance and. The themes, settings, customization options and the static front page at WordPress are brilliant to look at. Also, it adapts well to any devices available. So you have full


WordPress also has an additional feature called “Reader”. This feature allows readers to read about other bloggers and topics after you follow them. The fun part? WordPress even suggests you a few topics you could read on. You can also share the blogs you have read on any social media platform.

Looking out to read about a particular blogger that you could not find via Google? No problem, WordPress offers a “search” option with which you can search and find any blogger/blog post you want.


This might be a boon for all professionals and businesses. WordPress allows its users to build up a section for “Testimonials” where the satisfaction and words of praises of your happy customers/ readers/ clients can be displayed. This is an amazing way to build a brand and establish trust among you wanna-be customers

Themes and Plugins

Each theme of WordPress has been ideally designed to meet its targeted customer’s requirements. If you are a hotel owner who wants to increase business through online marketing, they have a theme that seems tailor made for you. If you are a student who just wants to write journals, don’t worry, they have something for you too. The level of customization and variety in WordPress themes are pretty impressive. Each theme is different than the other, but all themes stand together when it comes to the level elegance they have in them.

WordPress plugins are like appliances for your web house. Means, WordPress comprises thousands of plugins that add functionality to your website. If you want any feature in your website and your theme doesn’t provide that, simply install and activate the plugin for that particular feature. WP has a library of varieties of plugins for all kinds of purposes.

SEO Friendly

SEO is the key when it comes to blogs. And WordPress is the most SEO Friendly blogging platforms compared to any others. WordPress itself is well optimized for the best SEO performance, however, there are many free and premium WordPress SEO plugins available that can be used to boost your search visibility.

Start creating a blogging site with WordPress 


Blogger Best Blogging Platform

Blogger, yet another easy-to-use blogging platform launched in 1999 and later owned by Google in 2003. It is the most popular blogging platform with ease of setup, simple design and layout and no custom coding. Since Blogger was not for professional or business blogs, it has limited functionalities. But its features and functionalities are more than enough for personal blogs, travel blogs, story telling.

Let’s have a look at its major features:

Easy to use

For those nontechnical geeks who have no idea of coding, Blogger is the ultimate solution. It comes with visual rich and user-friendly admin interface. Anybody can easily figure out where to click, what its every element meant for and how to configure it if needed.

Besides this, Blogger has a built-in Advanced Editor that lets you customize your website design in a few easy steps. It comprises various background images, unlimited color options, Google fonts, flexible layout builder, drag and drop widgets and much more.

Simple and Responsive Design

Blogger comes with a simple, clean and responsive layout. Mobile device user is rapidly increasing s mobile responsiveness is must to have feature for future CMS and Blogger had that since very long. You can use your website from any mobile device available from anywhere.

SEO Friendly

Of course, Blogger is an SEO friendly blogging platform. Since it is one of the products of Google itself, it is SEO optimized.  Besides, Google+ a very well known social network is deeply integrated into Blogger. We can also see a Google+ tab on the admin panel. This feature lets you easily share your blog posts in G+ and increase your social reach.


Creating a stunning blogging site is just a few minutes work with Blogger. The best thing is Blogger comes with Google hosting and no doubt Google hosting is the best and fastest web server. Therefore, with Blogger you will get the fastest loading speed and fast is always pleasing to visitors.

Secure and Stable

Have you ever heard google having any security issues? Mostly, we won’t. Google is the most secure web server and so is the Blogger. Your details, information or anything else in  Blogger is fully safe. Also, it has a spam filter system that protects your website from spam and harmful content.  Blogger provides the most stable service, downtime is the common problem with other website but not with Blogger.

Earn Money

Blogger is integrated with Adsense and Google Affiliate Network. So, you can easily start earning from it. There are many other ways to earn using Blogger and of course the main is great content.

Completely Free

Everything is Free with Blogger. Yes, everything. Templates, widgets, domains, web servers. It is the best choice to get started, build up ideas, earn and so on with zero cost. So enjoy!

24/7 Support

There are many tutorials, documentation, and tips about Blogger easily available on the web. In case your problems are more advanced, Google also has created many support websites for Blogger users, just search and go with it.

Start creating a blogging site with Blogger

Best Blogging Platform Comparison – WordPress VS Blogger

(Premium Option Available)
Custom Domain CapabilityYesYes
Ease of Use8/108.5/10
Hosting IncludedYes
(only with WordPress.com)
Customizable Widgets Yes Yes
Themes/Designs5000+ Themes500+ Themes
Plugins/Add-ons5000+ with WordPress.com
47000+ with WordPress.org
SEO PluginsYesNo
Good for NewbieYesYes
Good for Business/ExpertsYesNo
Good for Personal PurposeYesYes

Wrapping Up

Both of these popular blogging platforms have pros and cons. So, the best way to find the right blogging platform is to consider your own skill level and the purpose of blogging. The next important thing is to find a platform that meets your requirements at the time and find whether the platform gives you the ability to change or exceed if needed.

As said before, both the platforms are best on their own. Analyze your level, your requirements, check the compatibility of your requirement with the features provided and then choose.

If you have any queries or suggestion related to post, please feel free to share.

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