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WordPress Tips, Tricks, Hacks and more!

In this category, we share simple yet actionable WordPress tips and tricks. You can learn how to work wisely with the WordPress platform and make the best out of the WordPress blog/ business.  Major WordPress hacks we cover in WPAll are technical tips, website performance tips, design tricks, security tips, UX/ UI basics and ideas, SEO and CRO tips etc.

Best Business Models and Add-ons to Scale Your LearnDash LMS

Best Business Models and Add-ons to Scale Your LearnDash LMS

Once you’ve planned to start an e-Learning business based on WordPress and LearnDash, a question that comes to mind is  - what type of business model to choose that suits your business? 
Things to do when WordPress site get Hacked

What to do if your WordPress site has been Hacked?

First things first, no content management system (CMS) is immune to compromise. WordPress, with its unparalleled popularity and a dominant global market share of about 60%, is one of the most targeted platforms across...
Tips for Branding Your WordPress Website

5 Tips for Branding Your WordPress Website

The logo is perhaps the most important element of your brand. A logo serves as a unique identifier of your brand. Because the long can be the first contact your prospective customers may have...
WordPress Security Tips

15 Simple Tricks to Protect Your WordPress Site From Being Hacked

Website security is one of the common concerns all site owners have and surely a crucial thing to care for. You cannot afford to watch over your site being hacked for not taking just...
Things To Do Before Launching a WordPress Site

9 Things To Do Before Launching a WordPress Site 

As open-source software, WordPress is used as a framework for web developing and blogging. It ranks in the first ten most powerful Content Management System (CMS). CMS is software which allows you to make beautiful...
Common Logo Design Mistakes

9 Common Logo Design Mistakes -That You Don’t Want to Make

A logo is worth a thousand words, or so the saying goes. It’s the centerpiece of your brand identity. Needless to say, giving its importance, you need to make sure that you nail the...

Effective Techniques of Using SEO on Instagram for Boosting Social Marketing

Instagram is a phenomenally popular social media platform that has proved to be a great social marketing tool for numerous businesses. This is chiefly a visual-oriented social networking site and numerous brands are flocking...
ONE by TemplateMonster

ONE by TemplateMonster. Enjoy All Benefits for Flawless Website Construction

Using the One by TemplateMonster, everyone who creates websites can benefit from using multiple high-quality web design assets suited for all types of projects and purposes. Every web designer, web developer, and online marketing...
How to Reduce HTTP Request for WordPress

How to Reduce HTTP Request for WordPress in 7 Simple Ways

For any WordPress website or a blog, one of the key performances that you need to be aware of the speed in which your page loads. In today’s digital age, all website visitors just...
Improve Website's UX

How to Improve Your Website’s UX in 2021 – Effective Tips

Do you want to improve your WordPress Website's UX? If yes, then this article might be of great use for you. One of the major factors that drive engagement on your website is none other...
How To Choose Typography For Your WordPress Website

How to Choose Typography for your WordPress Website

Typography is mostly overlooked by most web designers. This can really cost your website in both aspects of usability and design. Just like a poor web design, typography can really give you a hard...

How to improve your WordPress blog’s design? Why visuals really matter for site traffic?

Design… Design is something everyone has heard about, but not many know exactly what it means. Everything in this world has a design. A mug, a shirt, a room, a site etc. Without a good...

13 Best WP eCommerce Web Design Trends to watch out in 2021

Advent of e-commerce websites has given a whole new arena for the new age shoppers to get their shopping accomplished easily through e-commerce websites. A lot of efforts are put while designing and developing...
Coupon Website

How to Build a Coupon Website in WordPress – Easy Tips

No wonder why RetaiMeNot is so popular among all the shoppers. It’s very simple as everyone loves saving money. What can be more interesting than doing your own business by helping others to save...
Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

How to sell WordPress Themes and Plugins: 12 Actionable Tips

Creation of anything new always requires a lot of effort. I am sure that your team of developers and designers has spent hours to develop a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin. It might...