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Why use infinite scrolling web design? – Pros Discussed

Infinite Scrolling - Marketplaces for Premium WordPress themes and Plugins
Infinite Scrolling - Marketplaces for Premium WordPress themes and Plugins

‘Infinite’ means ‘limitless or ‘endless’. Infinite scrolling web design refers to a website page that loads infinite number of contents in a page automatically when a user scrolls down the page. Social media websites have mainly brought into the use of it for arranging and adjusting a mass content that website users publish from the frontend. The websites with infinite scrolling often don’t have the footer part as you can never finish watching the total content on the website.

Infinite scrolling assures a better experience to the users as they can see all the website content simply by scrolling mouse instead of clicking the pages. It is a user-friendly interface and gaining more popularity because a number of mobile, smartphone users is growing whereas the number of the laptop or desktop users is decreasing. It is ideal for small screen device users because all the content is loaded vertically in the same page with the infinite scrolling. The best alternative to the pagination problem which was mainly the headache to mobile phone users.


Infinite scrolling has become a trending technique today. The most popular social media like Facebook, Pinterest are the greatest and simplest examples of infinite scrolling. Hundreds of contents are uploaded in Facebook in every single second from all over the world. Only the virtue of infinite scrolling has made it possible to arrange all the users’ contents in the website. Similarly, Pinterest also has thousands of memorable photos/images shared within minutes.

The traditional concept of pagination has been challenged by infinite scrolling as it’s more popular and user-friendly. Here are the major points how infinite scrolling is more popular and user-friendly:

1. Infinite scrolling is ideal for image-heavy websites:


Pinterest is probably the best image heavy website allowing you to share and pin a number of photographs. There are a lot us who love to eye into the beautiful pictures, connect our joys with the photographs and share ours. Pinterest is a perfect space for such people. It is faster and to browse through a load of images in Pinterest and as well as on Google image.

2. Exposes larger volume of content:

Infinite scrolling allows to expose a larger volume of content which is quite impossible on paginated websites. The user psychology also plays a vital role in it. The best example can be our google search trend which we often check the result on 1st and 2nd page only. Rather than clicking on the next pages, users opt for scrolling.

3. Browse even faster with infinite scrolling:

When users find “Next page”, “Click here” etc., not all of them click because they know it’s going to consume more time while loading. To find any web content, paginated websites take more time than the infinite scrolling websites. Infinite scrolling makes browsing faster by adding more contents in the page as the users reach the bottom of the page.

4. Infinite scrolling Makes touch experience better than ever:

The trend of tiny touchscreen devices is extensive these days and users find browsing through such devices a hurdle. Clicking a tiny link in a tiny screen is really a headache which troubles users in the paginated websites. If it was a website with infinite scrolling, the touch screen browsing experience becomes a comfort.

5. Browse easier on Mobiles and tablets:

More advanced the technology is, smaller devices are used. Nobody has an interest of carrying their laptops for some sort of information or minor tasks because of the usability of mobiles and tablets for such purposes. Browsing on paginated websites through mobiles and tablets is not interesting at all but tiresome. With infinite scrolling, it is not an issue anymore.

6. More engaging content:


The website content loads automatically and users can see more content faster and easier just by scrolling the mouse. The home page of Facebook is the cool example of such engaging site. If you are browsing the paginated website, you need to wait a while until the new page loads and your engagement to the site is disturbed. There is no chance for such disruption and you will be more engaged to the content.

Wrapping Up

As nothing comes the cent percent right, there are pros and cons of infinite scrolling design too. It is the nature of your website or type of content you want to disseminate that determines the suitable design for your site.

The article is mainly focused on why the infinite scrolling web design is popular and trending today. If you are one of the Pinterest lovers like me, you probably liked the points. However, it’s not necessary that everyone does.

I would love reading your points in favor of it or not.

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