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Why Content Marketing rules today?

Why Content Marketing Rules Today

Everyone 1 out of 2 people surfs the Internet today, and half of the world uses the smartphone, says a Global Digital Report. That and over a billion websites on the web can make us imagine how widely and intensely is the internet getting exploited.  So today, whether you are a start-up or a multi-million dollar company, content marketing is the most influential way to market yourself. Content Marketing not only helps to market your product/service online but is the digital representation of your company. This is one cheap way to directly connect with your target audience and have your information on their web 24-7-365. There are immense reasons why content marketing should be the core of your marketing campaign. Some of these reasons are listed here.

Builds Brand Image

All companies at some point of time struggle to establish their brand in the market. It takes a great deal of effort and commitment building your company’s image in the eyes of your audience. But hey, with content marketing this definitely becomes easier. Everything you add up to your online content also adds up to building your brand image. Every blog you post, every video you create and each of your social media share shapes up to who you are as a brand.

Adding on to that, these days your customers are not going to visit you personally and check on what you have to offer. The first stop for every customer is a business’s online platform. So your customers, before they know you and meet your representatives personally, are going to visit your contents online – blogs, vlogs, Facebook Page, anything. Your customers perceive you on the basis of online presence. Felt the gush of the importance of content marketing yet?

Continual Marketing Efforts Optimization

When you opt for content marketing, content management sites like WordPress can give you an immense competitive edge. WordPress, for example, provides you multiple plugins that boost your online presence and make it easy for you to keep appealing your audience. Plug-ins like Scribe allow you to conduct in-depth researches on content marketing opportunities and keeps you updated on social media leads and traffic. There is also a plugin called Listly that encourages your audience to engage and actively participate in your list posts.

Content Management Sites like WordPress even offer you free themes that seem to be tailor-made for businesses that function online. A theme called Shopkeeper provides dozens of layouts for shop pages, product demos and other that help you create the look you want for your site.

So you see, you get all these that could never have reached to you, had you been operating in the traditional marketing style. Content Marketing, due to its phenomenally increasing application and scope has brought about Content Management Sites like WordPress in operation. Well, the bottom line is, when you use Content Marketing, you can have your online presence optimized and improved every day, at your ease. Courtesy of Content Marketing Sites like WordPress.

Powerful Internet

The convenience and far reach of the internet is unquestionably intense. Internet has the power to reach billions of people every day. So with the internet, you have the global network of customers in your palms. Depending on how you choose to connect with your niche market and target audience, content marketing can give you a global edge. Contrary to this is traditional marketing that has the limited area of access and reaches.

To add on, consumers all over the world prefer touring through all the choices they have on products/services online rather than physically. It is the substantial online content created by organizations on the products they sell and services they offer that makes it easier for them to reach their consumers. In this regard, content marketing eases the job of marketers.

Stay connected to your customers

Content Marketing is the easiest way to stay in touch with your customers. In this world of global brands and inter-continental multinationals, organizations have to be there for their customers 24-7-365. Each customer might be from a different time zone which makes facilitating their queries and inquiries a tough job. In this situation, Content Marketing saves the day because, with it, you can always be there for your customers by putting up all the information they might need about you on the internet. You might not always be available physically, but your content definitely will.  

Improve your SEO

Search Engine Optimization is every company’s major goal at the moment. If people can easily and preferably find you online, chances are your sales will grow and your market will definitely expand (sometimes even beyond your expectations). It’s an online world, after all, we can’t deny we all are intrigued by the prospect of finding ourselves on the top of every search engine’s list.

Content Marketing Sites can help a great deal in this regard. Plug-ins such as Yoast WordPress SEO guide even SEO rookies through the basics of making each Web page and blog post Google-friendly. It helps you create more relevant and valuable content for your readers.

Here are a few companies that prove you can make it big via content marketing:

Cisco, a couple of years back launched a router on the basis of online content marketing alone. Not only was this a profitable step, but it has been recorded as one of the top five launches in the company history.

DemandBase, a marketing technology provider that specializes in serving B2B brands has earned a revenue of over $1 million through content marketing efforts.

Wrapping Up

While you are marketing your content the easiest and the most valuable thing you could do is be focused and clear on how you want to add value to your audience. Make sure you know what you want your audience to take from your content.

Also, your content marketing is like your new born baby – delicate, vulnerable and close to your heart. Shaping your content, like raising your new born can be critical. Many people also claim content marketing to be the necessary evil, indispensable but dangerous.

So, every organization should know that while content marketing has many benefits on its own, you ought to handle it with extreme care. Your content can be your friend or your foe, depending on how you shape it. But don’t forget, at the end of the day, content marketing rules!

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