How to Verify WordPress Site on Pinterest?

How to Verify WordPress Site on Pinterest

Social Media are getting wider connections day by day. In this case, if a site has access to a personal site then it would be easier to connect more people. So, many users don’t have an idea about ‘What is Pinterest?’ Pinterest is a free website that uses the registration for Users to use. These site associates with projects, goods, and services.

Having wide options, the users don’t verify the WordPress Site on Pinterest. It’s because they think it’s a difficult thing to do. But, this is a task of a couple of steps and can be performed with ease. While verifying WordPress Site as mentioned in this tutorial the user doesn’t need to have any kind of coding knowledge.

Way to Verify WordPress Site on Pinterest

Before beginning the Process. User needs to confirm the Pinterest page as a business account. After doing this the Pinterest features such as add programs, analytics and much more can be used to enrich sites.

Step I

  • First of all, the user needs to Login to the Pinterest page. Then Click on the button Upgrade to a business account which you will get by Clicking on the three dots at the right top of the page.
Verify WordPress site on Pinterest
Verify the WordPress site on Pinterest.
  • After this User can Get a free business Account. To continue the site as business account Click on the button Continue.


Step II

This step requires simple five steps to verify WordPress Site on Pinterest

  • Give your Business Profile a name and also choose a business type. Now Click on the button Next.


  • Now the User can Link the website by inserting the link in the Website Link Options. Again Click on the Next button to Continue the process.


  • Within a website, Users will have the option to connect the Pinterest account with other Instagram, Etsy and YouTube Profile. If you want to do so then Click on the button Claim or just Click on button Next to continue.


  • Pinterest offers the users with an option to Advertise blogs, posts, videos, tutorial, and an article. Choose on any option as per the choice. To do it Tick on the button next to the choice option as shown in the screenshot below.


  • Like this, within few steps, the WordPress Site will be recognized.

Wrapping Up

Like this, the users can verify the WordPress Site on Pinterest without any kind of coding knowledge and use of a plugin. This helps to somehow connect two sites and increase the customers and traffic of the site. Doing it isn’t so hard as it doesn’t require any kind of coding knowledge and use of any plugins.

Hope the information was useful to you. Please leave the recommendations below. Feel free to share.

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