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How to use Automatic Machine Translation with WPML

How to use Automatic Machine Translation with WPML?
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WPML is regarded as the best translation plugin found in WordPress. It makes WordPress run with multiple language options. Being versatile, WPML doesn’t have the feature to use machine translation in order to translate contents automatically. So, it’s really important to use Automatic Machine Translation with WPML to have machine translation functionality within your WordPress site. Now, let’s have a detailed step by step guide to get the job done. 

Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML 

Multilingual CMS Package is the most needed option. In fact, make sure to have it on your site. If you don’t have a Multilingual CMS Package, then get it here. If in case your site is too big, you have to make an additional payment. Let’s use the Machine Translation with WPML. 

Step I: Choose People to translate your Site 

  • Install and Activate WPML Plugin to your site. Now, open the Translation Management interface. Then, set up all the wizards in a complete way. 
  • Select the option who will be able to translate the site. There are four different options: Only myself, Users of this site, A Translation Service. Finally, the last option I want to set a “Translation Manager” who will choose the translators of the site.
  •  It’s much more secure and useful to choose the option Only myself. Finally, Click on the button Continue after making the desired change. 
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.

Step II: Select the Editor

  • Now, make a choice from the option of the Advanced Translation Editor
  • Let’s learn to enable it. Click on the button WPML >> Settings. Use it under any of your post or page sections. 
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.
  • Make the Translators access to Advanced Translation Editor in a perfect way.  Click on the button WPML. Then Choose the option Translation Management >> Translation Roles

Step III: Create a Translation

  • After Enabling the Editor, the site’s content will be translated automatically as per the need. Click on the ‘+’ icon of every post and page that you want to translate. 
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.

Step IV: Using the Button (Translate Automatically)

  • You can easily see the Translate Automatically button at the top of the page. Select the word count per the page to know the words being counted against the quota. 
  • As I choose Italian, you can choose any language option. Then, the translation will appear on the page. 
  • You can view translation manually. Make corrections and edit it again as per your need. 
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.
  • Then, you also have an option to Preview it. After doing all the necessary things, Click on the button Finish. 
  • After using 2,000 free words, you will have to buy more words. For that, Click on the button Buy Words. Choose the number of words to be bought. 
  • The words purchased won’t expire basically. You can easily make the payments through your credit card. 
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.
Use Automatic Machine Translation With WPML.

Wrapping Up:

Using Automatic Machine Translation With WPML will enable your site to grow in a rapid way. This translation power featured by Microsoft Azure’s Translation engine can work as a great tool for every WordPress Beginners and Users. Hope the information was useful. Please leave your suggestion, recommendations and questions in the comment section below. 

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