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Top WordPress Trends for the year 2022

Top WordPress Trends 2018
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As you know that WordPress is an open-source content management system that is based on PHP. It is used by Website developers and designers for making the website function in a better way. The internet keeps changing every day and that’s why you don’t need to get surprised when you will see many new WordPress trends in the year 2022. Here are some of the newest trends in the WordPress field on the internet.

Increasing Number of Chatbots

The number of Chatbots is increasing day by day on the online platform. There is nothing like designing the bots but the integration of them to the website is an important task. The WordPress designers have the knowledge of how to make the Chatbots more appealing to the users. Providing the access to the Chatbots is the first task. The Chatbots are helpful in providing the customer care support anonymously. They can answer the questions which are asked by the users on your website.

WordPress Trends - Increase in Chatbots

Large and Bold Fonts

These days, you must have seen bold and large words on different websites on the internet. There are a  number of fonts available for free and that’s why it is easy to improve the capability of the device by making websites content with large letters. The large letters are easy to read from a distance and that’s why these are in the trends of 2022. It is an advantage for web designers because they won’t have to get the best images for the websites because large fonts would be there to replace the images.

Vibrant Colors and Schemes

Now, one can use different types of colours on the websites. In older times, the designers had to use the only fixed type of safe colours. You will get to see a lot of saturated themes and colourful hues on the website in the year 2022. Different colours and themes would be used to make the websites attractive.

Top WordPress Trends - Vibrant Colors and Schemes


These days, you will be able to see more speaking animations in the background of the websites. These speaking animations are made with Javascript and that’s why there are of lighter weight. These animations can grab the attention of the user by doing movements in the background of the website. This can enhance the interaction with the users.

WordPress developers are using the logos of animations to make the logs memorable. The user who would visit the website won’t be able to remember the logo until it is attractive. The logo is something that can tell a story without words. These days, it doesn’t take time to load animations.

Increase in the Push-notifications

The push-notifications are trending the most these days. Most of the websites will be offering notifications from time to time while you will visit the website. The push-notifications are accepted by mobile devices of almost all types and they have got click rates more than e-mails. The increase in push notifications would help the website owners to attract more users. The users would know the latest updates and services of a particular website which can increase the profit of the website owners.

The Drag and Drop Function

This function can be used to drag the files and drop them in the background panel. For WordPress developers, this function can be much easier to use. This function will help in using the media images and files in a better and easier way. This function doesn’t interfere with the internal structure of the website and that’s why it can be used to edit the website content more easily. This function would help the designers to deliver awesome layouts easily. There are a lot of plugins that can provide this function to anyone.

Virtual Reality Plugins

With the advancement of technology, virtual reality is taking space in the web designing of websites. WordPress is offering full support to the new virtual reality videos. There is a number of plugins that can be used to make the user to the audio and virtual reality in the designing of the website. People have started preferring to watch 3D movies and that’s why the websites are offering people virtual reality options so that they can get a better experience.


In this year, the websites would be full of videos and images. More WordPress developers would be going to use the videos on their websites. It enhances the customers’ experience. It is easy for the customers to remember the thing which they are seeing and listening to both at the same time. The customers can remember the video information for a longer time instead of the image information. This can be the most popular trend in the year 2018.

Ecommerce Themes

By using the best of e-commerce themes, one can develop the website without taking the help of any e-commerce specialist. By using the various plugins, one can turn a simple website into a complete business website. The features such as business transactions would be added so that people can enjoy the useful features of the e-commerce websites.

The awesome payment gateways solutions will be provided by the companies with the assistance of WordPress designers. You will be able to see the productive pages with fantastic filters.

Top WordPress Trends - eCommerce Themes

Less cluttering

In older days, more content was used by the websites to attract users, but these days, people don’t have much time and they have started preferring websites that offer less clutter. The website developers would start offering the content on the website with less quantity and high quality. It is definitely true that quality matters instead of quantity and that’s why it is better to use the website with less content and high-quality graphics and videos.


These were the top trends of 2022 which are WordPress developers are going to follow to make the websites much attractive and user-friendly. These trends are new and easy methods to make the website better than before.

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Maggie Sawyer is a professional web developer, a blogger by hobby and expertise in providing the best psd to wordpress theme conversion services at very affordable range. Presently she works for MarkupHQ Ltd., a web development service provider company with a global reach. She passionate about sharing ideas and thoughts related to wordpress customization. Connect with her on Google+ and Twitter.

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