Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

Top WordPress Themes for Ultimate Site Speed

Do you want to get one of the best WordPress Themes for ultimate site speed?

The speed of the website matters! It influences how long the visitor stays on the website, as well as the bounce rate. According to a report by, there are approximately 175 websites going live every minute, which means nearly 252,000 a day and approximately 1.18 billion websites are available at that movement. 17% of those websites are active and 83% are inactive due to different reasons. So, if you want to be in this race, you have to move fast. 

Having an online website in this era is not sufficient. Your website also has to be optimized well and stand out at the same time. SEO optimization is the best way to amp up your website and make an impression in this digital world. There are many factors that will help your business grow higher and faster with properly optimized SEO and the website loading speed is one of those factors.

Effect Of Speed On SEO

A key point for SEO optimization is the website loading speed. If your website loads fast your conversion rate will increase. Your website’s speed is directly connected with the website’s user experience. If your website is highly rich in UI or you use fancy animation for your users but it takes time to load the content, you will lose potential website visitors as the visitors wait only three to four seconds. 

If a visitor switches to another website from yours or goes back to the search result page, it will increase your website’s bounce rate, directly affecting your SEO and your website’s position on the search engine ranking page (SERPs). The ideal time to load the complete content of any webpage is 2-3 seconds. 

If your website takes more than 3 seconds there is a nearly 40% chance that your visitor will turn back. Your website speed will also impact different marketing strategies like 

  • Paid Search
  • User experience 
  • Social media marketing

So while working on SEO optimization for your website or planning to build a new website, make sure you code some really fast-loading websites. For this purpose, use a comprehensive site audit tool that detects all technical problems including website performance, loading speed, Core Web Vitals, and usability metrics. 

Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

If you are using WordPress for your website development, then the following list will help you as they are trusted by many business website owners like one of the leading companies.

What Is GDPR, And How Does It Affect SEO?

GDPR went into effect in all EU member countries on May 25, 2018. Although prior guidelines were limiting the use of personal data, was not pleased with how these directives merely enforced minimal requirements. GDPR for e-commerce sites can obtain permission to access user information, limiting their use to avoid data breaches and thereby offering improved citizen rights.

Following the implementation of GDPR in 2018, compliance with regulatory rules has become a legal necessity. Online enterprises in the EU have grown well-versed in the rules and have adapted their websites accordingly.

For starters, you will be better off using a specialized SEO agency for website audits and assisting you in finding your footing. GDPR influences the SEO of the website in many ways. Here are a few factors:

  1. Analytics

Your analytical tools will most likely change as well. If you employ a technology that de-identifies user data, you may be violating GDPR. Other frequent processes, such as distributing user data to your workers in the form of reports over many channels, may violate the guidelines.

  1. Ranking Factors

Although there is currently no strong correlation between GDPR compliance and ranking variables, it does not rule out the possibility of one in the future. Time and again, factors initially offered as optional turned out to be critical in ranking websites on the SERPs.

  1. Website Goals

You will be able to see the impact of GDPR, beginning with how it affects your overall website goals. This is especially visible in tracked goals related to sign-up forms and other lead generation strategies. Because GDPR will require you to adjust your phrasing and produce more sophisticated consent requests, your sign-up rates will suffer. You will not be able to utilize user information as freely as you used to, such as sending users additional marketing materials unless you have their express permission.

  1. User Experience

You may expect a major shift in the user experience due to becoming GDPR compliant, which is already taking place with consent notifications. As new requirements are incorporated into GDPR, it is not surprising to see more elements influencing the user experience, hence the website’s ranking.

  1. Managing Consent

You will need to adapt the language you use when requesting approval. Instead of the standard Cookie Policy sentence, you will need to construct popups that ask for authorization in a more detailed manner. This can lead to page speed issues, which directly impact the website’s SEO ranking.

GDPR’s goal is to preserve users’ right to data privacy. Citizens in EU countries now have the right to consent to the use of their data, and any breach or violation of their data privacy will directly fall in accordance with GDPR. This regulation has consequences for SEO in various ways, ranging from overall website performance to different ranking variables on the SERPs.

What Are The Key Attributes Of A Fast WordPress Theme?

There are ample WordPress themes proclaiming to be ultra-fast and responsive. But you have to be cautious while choosing a theme for your website, as you may fall for something flashy and be stuck with the wrong choice.

It is best to do thorough research on the website themes that can enhance the look and feel of your website. There are a few attributes through which you can follow to match the updated standards and the latest coding techniques.

Here are the key attributes to look for while selecting a WordPress theme:

  1. Mobile-friendly: Since users find it convenient to have everything on their smartphones, the theme should be perfectly mobile-optimized to look good on any device. For search engines to rank a website higher, it must be responsive.
  1. Drag and drop builder support: Most business owners do not have a background in coding, making it a little hard for them to make slight changes to their website. Here the drag and drop feature plays a vital role as all you have to do is select and drag the element you want on your website and drop it to its desired position.
  1. SEO-friendly: Make sure the theme you choose includes built-in SEO tools so that you can rank your website with little work.
  1. Lightweight design: When we are concerned about the website’s speed, it is always wise to go with a lightweight theme since it works relatively faster. 
  1. Flexibility: The theme you choose should be extremely adaptable to combine with cache plugins such as W3 Total Cache. It should also work with other popular plugins like OptinMonster, Sucuri, etc.
  1. Responsive design: A responsive design dynamically loads your website dependent on the visitor’s screen size so that you do not require a separate mobile site. That means Google’s crawler only needs to visit your site once.

The only themes that will be lighter in weight are the simple ones, as they handle the loading time of your website. Once you select the theme, you can add more design effects and elements anytime using custom CSS or plugins.

What Are The Most Trusted WordPress Themes?

The following are some top-listed WordPress themes that will help you build a speedy landing website.

Theme NameActive installation Speed
Hello Elementor1+ million0.25 Seconds
Neve300K+0.6 Seconds
GeneratePress400K+Less than 1 Second
Zakra60K+Less than 1 Second
Customify50K+1.5 Second

Hello Elementor

Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

It is one of the fastest, lightweights, and updated themes available at WordPress with a 4.5-star rating and 5.6 or higher PHP version supported, and 4.7 or higher WordPress version supported.

German IT outsourcing provider K&C’s site is built on the Elementor theme and achieves Google Pagespeed Insights scores of 96 on mobile and 100 on desktop.

Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed
Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed


Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

It is one of the fastest, lightweight, easy to customize, and multipurpose themes available on WordPress and listed after Hello Elementor with having 5-star rating and 7.0 or higher PHP version supported, and 5.4 or higher WordPress version support.


Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

It is mainly designed to focus on speed and usability, easy to customize, and a responsive theme available at WordPress and listed after Neve theme with a 5-star rating and 5.6 or higher PHP version support, and 5.2 or higher WordPress version support.


Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

Zakra is SEO-friendly and designed with a professional user experience in mind, speed, flexibility, and a responsive theme that can be used for niche-based businesses and is available at WordPress and listed after Neve theme with a 4.5-star rating and 5.6 or higher PHP version support.


Top WordPress Themes For Ultimate Site Speed

It is mainly designed with flexible and responsive features in mind, easy to install, WYS/WYG Header and Footer builder support, SEO Friendly, and can be used for niche-based businesses. It is compatible with all user trusted plugins, including WooCommerce, OrbitFox, Yoast, BuddyPress, and many more, and available at WordPress with a 4.5-star rating and 5.6 or higher PHP version support.


All the above-listed themes are famous, highly downloaded, trusted by business owners, and regularly updated by the theme designer company. Although their suggested speed of loading a website is in seconds, the loading speed on your website depends on how heavy the content is you want to load. This content includes high-resolution images, videos, and heavy animation.

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