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5+ Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Top Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Testimonials are one of the most essential elements for building trust with potential customers. Before buying a product or a service, most of the people would want to make sure that they are making the right choice or not. A good number of positive testimonials would provide the required push needed to convert a hesitant buyer into loyal customers. Hence, having a testimonials section on a website will help you to increase the conversion rate of the business.

How to make your testimonial works more effectively?

As we have already mentioned before that potential customers want proof of their purchase and testimonials are just the thing needed for such social proof. But there are still a few ways that will make your testimonials even more effective:

Use of details from real peoples: Making fake testimonials may destroy the trust of your potential customers and drive them away. Hence, the testimonials you provide on your website must be from a real name and with real details. This will allow your prospective customers to see the actual people have been using your product or service.

Use of photos or videos if possible: Photo/Video draws more attention than text. Besides that, people will get to identify and understand them with faces. Placing a photo of the person next to their words will make the testimonial more realistic and believable. If possible, you can also include video in the testimonial section to make the review look even more realistic.

Placement of testimonials: Testimonials should be placed in such a way that your prospective customer should be able to see them at the right stage. A homepage section is a good place for displaying testimonials to convince your potential customer to go further. Also, displaying testimonials on the product page would be a good idea as the customer will get related information about particular products.

How can you add a testimonial section on your WordPress sites?

Many of the WordPress themes have included a testimonial section. But these testimonials section comes with limited options. You will get to add the only limited number of testimonials and can be displayed at specific pages only. Thereby, using WordPress testimonial plugins would be a great alternative. It is because the plugin will allow you to add testimonials on different posts/pages of your websites. Also, many of them come with an option to add a testimonial form and allow your visitors to fill them.

Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Here, we collected some of the best free WordPress testimonial plugins that contain all the required features to display the testimonials on your WordPress site. These plugins are well tested and work well on most of the WordPress themes available.

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Let’s talk about them in detail:

AP Custom Testimonial

AP Custom Testimonial - Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

AP Custom Testimonial is a free WordPress testimonial plugin that allows you to create multiple testimonials on your websites. It is easy to use the plugin because you can create, customize and build testimonial easily without any coding knowledge. You are allowed to create unlimited numbers of testimonials and display them anywhere on your websites using shortcodes.

Testimonial Manager - AP Custom Testimonial

The plugin provides you with an option to choose from 5 built-in layouts for displaying testimonials. Besides that, you can add your own custom layout and edit them multiple times using the setting section from the backend. You can customize the various fields of the testimonials such as font size, font colour, image size, background colour, etc.

Premium Version

This plugin also contains the premium version with additional features on CodeCanyon for $18. You can get it from here.

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Easy Testimonials

Easy Testimonials - Free WordPress-testimonial-plugins

Easy Testimonial is easy to use WordPress testimonial plugin packed with lots of features. You can add testimonials to the sidebar, like widgets or embed to any posts/pages using shortcodes. The plugin comes with a responsive design and works well on all types of view devices including mobiles, tablets, etc.

Display Options - Easy Testimonials

The plugin allows you to insert the entire testimonials either on lists, or in random order, or in a slideshow. The testimonials support images that allow you to add a photo or the testimonial author. Moreover, the plugin also uses schema.org compliant JSON-LD markup, so that your testimonials appear correctly in search results.

Premium Version

This plugin also contains the premium version with additional features on its website for $59. You can get it from here.

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Testimonial Rotator

Testimonia Rotator - Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Testimonial Rotator is one of the popular WordPress testimonial plugins comes with multiple options to manage the testimonial section of your site. The plugin allows you to display the testimonials in a form of custom posts types, widgets or rotators. You can also display the testimonials on any posts/pages on the website by using the generated shortcodes.

Rotator Option - Testimonial Rotator

The plugin comes with highly customizable options that allow you to display testimonials on custom templates that you are allowed to create. Besides that, the plugin also supports a star rating. Hence, your customers can rate the product along with its review.

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Testimonials Widgets

Testimonials Widget - Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Testimonials Widgets is a free testimonial plugin for WordPress that lets you slide/list the selected portfolios, quotes, reviews, or text with images and video. The plugin allows you to insert the testimonials contents via shortcodes, theme functions or widgets with category and tag selections. Besides that, the plugin also contains multiple display options such as random ordering or user-defined order.

Customization Options - Testimonials Widget

It is a simply designed plugin that can adapt easily to any types of WordPress themes. The plugin comes with many customization options that allow you to slide the testimonial contents such as texts, images, and video in a responsive way.

Premium Version

This plugin also contains a premium version with additional features on their website for $30. You can get it from here.

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Super Testimonials

5+ Best Free WordPress Testimonial Plugins

Super Testimonials is an easy to use WordPress plugin that allows users to add beautiful testimonials on the sidebar, on widgets or on any page/post of your WordPress website. It is 100% responsive and works well on all types of viewing devices. The plugin is cleanly designed and coded and lets you list out all the testimonial or output a random testimonial page for your website.

Add Testimonials

The plugin comes with 4 different testimonial themes for adding the most beautiful testimonials for your WordPress website. Besides, the plugin supports images and star reviews to make your testimonials look more engaging and appealing to your visitors.

Premium Version

This plugin also contains a premium version with additional features on its website for $14. You can get it from here.

View Details Download Now

Wrapping Up

So, we tried to write up about how much essential testimonials section can be on the websites. Then, we explained about how you can make the testimonials effective. After that, we represented you the list of best free WordPress testimonial plugins.

Yes, testimonials are very important elements for the success of your business products or services. They will provide a big boost to many businesses in the world where word of mouth acts as the decision maker.

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