Top 10 Best Free Popup WordPress Plugins

Free Popup WordPress Plugins

Let’s talk about some great free popup WordPress plugins and how can they change your website into a marketing machine if done right.

One of the best ways of making a website successful is by increasing user engagements – letting your visitor perform different actions and on your website. Out of many user engagement and conversion tools, popup banners are one of the most effective ones. Be it any offers, deals or launch of a new product or a regular way of collecting email subscribers – a well-presented popup does it well. However, popups are sometimes very irritating and bad if not used well.

Here are some of the tips on how to use popup in an effective way on your WordPress website:

  • Focus on your offer/content: if your offer/content is irresistible, nothing else can beat. So work on it first.
  • Design: design your popup according to your objective. Use clear CTA and graphics to communicate quickly with few write-up.
  • Delay: don’t display the popup right after the website/web page loads, display it only after some time, so that your website visitor starts looking at the content. Displaying a popup right after the web page loads – is like offering a glass of water right at the door! Relax and take some time.
  • Customize: you can always customize the plugin and its content to show based on location and audience for better conversion rates.
  • Easy option to escape: always offer your visitor an option to escape/cancel the popup action, if they don’t like. Don’t force them.

What is the main use of popup banners on your website?

  • Email Opt-in: one of the best use of website popup is to have your visitors convert into subscribers. The more email subscribers you have the more marketing reach you’ll have for your business. So a well designed and effective popup for your website can help on this.
  • Social media follow: to increase your social media fan base, you can use well-designed popups. Users can like/follow your social media profiles before they enter the website or read the content.
  • Promote offers/deals: the best way to offer deals, promote your new products etc is via popups.
  • Contact forms: you can also have contact forms to let your visitors an easy way to contact you.
  • Login and authentication: social login, website login and any other login/authentication-related feature eg. member area login, customer area login etc can also be placed in popups.
  • Exit polls: one of the interesting use of popup can be for the exit polls or exit message!

Best Free Popup WordPress Plugins

Now, let’s take a look at some of the best free popup WordPress plugins, I’ve personally handpicked and tested these and presented here for you! Let’s get started:

If you are looking for Premium WordPress Popup Plugins then check out our collection of The Best WordPress Popup Plugins 2019.

WP Popup Lite

WP Popup Lite - Responsive WordPress Popup Plugin

WP Popup Lite is a free popup WordPress plugin that allows you to create multiple popup banners for your website and engage them with your visitors. It comes with 13 beautifully designed inbuilt themes from where you can create an unlimited image and text popup banners. The plugin also gives you an option for a separate setting to each of the popups you have created. You are allowed to have your banner popped up on your whole website or on certain pages. Besides that, you can also enable/disable popups as per your need.

Moreover, the popups created by the plugin are fully responsive and looks great for all kinds of devices. You can use the created popup for email subscriptions, promote newly launch products, special offers, discounts, etc.

Some of the major features of WP Popup Lite

  • 13 Elegant Template Layouts
  • Unlimited Number of Popup Banners
  • Custom Popup Themes
  • MailChimp Integration
  • Contact Form Log
  • Translation Ready

Premium Version: 

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on CodeCanyon for $16. Get it here!

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WP Popup Banner

WP Popup Banners - WordPress Popup Plugins

WP Popup Banner is a free popup WordPress plugin that will allow you to add popup to your site using custom images or messages with different effects. The plugin allows you to create unlimited number of image and text popup for your WordPress site.

It is a highly customizable plugin that comes with WYSIWYG editor for configuring the text popups component as per your need. The editor includes general settings and display settings for your popup banners. Besides, the plugin also provides you preview options for fetching the preview of all the edits you made on the popups before going live.

Major Features of WP Popup Banner

  • Unlimited Popup
  • Text and Image Popup
  • WYSIWYG Editor for Configuring Popup Elements
  • General Settings
  • Display Settings
  • Preview Options Available

Premium Version: 

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available in CodeCanyon for $16. Get it here!

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Popup by OptinMonster

Popup By OptinMonster

Popup by OptinMonster is a most famous free popup plugin for WordPress. It comes with easy to use form builder that allows you to create beautiful opt-in forms for enhancing the conversion rate of your visitor. You can choose 8 different types of campaign including popup forms, floating bars, slide-in, sidebar forms, after post form, inline form, mobile-only popup form, and canvas.

It is a powerful WP plugin that consists of advanced page targeting and behavior personalization. It lets you segment your email list and group your subscriber based on their interest and interaction with your website. The segmentation will allow you to send the relevant emails to your subscriber those results in higher open rates, higher click-through rate increases sales and revenue and many more.

Major Features of Popup by OptinMonster

  • High Converting Template Library
  • 8 Different Types of Optin Forms
  • Powerful Page Level Targeting to Build a Hyper-Segmented Email List
  • Category, Tags and Custom Taxonomy Output Control
  • Custom Analytics with Google Analytics
  • Powerful A/B Testing

Premium Version:

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on their website for $29/m. Get it here!

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Popup Maker

Popup Maker Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup Maker is one of the most popular free popup WordPress plugins. It is extremely versatile and flexible. The plugin allows you to create an unlimited number of the popup on your WordPress site. The popup banners created by the plugin are highly customizable. You can customize almost every places of the popup created by the plugin from its position to targeting and cookie. Besides that, the responsive popup created by the plugin can be enabled/disable to the mobile devices.

Moreover, the plugin has a very high configuration option to create the banners. The configuration options include slide-out, banner bars, floating sticky, loading screens, video lightboxes etc. It also comes with a theme editor option which allows you to choose from over 60 options and themes for every element presents on the popup.

Some of the Major Features of Popup Maker

  • Unlimited Popups and Themes
  • Fully Responsive Popups
  • Visual Theme Builder
  • Multiple Trigger Types
  • Theme Editor Option
  • Popup Analytics

Premium Version: 

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on their website for $15. Get it here.

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Popup Builder

Popup Builder Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Popup Builder is a free popup WordPress plugin that allows you to create and manage powerful popup for your WordPress blog/website. It is an easy to use a plugin that will help you to grab your audience’s attention and introduce them to your offers, discounts or other kinds of notices.

The plugin allows you to add an unlimited number of highly customizable popup banners on your WordPress website using shortcodes. There is a separate settings panel for each popup. So, you can fully customize the popup theme colour, size, and other options.

Some of the Major Features of Popup Builder

  • Create and Manage Unlimited Popups
  • Custom Animation Popup Effects
  • An option between Several Popup Themes
  • Set Popup Location on Different Part of the Screen
  • Option to Change Popup Content Background Color
  • Custom Class for Popup Overlay and Content

Premium Version: 

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on their website for $15. Get it here!

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Hustle - Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Hustle is an ultimate WordPress popup marketing plugin for building multiple lists, target marketing, lead generation, etc. The plugin lets you easily grow your mailing list or display your targeted ads across your site using popups, slide-ins, widgets, and shortcodes.

It is a flexible plugin that contains built-in designs editor for simple customization. The customization includes colours, animation effects, layouts, drop shadows, and display conditions. With all these available settings you can create magnificent popups in no time.

Major Features of Hustle

  • 4 Default Layouts for Popup
  • Smooth Display Animations
  • Colour Matching your Brands
  • Easy Management Dashboard
  • Super Conditions for Targeting your Audience
  • Conversion Rate Overview

Premium Version:

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on their website for $49/m. Get it here!

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Popups - Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Popups is a free WordPress plugin that can display multiple popups on your website. It is a perfect solution for displaying the important messages like EU cookie notice, increase social followers; add call to action button, increase mail listings and many more.

The plugin comes with different filter options that can be combined and be used for creating beautiful popups for your WordPress sites. After the popup is created you can add them on any of the 5 different popup locations. Besides, the plugin also contains shortcodes for adding available social media networks on the popup banners.

Major Features of Popups

  • 5 Different Popup Locations to Choose from
  • Various Trigger Options
  • Auto Hide Popup if the Users Scrolls
  • Change Font Color, Backgrounds, Borders, etc
  • Ajax Mode to Make Popup Cache Compatible
  • Shortcodes for Social Network Available

Premium Version:

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on their website for $39. Get it here!

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CM Pop-Up Banners

CM Pop Up Banners Free WordPress Popup Plugins

CM Pop-Up Banners is a free popup banner WordPress plugin that lets the user customize and promote events, products and offers on a WordPress site.

The users can create a responsive banner across the whole website or on the specific pages. The advertisement for the upcoming specials can be placed in the middle or bottom of the page. Besides that, the plugin can also be used as an excellent tool that boosts your email and creates highly customizable popups.

Some of the Major Features of CM Pop-Up Banners

  • Ability to Add Infinite Number of Popup
  • Clickable Image Popup Banners
  • Various Popup Display Settings
  • Popup Triggers
  • Advanced Show Effects and Delay Timings
  • Statistical Reports for Impressions and Clicks

Premium Version: 

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on their website for $29. Get it here!

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Random Banner

Random Banner Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Random Banner is a free popup WordPress plugin that provides the user with a high level and flexible image banner. Beside image banners, the plugin also supports SWF banners and script advertisements. You can display the banners created by the plugin in random order anywhere on the screen.

The plugin allows you to create an infinite number of banners. The banners created can be enabled/disabled as per the user wish. The created banner can also be sorted and filtered by the filter option.

Some of the Major Features of Random Banner

  • SWF and Script Advertisement Supported
  • Banner Location can be Placed Anywhere
  • Enable/Disable Random Banners Display Mode
  • Option to Add Custom Banner Title
  • Various Categories of the Banners

Premium Version: 

This plugin also has a premium version with more features available on their website for $30. Get it here!

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Themify Popup

Themify Popup - Free WordPress Popup Plugins

Themify Popup is a free WordPress popup plugin for displaying responsive popup on any page of your website. You can showcase the newsletter subscription forms, promotional announcements, or general lightbox content on the pop up for engaging them with your visitors. The popup you created can be displayed on the entire site, or on certain pages, posts, categories, specific user roles or even for specific times.

It is a highly configurable plugin that is integrated with themify builders for designing layouts on the frontend with drag and drop interface and live preview. Besides, you can also add different effects and trigger options to display your popups in an eye-catchy fashion for your visitors.

Major Features of Themify Popup

  • Full-Screen Popups
  • Schedule Popup
  • User Role for Displaying Popup
  • Different Trigger Options and Effects
  • Popup Dimension
  • Themify Page Builder Integrated

Premium Version:

This plugin doesn’t have a premium version.

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Wrapping Up

So, I tried to write up about how can you make effective popup banners and how can popup banners be used on your website.  Then I presented you some of the handpicked and well-tested popup plugins that help you create a beautiful popup on your website.

Hope, the collection is useful to you and you can start using one of them right now! If you are already a user of any of the above-mentioned plugins, please share your experience in the comment box below.

Also, if you’re looking for some premium version popup plugins – check this out: WP Popup Banners Pro

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