Top 5 Premium WordPress Security Plugins

Top 5 Premium iThemes WordPress security plugins

WordPress is the robust Content Management System. But, there are certainly several security threats that WordPress cannot withstand. What if your site gets DOS attack or brute-force attack? These attacks can seriously damage your website by hacking through your site. Your site can become slow or ever your server may restart being unable to process huge traffic flooded by hackers. You know very well what downtime costs to you.

You certainly want to ensure best possible security for your website, don’t you?

Web security experts and WordPress developers have worked together to provide you great plugins to harden to site much more against security threats.  In this article, I’m going to share you 5 best Premium WordPress security plugins.

iThemes Security Pro

iThemes Security - Top 5 Premium iThemes WordPress security plugins

iThemes Security Pro is one of the best Premium WordPress security plugins. It protects your site from Brute Force attack by limiting login attempts and blocking the IP if someone made several attempts to log in. When hackers bot searches for security loophole in your site, lots of 404 errors are generated. When iThemes detects such case, it immediately locks that IP. You can change your login page URL as well with iThemes. If unfortunately your site gets hacked, it becomes another great headache for you to detect the malware placed or changes made by the hacker. iThemes helps you in such case by giving you email alerts about the file change.

In addition to above-discussed features, you get other features as well like strong password enforcement, lock out bad user, away mood, database backups, online file comparison, Google reCAPTCHA Integration and much more.

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Jetpack by

Jetpack - Top 5 Premium iThemes WordPress security plugins

Jetpack is the multi-purpose WordPress plugin developed by Automattic. You may even have been using Jetpack’s Free version which has a security module to protect your site from brute force attack. But, to get all the security features active, you need to go for its premium license.

With the premium license of Jetpack, you get great features like site backups, automated restore, and daily malware scanning. Besides, you get free support from the Automattic’s highly trained support team about any security issues.

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Secupress - Top 5 Premium iThemes WordPress security plugins

SecuPress has the powerful scanner to scans the security vulnerabilities of your site in 6 vital areas viz. user and login, plugins and themes, WordPress core, sensitive data, malware scan, and firewall. After doing the thorough scan, it enlists all the vulnerabilities which you can then solve with few mouse click. Isn’t it great?

SecuPress protects your data by keeping that in the safe place. It also protects your site from spams and malicious content which can deteriorate your site’s reputation. If you have any security issues on your site, you can get that resolved by contacting the SecuPress specialists via live chat and email.

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Vaultpress - Top 5 Premium iThemes WordPress security plugins

VaultPress is another great plugin from Automattic. It is very reliable, secure and probably the best WordPress backup solution available till date. No matter how much effort is made to secure the website, there is always the possibility of security breach. Hackers my intrude and inject malicious code of malware in your site. It will be very tough to identify the malware. In such situation, your site backup becomes the boon for you. You can restore the recent and safe backup and get your site free from malware.

So, it is highly recommended to use Backup solution. VaultPress is leading security plugin for this purpose.

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BulletProof Security Pro

Bulletproof Sucurity - Top 5 Premium iThemes WordPress security plugins

As the name describes, BulletProof Security Pro is really powerful Premium WordPress security plugins which prevents intrusion in several levels. It has several tools like AutoRestore Intrusion Detection & Prevention System, Quarantine Intrusion Detection & Prevention System, DB Backup, JTC Anti-Spam, Uploads Folder Anti-Exploit Guard, and much more. Its .htaccess Website Security Protection prevents the hacker from accessing WordPress core and damaging it.

Security Logging, HTTP Error Logging, PHP Error Logging, DB Monitor Logging and DB Backup Logging helps you to know if your site is hacked and which part is affected. Idle Session Logout (ISL) automatically logs out the user when the user remains idle for a long time. There are other several security tools loaded with this plugin which provides bulletproof security to your site.

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Wrapping Up

Security of your site is very important. So, I highly recommend you to use premium WordPress security plugin. In this article, I covered 5 Premium WordPress security plugins that I found very powerful. Do you have any other recommendation? Please, share that by commenting below.

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