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12 Actionable Tips To Get People To Respond Your Email

actionable tips to get people respond your email
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As a business communication tool, emails are still effective even being the oldest intercommunication medium between business owners and the clients. Although BPM software and instant messaging tools have proven to work best for internal communications, emails are easy to write, fast to forward and offer a medium to get more business prospects just by playing with some engaging words perfectly. Emails are easy to write, fast to forward and offer a medium to get more business prospects just by playing with some engaging words perfectly. Unlike sending emails to the old business clients, this medium offers an opportunity to drop your messages to the future business prospects. As you have no idea about the interest of the new prospects, you need to be very careful while converting this lead into your business clients.

Most of us receive emails in bulk and the number of emails getting our attention is just minimal. The emails that get noticed are created a bit differently than the regular ones. They either have a different subject line or some elements of personalization to attract the clients. Providing your clients with a personal experience has got the true potential to add new prospects to the business. We will be having more discussion on this personalizing the element later in this article.

The most important thing to increase the likelihood of your email campaigns is to provide an exceptionally well experience to the clients throughout the email. In order to provide the same experience to the clients, you need to work exceptionally well on every single element. This will include everything right from the subject line to the conclusion of the write-up.

Why users ignore emails?


Before we talk about the tips that will help you to get responses from clients; let’s talk a bit on the matter, “why emails are ignored by the clients?”

The reason may vary with the slightest to some really true ones. Let’s talk about exactly why emails are not given their due attention. Emails do not get the attention they need because:

Users are too busy.

There is no doubt about the fact that today’s technical users are busy than ever and they do not have time to look for every single email that is sent to them. Thus, the key lies in creating exceptional subject lines such as “exceptional deal awaits you” or “surprise inside”.

There is already a plethora of emails left unread.

Users get emails in thousands of number and it is, of course, not possible for them to check each and every subject line unless it seems a good one. A pile of these already unread emails often serves as a reason for not entertaining the general newer ones too.

Emails are sent at the wrong time.

A number of service providers are not well aware of the fact that emails must be sent within business hours. Users do have a tendency to check the emails prior they start their daily routine in office; hence, business owners must send the emails at the right point of time.

Sending emails after emails even if there is no response from users.

Users certainly turn a deaf ear to the email service providers who are regularly sending emails even if there is no response from users. This encourages users not to ignore the emails no matter how many times they are being sent.

As we have already discussed much the reasons emails are ignored, now let’s talk about the tips that can help service providers get their emails noticed.

Get Your Emails Noticed: 12 Actionable Tips

simple tips to get your emails noticed

1. Create an urgent subject line

Believe it or not, people do prioritize their emails depending upon their order of importance. Many a time, emails are given importance just with a glance on the subject line. So, an urgent subject line is very much important to get fast responses from people. In order to develop engaging email subject lines, try using words that can allure the readers. There are thousands of emails landing every day in the users’ account and thus, your emails must have that competitive edge to get noticed by the users within a span of seconds. Subject acts typically the way headlines do to the articles. It is the deciding factor for the readers to carry on with the write-up.

2. Keep it short and crispy

As we have already discussed users are ever busy professionals and do not have time to check their emails quite timely. This creates an impression that emails must be developed keeping it short and to the point. It is a general tendency for people to ignore emails that have long messages to convey. Thus, to let your emails get noticed by the users, keep in mind to talk only about the points that are important to include. Keep it in a practice to provide information that seems useful for the readers. Trimming down the emails as short as possible increases the chances of getting more response from the clients within a short time frame.

3. Cross-check the email before sending

If you are running an email campaign, you are well aware of the fact that remaining professional throughout the practice matters the most. None of your clients is going to entertain an email that has a number of errors in it. Thus, try to be as professional as much possible with the practice of preparing and sending emails to the clients. In order to remain significant in this practice, cross-check the email prior to shooting it to the clients. It will not only offer a second chance to check the grammar but also to ensure other specific details.

4. The art of personalization

When we talk about personalization, it is not only replacing “hi there” with “hi (specific client name)” but also a number of other such changes to offer a personalized experience to the readers. Crafting the email in the second person and referring the users as you would help to offer a personal feel to the readers. It will also act as an engaging element in order to engage the clients while providing an additional experience. This element is a proven formula to generate leads for the business. Impressing the users with the idea that the emails have just been crafted for them will help in gaining business leads.

 5. Social proof to the emails

Today’s users have all the amenities available for them with just a click of the mouse. And being a service provider, you really cannot cheat the users. Thus, you really do not need to include wrong information instead try to include a social proof for the same, such as results of any campaign from social media network or a proof in the form of increased email open rates. Clients do get influenced by such points and thus, there is no better way of getting your clients tapped to your email than including social proof for the points you have mentioned in the email.

 6. Express gratitude

Gratitude is more powerful than we actually thought of it. Tell your clients that you are more than happy to get a response from them in the form of queries, related answers, and other such concerns. Being thanked by the service providers would make your clients feel very much special and they may choose to revert to your email, which is, of course, a benefit. Thanking your clients to show their interest in your email is another way to make them feel special. Thus, keep making your clients special with showing your true gratitude while developing the emails.

7. Consider free offerings

Users really love to get things for free and when you are into email marketing business, you have a lot of stuff to offer to the clients. Things like e-books and white papers are just great to offer to the clients under such schemes. Always try to provide things that users have an interest into. If your readers like reading a lot, offer them a free ebook subscription and get into the list of their favorite service providers. Providing such offers every now and then will create a concern for the service providers in users’ mind and this is sure to reflect through the increased conversions.

8. Make your email sound an urgent one

People stop procrastinating when things are really urgent. In the case of email marketing, the deadline of any offer can play the lead role. When the deadline is near, people are sure to react on the same instead of leaving it for another day. Thus, subject lines such as “today’s offer” won’t prove to be as successful as “offer lasts today”. The latter sounds more promising in order to get the clients’ attention. Such subject lines create an urgency in people’s mind and pursue them to act fast on such offers that sound great but are for a limited time period.

9. Use the high priority flag

The fact that there is a high priority flag available for leaving your message sounds really important, you need to be very careful while using the same. You cannot use the same flag with every email as using it every now and then will level you and your brand as someone who uses the same priority flag with every other email. This will take a troll on your emails and users will discard the same even without looking into the same. This is a complete loss of the business and thus, it cannot be entertained. Hence, be specific while making use of the priority flag while developing the emails.

10. Make emails interesting

Emails need to be interesting for the reason that users may read them with interest. As we have discussed it earlier too, users are getting busier and they are just not interested in even considering an email that is quite long. This makes it important to work on emails that sound interesting for the clients. Try including graphs, increased clients’ numbers and other such details in emails. Also, try to offer the users whatever they are looking for. Talk about the stuff they are interested into. This will work to make your email sound more interesting for the users.

11. Test the subject lines along with the email

Testing the subject line if it meets well with the message that has been written inside the body is very much important. Apart from double checking the email for grammatical mistakes, it holds importance to test the other elements of your message well in advance. One may use a number of tools to check the email subject lines. Checking or testing the subject lines and emails as well will offer an extended opportunity to the service providers to correct the flaws if found in the emails.

12. Pay attention to attractive call to action

Call to actions have already proved their effectiveness for generating much-needed leads. An engaging call to action is a way for the clients to respond to the emails if they find the services being exceptional. While your subject line will play the essential role in getting the clients’ attention towards the email, call to action assures the clients further respond to the email. Thus, there is no choice other than being specific with the call to actions that you are going to include in your emails.


As emails are the most successful communication medium between clients and businesses, they can do wonders for providing extended leads to the business. By keeping in mind the points that have been listed above will help in making the job much easier. Thus, to get that much-needed clip on your email, try to include the points that have been listed here. All these points have been researched well to play their part exceptionally well.

Author Bio:

The Andrew Hudson is a writer at EmailChopper and a professional indulged in the practice of developing outstanding emails to get noticed by the users. He keeps researching on the facts and elements that make emails pretty interesting. Sharing this information with the readers through the engaging posts is a hobby that comes naturally to him.

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