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Speed up your WordPress website with Lazy loading

Speed up your WordPress website with Lazy loading
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Your website speed is affected by both servers related issues and client-related issues. If any web page contains several high-quality images, it directly affects both sides: more server resource is used to process several HTTP requests and page loads slower in client’s browser as loading several high-quality graphics takes more time. If you want to speed up WordPress site, the lazy loading technique can help a lot.

What is lazy loading?

Loading the images only when they are or are near to viewport is what lazy loading means for us. This allows the browser to load the image only when necessary. Since the browser need not load all images at once, the page loads significantly faster. On the other hand, it reduces the burden on the server as well. This way, lazy loading is a very powerful speeding up technique for any website with a large number of high-quality images.

How to implement lazy loading on your WordPress website?

Lazy loading is implemented with jquery. It is very easy to implement lazy loading for your WordPress website as you just need to install a small plugin. Another good thing is you can easily find several free plugins in the WordPress Plugin repository. So, you can directly install it from your WordPress dashboard.

Isn’t it really great?

Here I’m going to enlist 5 good lazy loading plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository:

a3 Lazy Load

A2 Lazy Load is the most powerful and feature-rich lazy loading WordPress plugin. This plugin not only does lazy loading of images but also of videos and iframes. You can even choose to exclude certain pictures from lazy loading. Animation for lazy loading can be chosen as well. And, a3 Lazy Load is fully compatible with WooCommerce and cache plugins. You can see the best use of the a3 lazyload plugin on this website where images are loaded when they are 50 px below the viewport.

Lazy load

It is the most downloaded and used lazy loading plugin available in the WordPress plugin repository. It is a lightweight plugin without any option panel. You just install and activate it to speed up your page load.

BJ Lazy Load

BJ Lazy Load is yet another feature-rich lazy loading plugin. It supports image as well as iframes. Images are simply replaced by a placeholder and are loading only when they are close to the viewport. Even youtube videos are replaced by placeholder until it appears in the viewport.

jQuery Image Lazy Load WP

This lazy loading plugin has 8000+ active installs now. It hasn’t been updated for 2 years. But, works well.

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Rocket Lazy Load

Rocket Lazy Load doesn’t even use jQuery or any other javascript for lazy loading. But, it works for all types of images of the website. This plugin hasn’t got an options panel with it. So, you can enjoy it simply by installing and activating it.

Wrapping Up

Speeding up your website is very important for the better experience of your audience. And, lazy loading helps a lot in speed optimation. I highly recommend you to try lazy load plugin for your WordPress website.

If you have any good or bad experience on lazy loading plugins enlisted above, please comment below. I’ll refine the list as per your suggestions.

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