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How to sell WordPress Themes and Plugins: 12 Actionable Tips

Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins
Creation of anything new always requires a lot of effort. I am sure that your team of developers and designers has spent hours to develop a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin. It might be a high quality product but it may not be giving you back the benefits as expected. So, this blog is about how to sell...

Why use infinite scrolling web design? – Pros Discussed

Infinite Scrolling - Marketplaces for Premium WordPress themes and Plugins
‘Infinite’ means ‘limitless or ‘endless’. Infinite scrolling web design refers to a website page that loads infinite number of contents in a page automatically when a user scrolls down the page. Social media websites have mainly brought into the use of it for arranging and adjusting a mass content that website users publish from the frontend. The websites with infinite...

The WordPress War – WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org

Wordpress .Com VS .Org
The most common problem that strikes into any newbies mind who want to start a blog is - Which blogging platform should I invest on? Like you even I was driven into the sleek road of uncertainty… But after years of experience I’m here to recommend the beginners about the most flexible and time-worthy blogging platform. And the only place...