Off Site SEO | Factors that drive traffic to your site

Off-Site SEO | Factors that drive traffic to your site

What is Off-Site SEO?

Off-Site SEO refers to all those activities that are conducted by you or others away from your page to uplift your page’s ranking with search engines. You can simply understand Off-Site SEO this way: It is a mechanism for search engines to find out what others think about your site. All the techniques that take place away from your site to raise the ranking of your site fall here.

Many people perceive Off-Site SEO to be all about link building, but then the reality is extremely contradictory. In this article, we will show you what all Off-Page SEO factors including link building can drive traffic to your site.

What are the Off-Site SEO factors that drive traffic to your site?

Social Media Presence

Create accounts on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Then, determine the right type of audience for your product or website and work on creating a responsive social media presence for your audience.  A great social media presence helps you to –

  • promote your site greatly
  • build up your online reputation.
  • extend your online network of contacts
  • connect and interact with your friends from the similar field

Off-Site SEO | Factors that drive traffic to your site

Also, make sure you are not solely working on only one social platform. Have an active presence in all social platforms that are relevant to your site, and enjoy the full benefits of the social network.

Building Quality Links

As we mentioned earlier, Off-Site SEO is not only about link building. But among all the factors that drive traffic to your site, the number, and quality of links coming into your site are near the top of the list. The idea here is to get as many quality and standard websites as possible to link your website.

Please do note that all links are not equally useful to drive traffic to your site. The links from a good quality website even in smallest of number can make a big difference to the way search engines rank your website. On the contrary, having a lot of links from some random non-reputed websites can hardly make a difference to your traffic. When you are linked to quality websites, search engines also develop an idea that more people are finding the information in your site helpful, relevant and reliable.

While planning for building links, you should pay extreme attenti0n to build a highly informative content. Links are not going to appear out of the blue, you have to work for it. Only when you create content that other similar websites can find useful to their viewers, you will develop backlinks.

Social Bookmarking

Once your site is bookmarked, high chances are that users will frequently straight return to your website. You can submit your latest posts and pages to the popular bookmarking sites. This will, in turn, lead to search engines being a little more driven to focus on your sites. However, while you enter your site in the bookmarking pages, make sure you are careful with your content. Not having useful content while being present in bookmarking sites can never work in your favor.


If experts from the field similar to yours write guest blogs on your website, that can be a great source of advantage for your site. Even you can write quality blogs consistently which will give your site’s audience to keep coming back to your site and check your latest posts. Most important – as we talked earlier, quality is the key. If you post blogs that are informative enough and relevant to your audience, only then it will help you generate traffic to your site. Blogging with content that does not match your audience’s interest and relevance is just a waste of your own efforts.

Off-Site SEO | Factos that drive traffic to your site

Wrapping Up,

Thank you for reading this article. We hope this was helpful to you all. If you have any suggestions or problems related to this article, please let us know via the comment section below.

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