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WordPress 4.8 Released! What’s New Features on WordPress 4.8?

WordPress 4.8 Evans Released

Finally, a wait is over. WordPress has now come up with its new version – WordPress 4.8.  The latest version of WordPress is named “Evans” in honor of famous Jazz pianist and composer William John “Bill” Evans.  It is available to download and update in your WordPress dashboard.

So, did you update your WordPress sites?

If not, get ready to update. Before that, let’s check what are the new updates on WordPress 4.8 “Evans” and compare it with the previous version – WordPress 4.7 “Vaughan”.

WordPress is getting simpler and more flexible with every update. Though WordPress 4.8 has no drastic update, it introduces many new and exciting ways to represent your brand. So let’s explore:

Widget Updates

WordPress 4.8 Feature - Widget Update

To enhance your web functionalities, even more, Evans comes with exciting widget updates.

Image Widget

WordPress 4.8 Feature - Image Widget

Inserting the image in widget area is easier now, you don’t need to play with any codes. Just insert your image right in the widget settings. For this, you can upload your own image or use the existing one from the media library.

Video Widget

WordPress 4.8 Feature - Video Widget

Since the video message is more informative and trending these days, WordPress 4.8 introduces video widget. Now you don’t need to use plugins for adding specific videos on your website. This feature lets you add video in your widgetized area right from the media library and also support YouTube or Vimeo videos. Isn’t it exciting?

Audio Widget

WordPress 4.8 Feature - Audio Widget

If you are a podcaster, musician or singer, this is the most thrilling news for you. The latest version of WordPress introduces audio widget. It allows you to add the audio file as a widget. You can insert audio files right from your media library. Audio widget on your website is also the best and interesting way to deliver the welcome message.

Rich Text Widget

Text widget is now powered with rich text editing capabilities. Previously, you just had HTML/CSS for formatting the text, but this new widget comes with much more features. You can format your text in any way – create lists, add emphasis and hyperlink easily with the visual editor. This makes your work easier and saves you lots of time.

Link Boundaries

WordPress 4.8 Features - Link Boundaries

Have you ever felt annoying when hyperlinking text in previous WordPress version? I have experienced that. But now, no more. WordPress 4.8 “Evans” contains new link boundaries, it is now easy to select text to link it and pass over the link easily with the left arrow key and the right arrow key.

Nearby WordPress  Events and News

WordPress News and Events on Dashboard

To know about the nearby WordPress events and news, now you don’t need to browse through different web pages. Yes, WordPress 4.8 gives you updates of nearby WordPress events and news right on the dashboard. WordPress’s news and events section of your dashboard features WordCamps, WordPress Meetups and other events occurring World Wide and also keeps you up to date with the WordPress community.

More Happiness for Developers

Text-Editor JavaScript API

With the integration of TinyMCE to text widgets, the new WordPress version introduces a new JavaScript API for instantiating the editor. It’s going to be a great help for plugin authors as it allows to add an editor instance to the text area and customize it with buttons and functions. More on this…

Customizer Width Variable

In previous WordPress version if you have used the large screen you might have noticed the narrow customizer sidebar. This problem is solved by WordPress 4.8. New responsive breakpoints have been included which has made customizer sidebar width to be proportional to the user’s screen size. More on this…

Multisite Updates

For the WordPress multisite users, Evans comes with new hooks and tweaks that help to control site more efficiently. Also, it has included the user counts per network. More on this…

Besides More Accessible Admin Panel Headings, Removal of Core Support for WMV, WMA Files and Media Widget API and so on are some of the beneficial updates for Developers.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the awaited features in WordPress 4.8. Hope this article helped you to understand what’s new in WordPress 4.8. If you haven’t updated your WordPress website yet, do fast and enjoy these exciting features.  And if you are already using it, then let me know your experience.

Hav any question/query? Please comment below, we would love to answer you.

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