How to Monetize your WordPress Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

How to Monetize your WordPress Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

Do you want to Monetize your WordPress Blog? If yes, you have landed on the right article.

Affiliate marketing accounts for 15% of all digital media revenue. It’s a pretty staggering number when you understand how much money goes into digital marketing these days. That’s why so many bloggers are joining the Amazon Affiliate Program. 

But how do you get started as an Amazon Associate? How do people make money from being affiliate marketers? Below, we will tell you about the most direct path to monetizing your WordPress blog with Amazon Affiliate links. 

What is the Amazon Affiliate Program, and How Does it Work?

The Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the world’s largest affiliate marketing programs. Anyone who creates content can join the program, so this program is perfect for bloggers at any level. 

To use this program, you need to acquire affiliate links. To receive these links, you must sign up for the program, which we will discuss later. 

The Amazon Affiliate Program has four modes of enabling you to get these links:

  • Image only links
  • Text-only links 
  • Ad creation 
  • The Amazon Bounty Program

What are Amazon Image-Only or Text-Only Links?

Amazon product links come in the top three forms mentioned above. However, the two main forms that are easier to explain are text-only and image-only links. 

After creating your Amazon Affiliate account, you’ll notice a series of navigation buttons along the top. The second from the left, Product Linking, will provide you with a way to look up what you want to sell. 

From under Product Linking, you can select Product Links. From there, you can use keywords or ASINs (Amazon Standard Identification Numbers) to search for your target products. 

How to Monetize your WordPress Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

Clicking the “Get Link” button on the right side of your product list will enable you to create a link.

How to Monetize your WordPress Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

From there, you’ll be able to create your choice of link and copy the HTML to your blog. For more information about how this works, you can also check out the help centre. Amazon does not provide samples of any products that you want to feature on your blog. 

Amazon enables you to create images or text links to any page you want. These pages can include product categories, search results, or any other pages. Click the Link To Any Page subtab under Product Linking and use the provided drop-down menus to detail your destination. 

Using The Amazon Affiliate Program to Create Ads

The “product linking tab” has three other sections worth mentioning: 

  • Banners
  • Native Shopping Ads
  • Mobile Popover

These options are typically less effective for bloggers, but provide you with another form of monetization if you want ads. 

These ads may have nothing to do with your blog, as they are more likely to target the buyer. You will also want to use these sparingly, as ads can detract from the user experience of your blog. 

Regardless, let’s get into what these advertisement forms are suitable for:

Banner ads are your classic form of advertising on the bottom and top of your page. They are known as banner ads because they stretch across the entirety of a website, like a banner. 

Native shopping ads are those that derive information from Amazon’s algorithm. That means that these ads are likely to use data from your users, enabling personalized advertisements. Amazon allows you to customize these if you want. 

Mobile popover ads appear as people scroll down your site. Amazon has a javascript code that you can copy to place on your site to make this easier. Mobile popover ads sneak in from the bottom as people browse your site. 

As with all forms of advertising, it’s essential to use these methods sparingly. You don’t want to ruin the user experience for those browsing your content. 

What is the Amazon Bounty Program?

The last area you’ll want to consider is the Amazon Bounty Program. You can find this under the Promotions tab at the top. This program focuses more on Amazon services. 

If your blog doesn’t have many products, you can still share how you use Amazon services. These services include Audible, Kindle Unlimited, and Amazon Music. 

Bounties don’t always mean that you have to sell something. For example, you can get $3 for prompting a user to create an Amazon Baby Registry

Bounties have a fixed rate, don’t always involve selling something, and enable you to make money through alternative affiliate content. Depending on what kind of blog you create, it’s essential to have a wide selection of options. 

How to Join Amazon Associates

The Amazon Affiliate Program is one of the most accessible income-generating programs to sign up for on Amazon. To get started, you’ll need the following information:

  • Your name
  • Physical address
  • Basic tax information 
How to Monetize your WordPress Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program
  • Your SSN or EIN (depending on whether or not you have a business)
  • A way to receive payments (bank account number and routing number) 
  • A place to post affiliate links (YouTube page, personal blog, etc.) 
How to Monetize your WordPress Blog with the Amazon Affiliate Program

There is no charge to apply, and you do not need to start as an affiliate blogger. However, you’ll find that creating a blog on WordPress is one of the best ways to create monetized content. 

However, before you get started, you should familiarize yourself with Amazon’s terms and conditions. 

Terms and Conditions 

Before starting as an affiliate for Amazon, you must begin by identifying yourself as an Amazon Affiliate. This awareness is stepping one of the Amazon Operating Agreement for affiliates. 

You’ll also want to familiarize yourself with the more detailed policy page for Amazon Affiliates. Here are some of the big policies that people make the most mistakes with: 

  • Your site cannot contain inappropriate content (sexually explicit, incite harmful acts, or defame others).
  • You cannot say you work on behalf of Amazon. You must identify yourself as an associate. 
  • Do not resell the affiliate service to site visitors. 
  • Do not modify any buttons or links found in the program. 
  • You cannot use any link shortening sites.

Fee Rates for Amazon Associates 

While Amazon slashed commission rates after 2020, there’s still a good chunk of money to be made. Fixed commission income rates for most products vary from 1% to 10%. Your average commission for most items is 4%. 

With lower commission rates, you need to feature profitable and popular products. It is essential to think of beneficial product ideas that contribute to your blog theme and earnings potential. 

The highest commission rates are from luxury beauty products, at 10%. Meanwhile, Amazon offers no commission on these items:

  • Video games
  • Gift cards
  • Wireless service plans 
  • Digital kindle products purchase as part of a description
  • Amazon Appstore purchases
  • Prime Now purchases 
  • Amazon Pay purchases 

Amazon Bounty payouts vary from $0.50 to $25. The highest payouts you get are from Audible Premium Plus annual memberships.  In most cases, you can get about $3 for prompting people to sign up for 30-day free trials. 

Five of the Best Amazon Affiliate Plugins for WordPress

The biggest issue with the Amazon Affiliate Program is the need to keep so many things in mind. Thankfully, WordPress has a burgeoning community of plugin creators to simplify the process and handle many problems. 

Below, we have a list of five of the best plugins you should consider for your WordPress blog. 

#1: Disclosure for Amazon Affiliate 

One of the most common mistakes that new affiliates make on Amazon is forgetting their disclosure. Anytime you create an article that features products, you need that disclosure somewhere on the screen. Without it, you are violating the terms of service (TOS). This plugin will enable you to Monetize your WordPress Blog.

The Disclosure for Amazon Affiliate plugin adds on a short disclosure that’s often easy for new bloggers to forget. While this plugin isn’t much, the simplicity is what makes it worthwhile. 


  • Reduces legal liability issues with Amazon. 
  • Simple plugin with an easy use.
  • It is free. 


  • It does not do a lot. 

#2: Amazon Product in a Post Plugin

Amazon has a Product Advertising API meant to make acquiring links easier. However, those that lack the knowledge to use APIs cannot take advantage of this feature. 

The Amazon Product in a Post plugin addresses that by enabling you to create clickable links using multiple formats. This plugin has good design elements and assists you in making connections that stand out. 

You will need an Advertising API key through AWS (Amazon Web Services) to properly use this plugin. As a result, this plugin requires extra steps to be TOS compliant. 


  • It enables you to grab links using the plugin quickly.
  • It utilizes the API, so you don’t have to access the affiliate sites.
  • Includes multiple link types to help your product link stand out.
  • This plugin is available for free. 


  • It requires an AWS account to remain TOS compliant. 

#3: Auto Amazon Links 

Auto Amazon Links enables you to create country-specific links to products automatically. With this plugin, you don’t have to look up links manually. Instead, this link-building plugin does it for you and links to the products automatically. 

The software enables you to sort out specific products using detailed programming. You can use the shortcode displayed directly in the description of this program to control how your links appear as well. 

This plugin requires a relatively simple step-by-step process to work correctly. Still, you’ll find that the automated features make this more complicated than most Amazon plugins. This plugin will enable you to Monetize your WordPress Blog

One potential issue behind this link-building plugin comes from the lack of vetting. While you can sort your products to remove specific items, you still might find a list of inappropriate items advertised on your site. 

You’ll also find that the lack of personalized content built around these auto-found links will possibly lead to fewer conversions. However, there are ways that you can mix in a multitude of products, potentially leading to more interest. Hence, this plugin will enable you to Monetize your WordPress Blog.


  • It utilizes code to enable the creation of automatic links.
  • It has beautiful product grid layouts to create a unique experience.
  • Reduces the effort needed to create affiliate links. 


  • The automated system might not find appropriate items to sell your users.
  • The lack of personal intention in this method may reflect in your conversion rate. 

#4: EasyAzon

EasyAzon is a tool that you can use from within the WordPress (WP) text editor to create links. This WP tool prevents you from needing to have two websites open, simplifying the process significantly. 

This plugin is mainly a search engine built within your blogging tools. It also includes free training, which primarily exists as an upselling platform for the next level: EasyAzon Pro.

Pro features enable you to utilize product pop-ups, automatic link localization (for different countries), and support for multiple affiliates tracking IDs to determine what converts well. 

Pro features also allow you to establish pre-built calls to action, which can increase conversions. However, some small bloggers who work with a limited content scope might find it more suitable to just copy and paste things. 


  • It covers a wide variety of countries and their affiliate programs.
  • Great for searching for products without leaving the blog. 
  • Enables you to Monetize your WordPress Blog


  • Support is somewhat limited. 
  • Pro mode isn’t entirely useful for most people. 

#5: Ad Inserter

Ad Inserter is an excellent combined platform for all forms of advertising. As a result, it isn’t entirely suitable for all forms of affiliate marketing. However, you can use it to create affiliate ads. 

Ad Inserters is great for monetizing your platform for uses including Amazon. The program enables you to plugin codes that display ads on your website. WordPress and Amazon officially endorse this plugin for inserting ads. 

While it isn’t strictly for affiliates, this tool is still a useful part of your Amazon advertisement toolbox. Overall, it’s better as a supplement to your regular affiliate linking. Use this WordPress Plugin and Monetize your WordPress Blog.


  • Endorsed by Google and Amazon.
  • Great for creating ads.


  • Not strictly for Affiliate links. 
  • Works more as a supplement to Amazon affiliate marketing. 


We hope this article helped you to learn the ways to Monetize your WordPress Blog.

If you want to be an Amazon Affiliate, joining the program is incredibly easy. However, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with the terms and conditions to ensure that you aren’t removed from the program. 

To reduce some of your workloads, don’t forget to check out some of these WordPress plugins as well. To create a solid WordPress blog, you must try and automate as much as possible. With plugins, you can take steps towards simplifying your creation process. 

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