How to manage user registration in your WordPress website


By default, WordPress doesn’t allow your audience to register their user account themselves. But, you can change the settings and allow them to register. You can also control the new user default role. You see, WordPress is very flexible and efficient in user management. In this video, we are going to learn how to manage user registration in your WordPress website.

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  1. Thank you Shraddha
    I understand now how to change the setting on new user registrations, but were does the new users come from, its not people visiting my website as far as I know?
    Then could you also tell me if I can use the emails to add to my email list for email marketing purposes
    Best Regards

    • Hi Morne Olivier, regarding the new users – when the site admin allows user registration on their website, anyone who visits the website can add themselves as a user (some sites may have certain criterias for user registration); also site admins themselves can assign user roles such as contributor, author, editor to different people and add them as users to his/her site. You will, however, need to market your site for new users to know about your site, and then register themselves as users. This is if you want to have a large number of users in your site.

      Regarding using the emails to your email list for email marketing purposes, you can add just about any email for email marketing, but depending on the content and purpose of your email, your emails might even get spammed.

      Have we provided you with a justified answer? If not please let us know, and we will answer your queries further.


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