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How to Manage Media Files using WP Media Manager Lite? (Step by Step Guide)


Here, in this article, we will provide a short tutorial to show you how to manage the media files of your website with the help of a WordPress media manager pluginWP Media Manager Lite. It is a free WordPress plugin by AccessPress Themes that contains different features and functionality to create unlimited folders to add all your media files in an organized way. But before we get started a few things about why you should provide proper management to your media files.

Whenever you upload media files (images, videos, audio clips, or other attachment) on your WordPress website it gets stored on the inbuilt media library. That default media library is great for a startup website that contains less number of media files. However, once your website will start growing and will have a large number of files in it then, the management of your media will become tougher and tougher and you might face a difficult time to search for it. So, to avoid this complication for searching your required media, you should consider managing your media library and keep them well-organized.

Now let’s begin this step by step tutorial to show you how to manage media files of WordPress website:

WP Media Manager Lite: Brief Introduction

WP Media Manager Lite

WP Media Manager Lite is one of the best WordPress media manager plugins for organizing your media files. It comes with intuitive drag and drop interface to add folders and subfolders to allocate your media files easier than ever. Moreover, the plugin also contains a responsive gallery template to display your media files attractively in the allocated folders.

Some of the Great Features of WP Media Manager Lite

  • Drag and Drop Media Files and Folders
  • Multiple Folders/Sub Folders Creation
  • Media Files Ordering and Filtering Options
  • Media Gallery Shortcode Extension
  • Responsive Gallery Template
  • Single File Design Customization Option
  • Custom Image Link with Target for Media Image
  • PDF File Display Type

Full Details and Features of WP Media Manager Lite

Installation and Activation


Download WP Media Manager Lite from WordPress.org repository for free. Then, install and activate it to your website. If you face any difficulties while installing the plugin then, check out its documentation or go through the article: How to Install New Plugin to the WordPress Site?

Configuration of WP Media Manager Lite

After you have successfully activated the plugin, you will see “WP Media Manager Lite” on the left menu of your dashboard. Click on it to start your configuration.

WP Media Media Manager Lite contains 4 settings section. They are:

General Settings

Here, you can enable/disable the display of your media number in folders. Also, you can enable/disable remove all folder at once. This option will remove a folder and its subfolders with all the media present on the subfolders will also be deleted.

WP Media Manager: General Settings

Custom Filters

Here, you can set the height and width as well as weight for your media files to be displayed on the drop down.

WP Media Manager: Custom Filters

Gallery Settings

Here, you can set the size for the gallery images. Choose the image sizes as per your requirement to display them elegantly on your gallery.

WP Media Manager: Gallery Settings

PDF File Settings

This section will let you configure the size, format, and color for the pdf file of your media library.

WP Media Manager: PDF File Settings

Adding your Media File in Different Folders

After you have completed the configuration of your media manager, go to Media > Library to start creating folders, subfolders and allocate your media files in it.

WP Media Manager: Create New Folder

To create new media folders/subfolders, click on “Create Folder”. Then, add your media files by dragging and dropping them to its relevant folders/subfolders.

You can upgrade this plugin to its premium version – WP Media Manager for additional features.

Wrapping Up

In this way, you manage your WordPress media using WP Media Manager plugin. WP Media Manager is a complete media management plugin that consists of different features for easily managing your media files and add them attractively in the folder. So, if you want to manage the media files of your WordPress website then, you can purchase the plugin and follow this step by step guide.

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