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How to sell WordPress Themes and Plugins: 12 Actionable Tips

Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins
Sell WordPress Themes and Plugins

Creation of anything new always requires a lot of effort. I am sure that your team of developers and designers has spent hours to develop a WordPress theme or a WordPress plugin. It might be a high quality product but it may not be giving you back the benefits as expected. So, this blog is about how to sell WordPress themes and plugins.

It is frustrating for anyone with a good product, when there is- no buzz, no mentions and no sales. What the heck could be lacking? I think the most obvious answer would be marketing and promotion.

It’s not so easy to beat the professionals and stand out in the crowd. The market is highly competitive, so you require an extra effort. You need to put equal efforts in promoting your theme or plugin as you did while developing it.

To sell WordPress themes and plugins, you need to develop an effective marketing plan. From my experience of marketing WordPress themes and plugins in other projects, I have put together the most effective actionable tips for promoting WordPress themes and plugins that help you sell more.

1. Create a newsletter


As a newbie in the hub, newsletter can be the most useful tool to make yourself known among the professionals and potential customers. You can ensure that your name is at least seen in their inbox. No matter if they ignore it, reach out next time with more interesting stuff of their interest.

Do a little research and create a list of your potential customers and professionals. You can start mailing them with the information of development progress of your theme or plugin with the launch date. As you launch it, notify them and continue updating them weekly or monthly. In this way, you can gradually persuade people why your product is worth a look.

2. Offer FREE stuff

free stuff

Offering free stuff is a cool idea indeed, because people love freebies. By giving away free stuff, you can earn a company profile of your own. When you are offering free stuff, it means you are reaching out to your potential customers in the future who may like to buy the premium products for the advanced features.

Most of the WordPress theme and plugin authors use this strategy to boost their sales. is the best platform for featuring your free WordPress themes and plugins as everyone looking for a freemium browses this directory. Along with this, you must have your own website to feature your products free or premium.

3. Sell from Marketplaces and your own website


After you have a kind of name in the market through your free offers, you can start selling the premium versions of your products. You can launch the premium version of the theme or plugin in your own website in the first phase and later feature it in the existing marketplaces. Theme and plugin marketplaces have their own quality requirements to feature any product so it is very essential to make your product meet the standard level.

Envato market’s Themeforest and CodeCanyon are the biggest marketplaces for selling WordPress themes and plugins. You can find more marketplaces (link another blog on marketplaces) sell quality WordPress themes and plugins.

4. Outreach


Though you feature your free themes and plugins in the WordPress directory or premium ones in the marketplaces, there is no reason that people will pick your product when there are a lot of products from the professionals. People simply grab the products that are highly downloaded or sold out, getting good reviews and widely featured by WordPress related blogs.

As a noob in the industry, you must reach to the popular blogs and influencers in the industry and introduce your product. Only a single mention from them is a great value as they are passing you trusts. Follow them in their social profiles, share their popular content, comment on their blogs and build a relation. They can greatly help you in your business.

5. Pay for the product reviews

paid review

Outreach obviously boosts the trust for your company and products if done properly however that may not be so easy at the beginning. If you spend a little money and reach out to them for a help, there may be less chances of rejections. You can ask the influencers, top blogs in the industry to write a paid review of your product.

Make the deal very simple, it will dramatically increase your sales. When a big name in the industry writes a review for your product, it reaches to the millions of the followers who trust on the name. So, spend a little first and gain more lately. After all, it is a business.

6. Awesome customer service


Whenever you have your first customer, offer an awesome customer service. It can include a ‘Thank you email’, contact details for support, tutorials on how to use it and many more. Make sure that you provide all the resources for using the theme or plugin in the proper way.

You must have a support forum in your website where your customers can put on their queries and a team of experts to respond them. Besides, a live chat support is also very useful for providing an instant support. Make your contact details like email address, phone numbers easily available. Anyways, create an awesome impression of yours among your customers.

7. Social networks

social media

Using social networks can be a big push to your WordPress business. Social networks are very successful to drive an amazing organic traffic to the websites. Create your account in the every social media, follow the influencers, build relation and start sharing quality content.

Social networks also offer your paid ads by which you feature your products among the largest audience you might ever get.

8. Forums, Groups and Communities


Internet has a lot of opportunities, if you are really passionate about marketing your products. You can find a plenty of wonderful platforms where you can easily reach the real customers. You can join forums and discuss about your product and similar others. Reddit and Quora are fine examples of such platforms.

Besides these, Google+, Facebook offer you communities to share, discuss and comment. You join such groups and engage yourself in the discussion. However you must be always careful about spamming, self promotion is often an offense in such groups.

9. Offer a plenty of quality content

quality content

Search engine rankings have the first spot in generating traffic and conversions of your business. Search engine rank your website for the quality of content you offer. To rank better, you need to offer a plenty of quality content.

Create a plenty of quality content and help your customers understand your product better. Make the content comprehensive, use the keywords and promote your product.

10. Run an affiliate program

affiliate program

If you already have a collection of WordPress themes and plugins but business is not satisfactory enough, running an affiliate program can be a good idea. Send emails and request the WordPress related blogs, portfolio websites of the influencers to join your affiliate program.

If you have quality products and offer a good commission, anybody will sign in for your affiliate program. Simply offer an attractive deal to the affiliate marketers; they can give a boost to your business.

11. Discount schemes


Discount schemes are also very helpful marketing strategy even today though it is one of the traditional techniques. You can offer discount schemes in the festivals and many other occasions and double your sales.

12. Demo, documentation, video tutorials


WordPress themes mainly are visual, so theme demo plays a vital role in attracting the customers. If you create a beautiful demo of your theme, you can easily attract people to give a try for your theme. Documentation is a guide to the users, so people usually enquire if the product has an easy documentation. Similarly, video tutorials are also necessary for making your product easy to use.

Wrapping up

There can be more tips on marketing your WordPress themes and plugins however first step has to be creation of a quality product. Use beautiful color schemes, follow the basic coding standards and focus in UX while making your theme or plugin. Now you can confidently start marketing stuff.

I hope the tips suggested above can be beginning stuff for your marketing. If you have any tip likely to be added here, feel free to write down below in the comment box.

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