How to Exclude Category from WordPress Homepage?

How to Exclude Category from WordPress Homepage
How to Exclude Category from WordPress Homepage

A category is a predefined codification used in WordPress. It is used to sort group content into different sections. Any website that publishes their blog, article, content, etc can separate or divide their topics in the different section using category.It appears on the homepage of a website. It allows the traffic or users know about the article written over there. WordPress displays posts from all categories on your homepage by default.

In some context, you would not like a certain category to appear on your homepage. Excluding it from WordPress homepage can be the best option. Today, In this tutorial we will be learning, “How to Exclude Category from your WordPress Homepage?”

Why exclude Category from WordPress Homepage?

WordPress allows you to sort your content in different categories and tags. It is obvious that sometimes you need to use a category that is not the part of your ordinary blog entries. In that case, you would not like that Category to appear on your website homepage.

WordPress doesn’t allow you to hide posts in specific categories. Either from homepage or archives by default. This also allows you with unwanted posts appearing in your site homepage, excluding can be the best option.

Exclude Category from WordPress homepage

The excluding of category can be done using different types of plugins and using codes also. We are a beginner to WordPress learning. Let us keep it simple and easy to understand by using a simple plugin.

There are hundreds of plugins that provide you the option to remove categories form your site. But today we will be using the Ultimate Category Excluder plugin. Also, you can do with any other plugin or coding if you find it easy. 

  • Firstly, Log in to your WordPress website or Click on the Dashboard
  • Also, Click on Plugins>>Add New


  • Search for the plugin Ultimate Category Excluder in the plugin search box
  • After the plugin appears in your screen, Click on Install


  • Once the plugin is installed, Click on Activate


  • Once you Click on Activate, the plugin gets directly activated in your site
  • Also, Click on Settings>>Category Excluder


After clicking in this, you can simply check one or multiple categories under ‘Exclude from front page’ column. You can also exclude them from RSS feeds, archives, or even from WordPress search.

  • Click on the categories that you don’t want to appear in the WordPress homepage.
  • Choose the option of Excluding it from Homepage, feed, archive and search page or all of the above.
  •  Click on Update  


Wrapping Up

Your WordPress website homepage is really a very important section of your site. You only add the categories that are essential over there. With the help of this tutorial, you can easily remove the categories of your homepage. If you have any confusion then Please leave it in the comment box. Also, you get to learn a more about WordPress. 

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