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How To Choose The Perfect WordPress Theme For Your Website

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From writing one’s thoughts in bulky books to publishing them online, words have seen various stages of evolution. Writing blogs has become a new way for all the people out there to not only share their ideas but are also earning well as entrepreneurs and running an online business is not a big deal now! WordPress, being the most popular and feasible site in the field is used by around 75 million users throughout the world. Making a WordPress account is easy, affordable and worth all the efforts. The need for different people may vary, but WordPress has an ideal outlook for all.

WordPress came into existence in 2001 as modern software which was approved by GPL and invented by Mike Little. It exists for 18 years now but became popular in 2003.

The question that arises is- How to choose the perfect WordPress theme for your WordPress account? A theme makes a huge impact on the viewer since the alignment, the reading accessibility and beauty matters to the human eye more at the first stage of opening a website. And the biggest problem is- there are industry wise norms; a site which might look appealing to a reader might not be even interesting for a sporty! From customization to additional plug-ins, one needs to pay attention to everything. Sounds like a mind-boggling task but is not. One just needs to pay attention to the right elements.

Here are a few components that you must consider for sure if you are planning to use a WordPress blog in the near future or if you already own one right now:

SEO requirements:SEO-How to Choose Perfect WordPress Theme

Search engine optimization is definitely the most important determinant if you want the outreach of your blog to be huge. HTML coding must be done by professionals so that the content you write is well understood by others. Usually, the default theme of WordPress is not very responsive to all types of blogs. Make sure to check the other famous blogs in your field to make your site SEO effective as well.

Know your target audience:

Are you a teen writer, a fashion blogger or a budding scientist? The audience is usually different from all the fields. If you are operating a fiction blog, you need to make sure that your theme is out of the box to make it more enjoyable. If your blog is research-based, you need to keep your blog more mobile friendly and easily accessible rather than sophisticated. A thing may work for the teen but may adverse things for an adult.

Plan your future activities and then choose:

Planning is involved in starting up any sort of data. Before deciding the theme of your blog, make sure you at least have some activities and work ideas prepared for the future. This will help you chose the theme more effectively which will go with your passion as well!


The color of the site is undoubtedly an indicator of the responsiveness of human beings towards itself. One tends to prefer light themed backgrounds like white, light pink, light blue etc while reading. But if you own a blog based on science or want to show something full of contrast like certain designs and want people to avoid reading the information, you might opt for shades like black, dark blue and red.

Font & Size:

These two small words make a huge impact on the decision of most of the people to even give a glance at the site. Incomprehensible handwriting usually makes human beings avoid reading and close the blog, which is not the ideal situation anyway. Chose common fonts if the data is bulky. Go for fancy handwritings for headings and subheadings or very less amount of data. The prescribed font and spacing as adopted by most business houses in the U.S is 16-14-12 for headings-subheadings-data. The best-suited spacing between two paragraphs is 1.5. However, the demand may vary from situation to situation.

Check the general responsiveness of the theme:Responsiveness-How to Choose Perfect WordPress Theme

A blog must be extremely easy to be used and should cover all the cover all the main points as desired by the reader. The blog needs to be mobile friendly so that people do not skip reading your data! It must have feasible widgets alignment that suits all devices. The grid should be well designed as well.

Translation availability:

Availability of translation is always a plus! Human beings love it when they get to read data and see things in their language. If not multi-lingual, a site must at least have English translations available since English readers are vast in amount. But if your audience is regional, opt for the language of that area.


Price is a non-deniable and non-negotiable burden of all times. If you are just trying to explore new things, go for the non-chargeable package in the beginning. If your operations are huge, make sure to buy the premium package which provides facilities like advances documentation, more customization, promotions, more integrated names and less known design. The premium feature might be useless for many users who do not need a great level of transmission of data.


Security is not a concern with data alone, but also with anything you buy anywhere. Security is to be kept in mind every time you create a blog or even a reference. One needs to protect his blog from malicious codes and unethical hacks which can hamper the information and goodwill of any company. Especially if you are a company with a huge pool of customers based online, you need to equip your site with best in class security measures. The website must be created by a trustworthy developer in order to gain the full faith of the user of the data present on the blog.

Speed:Speed-How to Choose Perfect WordPress Theme

Time is a precious resource and nobody would want to waste in using a blog full of delays and crashes. The themes must not be sluggish since they are quite informal and not up to the mark for most of the users. Make sure that your site has unique, descriptive and spot-on content. Filling your site with too much of data makes it slow. Do not use large size formats on the website since it affects the working of the site adversely. Make sure that the coding is done right from the roots.

Give it a try before launching:

Before launching the theme, take a view of the people who are the target audience. Conduct samplings, surveys and anything that can help you to understand the psychology of the people. Decrypt the

problems, solve the issues and let the basis of your site be your judgments along with relevant data collected about the consumers. Reading your content again and again, check connectivity with other devices, avoid plagiarism and images suit the information well.

Mention your contacts well:

If you want others to contact, follow up or visit your office, mention all the details with the help of suitable columns. Most bloggers add up their Instagram, Facebook, Address and Contact number on their blogs. It makes the consumers trust the site more and brings more contacts and collaborations.


Always keep an eye on the review of others for the themes. People are allowed to review their preferences on WordPress just below the download section. Human preferences are mostly right and these reviews will certainly help you make the best decisions.

The conclusion:How To Choose The Perfect Wordpress Theme For Your Website

The Internet is nothing less than a virtual game full of opportunities, battles, threats, and warnings. Earning on the internet has become easier but competitive. In lieu of this competitive era, one needs to develop his business or a hobby to a level where it is highly appreciable or valued. This pool of opportunities is deep but definitely leads to success.

Social marketing is really necessary for any blog. The level of social marketing differs from case to case. In fact, it has been noticed by various researchers that people visit the WordPress blogs through social media only. It might be expensive, but if done effectively, it is the best thing possible. SEO is the game changer in the field, it is quite difficult to be understood but once it is well understood, you are on the top of it: top of all the sites. It requires funding and the level of funding are relative. An individual or a firm needs to know its target audience to produce content. Not every blog has all types of content. The theme should be based on the preference of the people who are actually going to invest reading/ watching. Digitization is preferred in many blogs, but many communities like readers and researched like to keep it simple. Always take a review of others but keep the important information confidential. A great WordPress blog comes with security along with content and lightning. Security develops the faith of the people on the site. More cookies make the site unresponsive and shabby.

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