How do I add a new WordPress admin user?


Sometimes a single person won’t be able to handle all the responsibility of a site. Well, in that case, you can add a new WordPress admin user. It divides the work and brings more systematic and effective result overall. There is numerous task including looking all comments and replying, publish a post, edit users and so on.

The benefits of adding new WordPress admin user are:

  • New capabilities can be added and removed from each role.
  • Users can publish posts without any delay.
  • It creates independent roles to perform any tasks.
  • Enables the access of every user.
  • Can add administration function as per everyone wish and need.
  • Multiple authors and thousands of registered users and so on.

Simple Steps to add a new WordPress admin user:

  • First of all login to the Dashboard of WordPress website. On the left-hand side of the page, Users menu will appear. Click on the button Users and then Add New to add more member as the user.
Add a new WordPress admin user.
Add a new WordPress admin user.
  • Now to Add New User to your site filling up the following blank space of Username, Email, First Name Last Name, Website, and Password. Click in the button to send User Notification or if don’t want to do so then leave it empty.
Add a new WordPress admin user.
Add a new WordPress admin user.
  • Choose the role of the user in the website. The roles are Administrator, Author, Editor, Contributor, Subscriber, SEO Manager, SEO Editor. In the end, after making all the changes click on the button Add New User.
Add a new WordPress admin user.
Add a new WordPress admin user.
  • After doing these all easy steps, Admin can add any amount of users as per their choice.

Wrapping Up

Hope the information was useful and will guide properly to add new WordPress admin user. There is no requirement to use codes too. Adding users is quite easy as it doesn’t have any complexity. Easy as 1,2,3…Go! Please leave your recommendations below and helps to know what needs to be improved.

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