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How to add an Author Bio Information Box in your WordPress Blog Post? (Step by Step Guide)

How to add an Author Bio Information Box in your WordPress Blog Post? (Step by Step Guide)
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Include and design author bio box on a WordPress blog/article page is important to let your website visitors know who is behind the content creation, and by doing this your WordPress blog can gain a significant credibility and increase authenticity among the users.

Your website visitors might want to know who is writing the blog & content, how credible and authentic it is. So if you’re writing all the content and blogs by yourself – you can give your details in the about us or contact us page of the WordPress website. However, if your blog can have multiple authors writing different blogs, in this case, you might want to introduce the author in every single blog post. For this purpose –  you can use the WordPress plugin to display author bio information box including: author name, his/her social profile links, all the articles/blogs written by him/her and an option to contact or get in touch with him/her – every single blog post. Such plugin will help you not only to display the author bio information but also allows you to choose from the various layout of the author box design to fit into the design of your WordPress blog.

TIPS: If your website uses guest posts plugin (anonymous post plugin, front end post plugin) to accept guest post or guest blogging – Author Info Box plugin might be a great help to display about the guest author.

Author bio information box – also commonly knows as “About the Author Box” enables your visitors to know more about the author, find other posts written by the same author quickly. Moreover, an author bio box that contains the author’s image and social media icons linked to their profile can help your visitors establish the direct connection with the authors as well as increase their social media followers.

Author bio box, being one of the accepted trends for multi-author websites comes inbuilt in various types of premium WordPress themes such as Avada, Enfold, Flatsome, X, Newspaper, ExtraNews, VMagazine and many more. However, if your WordPress theme does not contain an inbuilt author bio box feature or have the one with very limited of feature you can enhance its functionality by using WordPress author bio box plugins available on the internet. These author bio box comes with advanced functions and lets you display the author box on different positions of any pages, posts or custom post types.

How to add the Author Bio (About the Author) Box in your WordPress blog post?

Here, in this article, we will discuss a step by step guide for adding author bio box on your WordPress blog post using one of the most popular WordPress author box plugin – Ultimate Author Box.

Ultimate Author Box: Brief Introduction


Ultimate Author Box is a premium WordPress author bio box plugin that lets you multiple author information box on your WordPress website. It comes with various layouts and features for creating an eye-catching author bio and display them on the different position of your WordPress blog.

Great Features of Ultimate Author Box plugin:

  • 19 Pre Designed Author Box Templates
  • Option to Add Tabs in your Author Box
  • Integrated with 20+ Social Media Profiles
  • Author Summary in Popup Display
  • Unlimited Color Scheme Customization Options
  • 2 Inbuilt Widgets

Installation and Activation: Ultimate Author Box

You can purchase Ultimate Author Box at a reasonable price of $17 from the CodeCanyon marketplace.

After you purchase the plugin, you can install it on your WordPress website. If you need any help in the installation of the plugin, you can check out the documentation.

If you’re new to WordPress and don’t know how to install a plugin in WordPress – check out: How to install a new plugin in WordPress website?

Configuration: Ultimate Author Box

After you successfully activate and install the plugin, you will see “Ultimate Author Box” on the menu bar. Click on the menu to start the customization of your Author Bio Box.

The customization of the author bio box consists of 5 tabs. They are:

General Settings

In the general setting tab, you can choose the place for displaying your author box. The place may be posts, pages or custom post types. Also, you can define the position of your author box along with the custom message from the author.

Ultimate Author Box: General Settings
Ultimate Author Box: General Settings

Permission Settings

This page will let you set to whom you want your author box to be displayed. You can disable any roles to who you don’t want to display the author box.

Ultimate Author Box: Permission Settings
Ultimate Author Box: Permission Settings

Twitter Feed Settings

From this tab, you can display the recent twitter feeds of the twitter account of your author.

Ultimate Author Box: Twitter Feed
Ultimate Author Box: Twitter Feed

Layout Settings

The layout setting tab will let you set the template for your author box. It consists of 19 pre-designed templates and custom template option. The custom template option will let you create your own custom template by using the custom CSS section.

Ultimate Author Box: Layout Settings
Ultimate Author Box: Layout Settings

Custom Settings

From custom settings, you can customize the colors of each of the pre-designed templates.

Ultimate Author Box: Custom Settings
Ultimate Author Box: Custom Settings

Filling the details of your Author for adding it to Author Bio Box

After all the customization is done and saved, you can add the details of your authors that you want to add on bio box. For that, go to User > All User and choose the author of who you want the detail to be added.

If you are newbie and don’t know how to add users or author on your WordPress website or blog . Then, check out this video tutorial:

After you select the user, you can fill up all the field (author settings by WordPress and additional settings “Ultimate Author Box Profile Settings” provided by the plugin).


Also, you add different tabs on the on your bio box using the add tabs options.


After all the customizations are done and details are filled, the author box will appear on the page/posts/custom post types of your WordPress website.

Enabling/Disabling the Author Box Manually

The author bio box can be disabled manually from any page/post/custom post by going through the edit page/post.

Manually Disabling Author Bio Box
Manually Disabling Author Bio Box

When you’re done with adding an Author Bio Box as mentioned above, you can see the following results in your WordPress blog post (click on the image to see the examples):

Wrapping Up

This way you can add the author bio box to your WordPress blog Post and website Page in a few minutes.

Author bio box is very significant for a website for enhancing its credibility and authenticity. So, if you haven’t yet added the author bio box on your WordPress website, You can follow this tutorial for quickly adding this feature.

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