iPage – Reliable WordPress Hosting Providers

    iPage - Reliable WordPress Hosting Providers
    iPage - Reliable WordPress Hosting Providers

    iPage is a brilliant WordPress hosting service provider that has proudly empowered small business to create an online presence for today’s market. It offers shared web hosting starting from just $1.99 per month. It has an intuitive dashboard that enables you to launch a WordPress site easily and quickly.

    Major hosting features of iPage

    • Plan & Feature Simplicity

    One of the biggest frustrations in the hosting industry is the confusing pricing plans. The company plans rarely match plan-for-plan so it’s hard to make direct comparisons.

    • Value Pricing

    Most hosting companies have standard pricing that they discount based on how long you sign up for. And most hosting companies also provide a discount for the first year.

    • Support Channels

    Like I’ve mentioned in other hosting reviews, declaring that a company provides amazing or horrible customer service to every single customer is impossible. It’s hard to know as a single customer if you are dealing with the one amazing or the one horrible employee or if it’s the general culture of a company.

    iPage WordPress hosting plans:

    iPage WordPress Hosting Plans
    iPage WordPress Hosting Plans

    Learn more about iPage WordPress hosting plans.

    Does iPage offer 100% money back guarantee?

    Yes, iPage offers 100% money back guarantee in all its WordPress hosting plans!

    iPage Hosting 100% Money Back Guarantee in all plans
    iPage Hosting 100% Money Back Guarantee in all plans

    iPage WordPress Hosting Comparison

    iPage WordPress hosting coupons / discounts / deals

    iPage WordPress Hosting doesn’t have any coupons right now but has a lot and a lot to offer. In the meantime please check out many exciting WordPress themes, plugins and hosting deals and offers!

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