Fozzy – Fastest WordPress Hosting

    Fozzy - Fastest WordPress Hosting
    Fozzy - Fastest WordPress Hosting

    Fozzy is a web hosting company which provides excellent hosting service for customers in Europe, Asia, and the United States. It is a team of highly-qualified professionals and experts, who provide customers with fast hosting, secure web access, and latest cutting-edge technology.

    Major hosting features of Fozzy

    • Server configuration
      • Dell servers with Dual Xeon processors
      • 15000 rpm hard drives
      • 2 GB virtual memory
    • CloudLinux
    • Plans: Fast Site or 5 Fast Sites
    • 10000 MB or 50000 MB disk space, respectively
    • 1 or 5 websites, respectively
    • cPanel or ISPManager
    • Content delivery network (CDN)
    • File transfer protocol (FTP)/Secure shell (SSH)
    • 1 or 5 FTP users, respectively
    • 1 or 5 MySQL databases, respectively
    • Daily backup
    • Free domain with annual subscription
    • Unlimited* third-level domains
    • Unlimited* email accounts and mail forwarding
    • Spam filtering
    • PHP Hypertext preprocessor (PHP), Common gateway interface (CGI), Perl
    • 1 GB random access memory (RAM) for all user processerFozzy WordPress Hosting

    Fozzy WordPress hosting plans:

    Fozzy WordPress Hosting Plans
    Fozzy WordPress Hosting Plans

    Learn more about Fozzy WordPress hosting plans.

    Does Fozzy offer 100% money back guarantee?

    Not sure, it is not mentioned.

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    Fozzy WordPress hosting coupons / discounts / deals

    Fozzy WordPress Hosting doesn’t have any coupons right now but has a lot and a lot to offer. In the meantime please check out many exciting WordPress themes, plugins and hosting deals and offers!

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