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Top 5 Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins

Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins
Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugins

If you want to display your Instagram feeds on your WordPress website and allow your website visitors to get more socialize with your brand, you’ll need an Instagram feed plugin for WordPress.

There are many both free and premium Instagram feeds WordPress plugins available with different scope and features. Most of them allow you to configure your Instagram account settings and then choose from different layouts as per your WordPress website’s design theme. Once you configure and install you can expect your Instagram images, feeds to appear on your website too and start engaging your website visitors.  Some of them allow you to display feeds (Instagram photos/galleries) like a regular RSS feed and also allow you to moderate, and some of them come as an Instagram widget that is easy to install, configure and use.

Putting Instagram feeds on your website not only helps you engage and socialize your website visitors but also, make them aware of your brands, update them about the offers, promotions and eventually convert them into potential leads/business. Adding the Instagram feed to your website also lets you extend the value of your social media ROI to greater traffic.

Benefits of placing Instagram feed on your website:

There are many direct and indirect benefits of placing Instagram feeds also known as Instafeeds on your website, one of them is to increase your social media reach. Keeping  Instafeeds in your website increases the reach of your Instagram posts, increases the visibility of your social content and hence increases the overall impact.

It also helps you build your social media brand, your website visitors can follow your Instagram account right from the website. This helps you expand the social media community around your brand.

By sharing real product/service promotion photos on Instagram and real customer photos about you help you convert the website visitors into customers. So Instagram feeds can help you increase online conversion rates.

I’ve downloaded, installed, and tested a few free Instagram plugins and compared their features, usability, and other details. Being based on my experience, let me present you the top 5 free Instagram feed plugin for WordPress:

AccessPress Feed for Instagram

AccessPress Feed for Instagram is an intuitive WordPress plugin for integrating Instagram feeds on your website. This plugin is loaded with powerful features, is user-friendly, responsive, and easy to customize. It allows you to use the widget or shortcode to display your Instagram feed right on your website. Also, it comes with 3 beautifully designed layouts to showcase Instafeed in the best way. This plugin helps you increase your social reach.

At the top of it, it has dedicated customer support and free updates for a lifetime.

AccessPress Instagram Feed - Free Instagram Feed WordPress Plugin

Features AccessPress Feed for Instagram

  • Fetch Instagram Feeds from any account using Instagram API
  • Displayed  Instagram feeds either with normal mode or slider mode or lightbox mode
  • Included Shortcode and widget to display your Instagram feeds on your website
  • You have an option to select the layout which you want to show
  • Fully Responsive – Fits any screen devices
  • User-friendly and very interactive user interface -Anyone can use it, it’s as easy

For additional features, you can upgrade the plugin to its premium version – AccessPress Instagram Feed Pro.

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The Instagram Feed

The Instagram feed is a simple yet beautiful and fully responsive WordPress plugin that fits on any device. This plugin is easy to set up and has lots of customization options. It also helps you to display the photos from the non-private account and also displays the multiple Instagram feeds on the same page or different pages.

Besides, the plugin also gives an option to follow the Instagram account to your website visitors. It also allows you to customize the width, height and background color, and more.

The plugin author offers support for any questions/queries and helps needed.

Instagram Feed - Free WordPress Plugin

Features of The Instagram feed:

  • Supports multiple Instagram accounts
  • Supports same page or different page configuration.
  • Fully Responsive Design
  • Customize the Instagram feeds to look the way you like
  • Fully customizable width, height, the number of photos, the number of columns, image size, background color, image spacing and more!
  • Use the built-in shortcode options to completely customize each of your Instagram feeds
  • Display photos in chronological or random order
  • Built-in HTML5 video support
  • Infinitely load more of your Instagram photos with the ‘Load More’ button
  • Includes a follow on the Instagram button at the bottom of your feed
  • Header presented beautifully at the top of your feed

For additional features, you can upgrade the plugin to its premium version – The Instagram Feed Pro.

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Flow-Flow Social Stream

Flow-Flow is yet another versatile and free Instagram feed WordPress plugin. It allows you to display Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook feed on your WordPress website in galleries and widgets. You can even showcase mixed feeds from all three social media in one gallery. The plugin comes with an intuitive interface. It is well optimized to work flawlessly across all browsers and devices available.

It has got social media counters like comments, likes, views and it also comes with sharing buttons to enhance user engagement.

Flow-Flow Social Stream

Features of Flow-Flow Social Stream

  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, & Pinterest Included
  • Cross-browser Compatible
  • Optimized for fast loading speed
  • Easy one-click API authentication for Instagram and Facebook
  • Fast CSS3 transitions and animations
  • Hardware-accelerated CSS3 3D Transforms
  • Fully responsive
  • Networks sorting and search bar on top of your stream
  • Loading more posts to grid via AJAX
  • Exclude posts by words, usernames, or URLs
  • Drag & Drop grid card builder
  • Powerful plugin extensions
  • Translate ready
  • Multisite compatible

For additional features, you can upgrade to the premium version of the Flow-Flow Social Stream WordPress plugin.

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10Web Instagram Feed

10 Web Instagram Feed is a feature-rich InstaFeed plugin for WordPress that comes with user-friendly management and easy setup. It is fully customizable and responsive that works great on any device.

The plugin allows you to display the combined feed of the user account and hashtag with custom styling to your feed. It comes with a free Instagram widget that lets you display Instagram social feeds, photos, and even Insta videos. It has got 4 design layouts: masonry, thumb line, Blog Style and Image Browser views to display your Instagram feeds beautifully.

Instagram Feed WD - Free WordPress Plugin

Features of 10Web Instagram Feed:

  • Responsive and SEO-friendly
  • Unlimited Instagram feeds
  • Hashtag and Instagram account-based in feeds.
  • Thumbnail Layout and image browse views in Instagram feeds
  • Load More and pagination options available
  • 4 design layout and an elegant lightbox with media captions
  • Simple Instagram WP  shortcode  option
  • It supports Instagram WD PHP shortcode
  • Helps in Downloading Original Instagram Image

For additional features, you can upgrade the plugin to its premium version – Instagram Feed WD.

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InstaShow Lite

InstaShow Lite is a premium quality WordPress plugin for showcasing InstaFeeds. It is a highly customizable plugin with a user-friendly interface.

The plugin allows you to set the grids and number of columns in your widgets manually. It is an eye catchy Instagram feed for drawing the attention of the visitor and drive additional traffic to your web pages. This plugin allows you to display the Instagram photo grid anywhere on the website. Moreover, it has an option to customize the animation speed and easing, photo description from your account.

It is the best choice to immerse Instagram photos and create an awesome feed in no time.

InstaShow Lite - Free WordPress Plugin

Features of InstaShow Lite

  • To get an Instagram hashtag feed or gallery filled with profile photos choose 1 of 3 source options  
  • It’s fully responsive and fits any screen size.
  • It has an option to  restrict the number of photos
  • Navigation controls, animation effects, the popup can be changed easily, and use one of 10 color schemes to color your feeds
  • The number of columns can be set manually in your widget
  • Photo description from your account while aiming at it in the gorgeous grid of Instagram account photo
  • Embed your Instagram photos on a website and create an awesome feed in no time due to Elfsight HTML code generation. 

For additional features, you can upgrade the plugin to its premium version – InstaShow.

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Arrow Instagram Feed

Arrow Instagram Feed is a clean, simple, and responsive WordPress plugin for displaying your Instagram feed right on your website using Insta accounts or any hashtags. It has lots of customization options and is easy to use.

This free WP plugin allows you to display Instagram photos from the private and non-private Instagram account. It lets you add multiple Instagram feed into the single page or widgets using the shortcode. It allows you to customize the Limit Caption Text, Show/Hide Display Picture, Show/Hide Caption Text, Show/Hide Post Date, and also can choose the Instagram display layout.

Instagram feed - Free WordPress Plugin

Features of Arrow Instagram Feed

  • Fully Responsive design to fit any size of the device screen
  • 4+ combinations of Feed Styles -Vertical Feed Style, Blog Style Feed, Thumbnails, Masonry, etc
  • Powerful admin panel option which allows you to customize each of your feed styles and control the settings.
  • Fetch any Instagram feeds from any public or private accounts by entering a username or any feed of your favorite hashtag
  • Ability to show the number of photos you want  in a feed and  create  an unlimited number of Instagram feed
  • Ability to show Multiple Instagram Feeds on a single page or on different pages throughout your site
  • Built-in Shortcode option

For additional features, you can upgrade the plugin to its premium version – Arrow Instagram Feed Pro.

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Wrapping Up

There are several free Instagram plugins available, but I tried to make your lives easier by presenting the tested 5! You can go ahead and try one of them, but hey you can always go beyond these 5 or the premium ones.

Keeping Instagram feeds on your website means getting more from your social media marketing. It is an extension of your social media marketing and an opportunity to reach out to website visitors. It helps you tell your brand story, share real customer photos, and get more conversions.

Keeping Instagram feeds on the website mean, contribute to your social media fan base increment, build social media brand and increase sales

Go ahead and keep your Instagram feeds on your website today! If you’ve done it already, share your experiences below in the comments!

Don’t have an Instagram account for your business yet? Get Instagram App here!

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