How to Fix the WordPress Website not Updating Right Away?


Before entering in the topic ‘How to Fix the WordPress Website not Updating Right Away?’ let us understand what it actually means!

Dear WordPress Beginners, your website goes with many changes in a single day. There is an option of updating one or the other thing every moment on your website.

Not updating the website right away means the post that you have posted on your website doesn’t appear on the homepage or elsewhere. Even if you make certain changes in your WordPress website, the changes are still not visible. All the updates you’re making in your site doesn’t respond at all and you feel like your site is crashed?

Worry not, this is what happens when your WordPress website isn’t updating. In this tutorial, we will explain to you that what are the causes of the website not fixing right away and the ways to fix them. Let us start:

Causes of WordPress website not updating right away. 

Fixing WordPress website not updating right away is very easy and can be done in a few steps. If you’re in a hurry then gently scroll down and see the method quick and fix your site. Or you have WP Professionals to get it done for you.

If not, it is also necessary for you to understand what are the reasons/causes that this occurs on your website.

Here, I will be explaining the reasons in short and simple points:


There are especially two main reasons-

  1. Rought arrangement of cache plugins: WordPress Cache Plugins creates static HTML files from your WordPress site and reduces the size of files. Poor configuration of such plugins results in WordPress website not updating right away.
  2. Browser Cache: In general, the browser displays the cached version instead of the new one. So, when you visit the webpage for the first time it takes more time to load than the next time you open, it appears immediately. This is because the browser stores the unchanged information. As a result, speed up in page loading. This occurs when you make changes in site but the browser doesn’t recognize it.

Some other reasons include modification at the unnecessary place, working on the wrong theme, coding mistakes, not saving the changes and many more. You have to be careful and avoid silly mistakes on your site.

As you get to know about the reasons, let us also learn to fix it. I am explaining the steps line by line so that you won’t have any difficulty understanding this. Follow the steps above. Being a beginner let us try the easiest method i.e. using the plugin.

Fixing WordPress Website not Updating Right Away

  • Log in to your WordPress website or Click on the Dashboard
  • At the Left bar of the page, you can see the Plugins buttons, Click on Plugins>>Add New
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.
  • Search Plugin W3 Total Cache in the plugin search box. (If you have no idea about installing a plugin then check the tutorial here and get a full guide to install a WordPress Plugin)
  • After the Plugin appears, Install and Activate it.
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.
  • As a first step after installing the plugin  Delete all the Caches from the setting Area of the Plugin.
  • Simply click on General Setting where appears the option of cache posts page. Click on it.
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.
  • If you want to maintain your front cache page as it is, Click on the second option too of ‘Don’t cache front page’. Be sure to click or your front page cache is all removed.
  • After this, your website gets fixed and the changes made appear on your website

In case, if none of these steps worked out. It is better you deactivate the plugin and the problem is solved.

Don’t directly try deactivating the plugin as it also has some negative impacts. Your WordPress site will take comparatively more time to load which may distract the users from coming to your site. 

For deactivating the plugin,

  • Click on Plugins>>Installed Plugins
  • List of the installed plugins appears among which deactivate the cache plugin of your site.
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.
Fix the WordPress Website Not Updating.

Enjoy fixing your site following the steps above.

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