Five Tips for Making the Best Portfolio Using Gallery Plugin


An attractive-designed gallery containing a large variety of images with various post options could brighten every portfolio and underline its strong points. Everest Gallery Lite Plugin is developed for the realization of this idea, using which webmasters could post pictures to their website pages with pleasure.

In this article, we’ll consider the points of creation the portfolio and describe how it will be looked.

When Portfolio Creation is Needful

Lots of professional activities closely connected with image production portfolio. Using Photo Gallery Plugin by Supsystic you may present all your product items in a beneficial way and make your customers’ focus on their advantages.Five Tips for Making the Best Portfolio Using Gallery Plugin

Thus, what is the usefulness of the Gallery plugin?

  • Your gallery will be attractive and pretty-looking.
  • Multi-functionality of the plugin opens lots of options of the gallery.
  • You can make a smart and cozy gallery.
  • The pictures design would be adapted to every device.
  • You may change the size of the pictures, rotate them, select the type of the gallery using admin mode.
  • You may also subscript all the images or some of them.
  • The quality of the images is always high and they would be represented in an unforgettable splendid way.
  • The pro-version of the plugin allows adding watermark automatically. You may also add tags and categorize every block for the simplicity of searching the images. Your customers could easily find the interesting category and look it through without wasting time for the samples not interesting for them.

How to Make a Fantastic Portfolio Using Gallery Plugin

The portfolio is a core point due to which the customers take the decision whether to buy product/services or not. To succeed in its creation choose the best Portfolio Theme, install it, and follow the next tips.

1. Your Portfolio should Contain Real Items

Nevertheless, your occupation is photography, web-design or smth else, you are to insert the useful and real samples in it. Choose the best items and present them in attractive for your customer’s way.Five Tips for Making the Best Portfolio Using Gallery Plugin

Base it on your strong points and offer the effective result to the potential customers. Finished successful works are those ones what should be in your portfolio.

2. The Variability of the Types of your Works is an Advantage

It’s no sense to display only monotypic works. Use all the arsenal of your works and represent their variations and types. Don’t miss to offer the involving description to each of the types of your work. If there are some specialized rare types and you succeed in their creation, of course, display them in the portfolio.Five Tips for Making the Best Portfolio Using Gallery Plugin

Break your works down into categories and give them understandable and amusing descriptions.

3. Find Place for Failures in your Portfolio

In most cases, the companies or entrepreneurs display only successful projects. It’s not fair. Customers guess that there were also places for failures in your works. Understanding the mistakes runs to avoiding failures in future projects, so make bold and display even failed projects but give proper descriptions under them and explain that the experience is also useful.

The customers would trust you more if you offer the explanation of all your projects, including failures and the ways of avoiding these failures in the future.

4. Offer Ready-made Solution to your Customers

Creating a portfolio and choosing images to it, keep in mind that customers are looking for finished works, they need a result. Proceeding from this, use Gallery Plugin to display such images and posts, where the customers could see the finished works and ready-made solutions. When your site-visitors mouse over the pictures you display in the gallery, they would see laconic subscript that should persuade them to appeal to you, but not to your rivals.

Gallery types are different: fixed, vertical, rounded, mosaic, Polaroid, horizontal galleries, so you can select most preferable one for your product and create the unique portfolio that excites the envy of your competitors.Five Tips for Making the Best Portfolio Using Gallery Plugin

                                                        A Few Examples of Each Gallery Type

Different gallery types allow displaying different types of the works. You are to represent one-two samples of each type you have. Of course, the quality of the work, as well as the quality of the images, should be the best. You can look through different examples of the photo gallery and choose the best gallery type for your portfolio.

5. Display Works Recognized as the Best by Experts

The experts’ opinion is significant, so we offer to display those works, which are recognized by the experts to be the best in their brunch.

Update regularly the portfolio you have. Renew the images, add the works you’ve done recently and deleted the old ones. Don’t forget about their descriptions, which also are to be renewed.

In Conclusion

Using Gallery Plugin, you could create great professional portfolio on your web-resource. Bright high quality images, short but clear-defined descriptions on them would increase the customers’ interest to your products or services.

The field of your deal activity has no matter. You’re welcome to add outstanding photos of your products and display them in the web-resource you have.

The innovated tool is integrated with TinyPNG service and it makes possible to improve usability of the web-site with compressing screenshots, photos without any quality deviation.

Be successful in your business with Gallery Plugins of the new generation!

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Diana is a high-qualified digital marketing specialist. She represents the Team of developers of WordPress Supsystic plugins. The team is working on improving the quality and functionality of WP plugins day by day.

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