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How to Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog?

How to Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog?

Do you want to embed PDF, spreadsheet, word file or other documents in your WordPress blog posts?

WordPress comes with a powerful content editor that easily allows you to insert media files like audio, videos, tweets etc using the embed blocks. However, it is not possible to embed files like pdf, spreadsheet, and other documents on your blog post. This feature is not available so far, maybe it can be added in the future.

In case you want to add a PDF file, spreadsheet or word file, you can upload it using the Add Media option and insert the link to that file. However, your visitors will either have to download the file or view the file on the separate tab of the web browser by leaving your website.

But if you want to embed PDF or other files in your blog post and let your audience view them without leaving the website then, this is the right blog for you.

Here, we will show you how to embed PDF, spreadsheet, powerpoint, word file and other documents in your WordPress page or posts.

We will discuss how to:

  • Adding PDF file on WordPress Blog Posts Without Using Plugin
  • Embedding PDF file by Using WordPress Plugin
  • Embed Spreadsheets and Other Types of Documents
  • Embedding Slideshare Presentations
  • Embed Google Docs, Sheets, and Others on WordPress Posts

So, let’s get started with the tutorial:

i) Add PDF File on WordPress Blog Without Using WordPress Plugin

By default, WordPress does not come with an option to fully embed PDF file on the blog post. However, you can add them as the downloadable links.

This option is useful if you don’t want to install a new WordPress plugin to your website.

Add File Block

Simply add File block to your WordPress page/post and then upload your PDF file.

File Block

Once the PDF file is uploaded, the file name along with the download button will be displayed.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog: Add PDF File

You can edit the file name and download button text. Also, you can show/hide the download button and choose to link the file to itself or on the attachment page.

This method can be used to upload Microsoft WordPress documents, Excel spreadsheet and powerpoint presentation as well. However, it does not embed the documents on your website which means your users will have to download the file or open the file on a separate tab to view it. Therefore, this step might be easier and straight forward but it is not very user-friendly depending upon the use case.

ii) Embedding PDF File Using WordPress Plugin

As mentioned above, displaying PDF files as the link will drive the visitors away from your website.

In this method, we will show you how to embed a PDF file on your WordPress blog using a WordPress plugin.

The plugin that we are going to use is Embed PDF Viewer.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog: Embed PDF Viewer

It is available on repository and can be download for free.

So, download the plugin and install and activate it on your WordPress website.

If you have any difficulties regarding the installation of the plugin then, check out the article: How to install themes and plugins in your WordPress website for detailed guidance.

Once the plugin is successfully activated on your website, create a new post or edit an existing one to embed a PDF file.

In the post editor, click on “Add New Block” and select the PDF block available on the Embeds section.

Add PDF Block

Then, upload the PDF file to your post, or select it from Media Library or insert it directly from the URL.

Once you have selected the file, you can see the PDF file embedded on your blog post.

PDF Block

You can resize the embedded area and add additional CSS to add any customizations.

Embed PDF File

Once, you are done customizing the PDF file, save your post and preview it on your website.

Here is how your PDF file may look on your website.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog: Embed PDF Preview

iii) Embedding Spreadsheet, Microsoft Word File and Other Documents in WordPress

The above-mentioned plugin allows embedding PDF files only.

If you want to embed other documents like word files, spreadsheets or presentations then you will need another plugin – Embed Any Document.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog: Embed Any Document

It is also a free WordPress plugin available at repository. So, you can download it for free.

Then, install and activate the plugin on your WordPress website.

After that create a new post or open an existing post to embed a spreadsheet, word file, presentation, etc.

Once done, add document block under Embeds Section.

Add Document Block

Then, click on “Add Document” button.

Document Block

You can add the document by uploading it or add it from URL.

Add Document Popup

If you want to attach a document from Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box – you can upgrade the plugin to its premium version – Embed Any Document Plus.

Once you choose the document to embed, you will see a popup containing the options to customize embeds. You can review them and click on the “Insert” button to embed the document.

Add Document Advanced Options

Then, you can see the embedded document in your post. You can also review the display option of the document again from the block option panel.

Embed Spreadsheet

Save you post and preview it on your live WordPress website.

Here is how your Spreadsheet may look on your website.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog: Embed Spreadsheet Preview

iv) Embed SlideShare Presentations in WordPress Blog Posts

Unlike PDF files, Spreadsheet and other documents, WordPress easily allows you to embed contents from third party services.

If you are using Gutenberg block editor on your website – it comes with inbuilt blocks to embed YouTube videos, Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, SlideShare presentations etc.

To embed a SlideShare presentation in the WordPress blog post, create a new post or edit an existing one.

Then, click on “Add New Block” icon and add “SlideShare” block on the post editor.

Add SlideShare Block

Next, visit SlideShare website, copy and paste the link that you want to embed on your website.

SlideShare Block

Then, click on the “Embed” button.

You can see the SlideShare presentation embedded in your blog post. You can review the SlideShare block option and save the post.

Embed SlideShare

Once done, you can preview the SlideShare presentation on your live WordPress website.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog: Embed SlideShare Preview

v) Embed Google Docs, Spreadsheet and Other in WordPress Blog

In the above examples, we have discussed the methods to add PDF, spreadsheet and word file from the local computer.

However, many people nowadays use Google Drive to create and store documents.

Google Documents

Google lets you create word doc, spreadsheet, slides etc similar to Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint.

So, if you have created documents in Google Drive, then you can easily embed them on the WordPress blog by using the iFrame method.

To embed a Google doc, you need to open the doc on your browser.

File Publish to the Web

Then, go to File Menu and click on “Publish to the web” option.

Publish Google Doc

After that, a popup will appear. Click on the “Publish” button.

Once done, it will provide you with the publish link and iFrame embed code.

iFrame Embed Code

Go ahead and copy the generated code.

Then, create a new post or edit an existing one to embed the Google doc.

Custom HTML

In your post editor, add the “Custom HTML” block and paste the copied iFrame code.

iFrame Embed HTML Code


Then, save your blog and preview it on your live website.

Embed PDF, Spreadsheet & Word File in WordPress Blog: Embed Google Doc Preview

You can use this method to embed other documents that are stored on the Google drive.

Wrapping Up

Hope this article helped you to learn how to embed PDF, spreadsheet, word file, slides etc in your WordPress blog. You can also check out our guide to how to set up Shopify with WordPress.

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