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Gamer’s First Website: Step-by-step WordPress Guide


Hi, there! Are you after devising a cool gaming site or blog? Then you’re in the right place! Today we’ll see how you can produce a stunning site with gaming WordPress themes without driving you nuts.

In this post, we’ll cover the next aspects of building a gaming WP website:

  1. Picking the theme
  2. Choosing who provides hosting
  3. Naming your domain
  4. Working with the theme

Step #1: Picking the Theme

I know exactly what it’s like to have a hard time choosing the best template for your website. Sometimes people have to look through thousands of options in order to find the one that fits the business best.

I won’t overload you with a list of top gaming WordPress themes. You can find a number of top 10 gaming themes lists on the web. Instead, I want to cover just one of the best gaming themes in more detail. It has the characteristics you should look after in every option you consider.

Grimm – Game Development/Gaming WordPress Theme

Grimm - Game DevelopmentGaming WordPress Theme


Grimm is one of the leading themes for gaming industry. To extensively customize it, you don’t have to be a master of code. The simple WYSIWYG Elementor editor will turn every gamer into a web design magician. Within the builder, you just have to drag a chosen content block from the left to the right to add it right where you need. Then, click the added block, add content, adjust the display options and resize it when necessary.

Thanks to the rich collection of JetElements blocks, you can compose your website, playing with it like with Lego constructor. JetElements injects 19+ carefully elaborated content modules into your Elementor toolkit. Among the JetElements modules, you’ll find such UI juggernauts as an advanced carousel, brands, circle progress, pricing table, post slider, advanced map, countdown timers, banners, and much more.

The Grimm’s creators worked hard to make this gaming WordPress theme impressive, stimulating and visually intense. All the theme UI elements are polished to perfection and arranged in the way they create a visually intriguing interface. Moreover, the additional UI elements allow you to master your projects successfully and run a mind-blowing blog.

Gamer’s First Website: Step-by-step WordPress Guide

With the fabulous premium version of Grimm template, you get a number of theme functionality enhancements. Let us enumerate just a few. You’re bound to enjoy such extras as:

  • WooCommerce package
  • Flawless typography
  • 35 stylish and catchy widgets
  • Google Fonts and variegated classy color schemes to match your liking.

Moreover, you can choose between 7 capturing headers, 3 informative footers, and 4 sparkling blog layouts. As a bonus, you also get a pack that includes all the template’s sample imagery and +15 hand-picked topical images to use for your projects.

Not ready to pay for your web presence?

If you’re just an ardent fan of gaming who wants to start with a gaming blog and see how things go, you can download a free WordPress theme for gaming. In fact, it’s not a simple thing to find a decent one in the market. However, I have an option for you, which is pretty obvious. The best-selling Grimm we discussed above has its own lite version.

GrimmLite – Gamer Blog Free WordPress Theme

GrimmLite - Gamer Blog Free WordPress Theme

GrimmLite Free WordPress Theme

Is GrimmLite as good as its premium counterpart? In fact, it is. Built with clean coding, rich social integration, Elementos and Jet addons, this free WordPress theme provides for an awesome WordPress blog without spending a penny. However, the free GrimLite provides you with just the basic set of tools to build a web presence. It won’t do well for creating a commercial site.

Step #2: Choosing Who Provides Hosting

Each and every site needs hosting. That’s like a home for your website; everyone needs a home, right?

To power a site with a gaming WordPress theme, you need to get a top-notch hosting. We don’t advise that you go for free hosting, like If you go for using the subdomain at, this will make your website look unprofessional and that’s not what you are trying to achieve.

There are plenty of hosting providers around the Internet and the pricing varies from being very low to being surprisingly high. Personally, I can recommend you to consider the following hosting providers:

These providers give you a chance to get your website hosted for around $3 – 6 per month. With the great uptime and speed, they deliver, that’s a great deal. Moreover, for a small monthly fee, these companies provide you with a positive customer service experience. No secret, it’s important to have a helpful and accessible hosting provider building a website with gaming WordPress themes.

Choose Hosting Provider

Step # 3: Naming Your Domain

Next, you should settle down with a domain name. There are 3 things to keep in mind.

  • What every website visitor learns first about your site? The URL of it. So, a kick-ass domain name will definitely leave a lasting impression.
  • Domain and brand names should be as close to each other as possible. This will be a huge plus for brand recognition.
  • Who cares about memorizing your URL? Make sure that it’s the one that immediately sticks to mind. Go for a .com domain if possible.

Step #4: Working With Your Theme

You’ve got all the ingredients for a gaming site of your dreams. Now, it’s your turn to work with it all.

Installing WordPress (WP)

First things first, you’ve got to install your WP instance. It will take around 5 minutes. You’ll have to provide the needed details within the wizard. However, there’s a grain of salt to it. Installing WordPress will take you to upload a folder using FTP or Hosting Control Panel. You’ll also have to create a clean database for your site.

Installing WordPress (WP)

To install WP, follow this simple official WordPress installation guide.

Theme Installation

Now, you’ve got to install your theme. If this is a high-quality theme like Grimm, it will take a few minutes to get it running. You can do this right in your WP admin panel. To learn how to install your theme, open the comprehensive and intuitive WordPress Theme Docs. It will guide you along the way.

Along with the gaming WordPress theme, install the sample content to get it match the Live Demo. Don’t forget to also install and activate the plugins that come with your theme.

Theme Installation

Add Content

Done with these steps? Jump on content creation. First, customize the website architecture, disabling the pages you don’t need and creating the additional pages if needed.

Then, open up Elementor Builder and start customizing blocks within your website pages. Create content and adjust styling along the way. Don’t forget to optimize the imagery you use for the web.

Gamer’s First Website: Step-by-step WordPress Guide

Moreover, consider further boosting it with popular plugins, such as:

  • Wordfence Security
  • All In One SEO Pack or Yoast
  • W3 Total Cache
  • WP Smush
  • Contact Form 7
  • Google XML Sitemaps

Ready with your Elementor Job? Consider giving your gaming WordPress theme with Live Customizer. Adjust the settings and preview changes right away!

Over To You Now

Believe me or not, we’ve reached the end of this guide. I tried to keep it simple and digestible for you. Now, you know that to devise your online gaming abode, you need to host your website, get your domain name, install a cool gaming WordPress theme and sweat out generating the coolest gaming content ever.

What theme would you rather use for a gaming portal? Are there any questions we haven’t covered? The Comments section is down below for you and me to get in touch.

Stay tuned for more!

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